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Bord na Mona Andrew Barclay 0-4-0WT in 009

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Hi All,

I am a novice to modelling anything, I have a large stash of 00 gauge bits. However I have always had an interest in narrow gauge railways particularly the Tralee and Dingle. I also volunteer on the Stradbally Woodland and Cavan & Leitrim Railways, along with being a co-ordinator for the Avonside "Nancy" Restoration Project.

I recently purchased a minitrains boehler 0-4-0WT and sent it away to be customised by James Hilton (available on Google) into one of the Andrew Barclay 0-4-0WT locos, the results are astonishing! I'm tempted to go and form a small BNM outline layout with a few turf wagons. Any suggestions would be welcome.

I have just sent away two partially built Chivers Tralee and Dingle Hunlset loco's to be modified and detailed for me, will update you when they return.







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Lovely little loco!

I’d love to see a steam BnM layout; I could never get those tractors!

Your model is very similar to a BnM one. Imagine all three!

Livery wise, all the above needs is a repaint into a very much darker olivey-shaded green - very dark indeed. Lining was a single yellow line and the number was a small shaded gold transfer. I am not 100% on this, but I think that originally the buffer beams might have been black rather than red.

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The attached is (C) William Ford taken at Cushina Works

The green in the photo I've taken is on a poor quality phone camera, in reality it is quite dark and is Andrew Barclay green and although missing some of the lining below I am very happy with it.

W. ford.jpg

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On 10/14/2018 at 12:04 AM, irishrail201 said:

I'm tempted to go and form a small BNM outline layout with a few turf wagons. Any suggestions would be welcome. 

;) with the bockety never level all over he place BNM tracks, getting 0+4+0 model engines to run over them could be difficult, mind you some of my track laying is very like its BNM inspired, and thats OO guage


mapio.nethelpfulengineer.com Irish-bog-perimeter-railway.png

photo c/o www.deviantart.com

Image result for bordnamona train tracks]
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