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THREE New Books covering Irish Railways

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I'll have no less that three new books for sale on the IRRS Stand at Warley at the weekend - profits to support Irish railway preservation.

Irish Railway Memories - a Decade of Change 1984 - 1994: an album of photographs by Paul Haywood - until I looked through this, I hadn't really realised just how dirty  diesels could get - ammo for the weathering men? £10.95

Railways in Ireland Part One: is a new edition of Martin Barstow's first of five volumes on Irish railways. This one covers the GNR, SLNCR, and the five narrow gauge lines in their hinterland. Many new photographs have been added - I haven't done a page by page comparison, but can assure you that it's beautifully reproduced with fine sharp b;ack and white illustrations. For an Englishman writing about Irish Railways, Martin does a commendable job and found interesting photographs by fellow countrymen who put their camera to good use in the Emerald Isle. £17.95

Finally, for the people with a narrower view of life:

Narrow Gauge Album1950-1965 In Colour by Michael Whitehouse, son of a famous father PB ("Pat") Whitehouse of Railway Roundabout fame. "From the wilds of the west of Ireland, through the mountains of North Wales to the rolling countryside of the east of England ironstone fields, the narrow gauge railway provided an invaluable service for around a hundred years." I have yet to see the book, which just arrived in Lightmoor Press's warehouse yesterday, but I'll be picking up a supply on Saturday. Black Dwarf Lightmoor are the top railway publisher these days, in my not humble opinion - their books cover their topics thoroughly and the reproduction of images would take some beating. No one line captions for them - the norm is a meaty description of the scene, doing credit to the scene depicted. £25.00, but mention my nickname on this site and i'll give you a couple of quid off.

Come to Stand C65 at Warley and have a look!


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