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SSM / 00 Works J15 Comparison

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Greetings all

Never mind the problems with things being impounded after Brexit - the impounding mechanisms of the Dept.of Domestic Financial Matters, at jhb171 Towers, can impound like no other. But the day has come, and the Authorities have handed over two very nice little grey beasties from 00 Works, and a green "C", so now I can at last ogle them.

Here we see the lot. When I got a model of 800 "Maedb" a few years ago, I was busy with narrow gauge 009, so I never intended to have an operational Irish 00 layout. Thus, 800's exploits would be confined to a test track, a layout owned by a friend in Clondalkin, and a glass case. I thought that a good contrast might be to display it in a little diorama or something, with as a contrast beside it, an absolutely filthy, tired looking old reliable J15 workhorse. No. 134, shown here, is the result. Both it and Maedb were SSM kits, and the level of detail and accuracy in both is a great credit to Des of Studio Scale Models. It was put together for me by Dave, who finished it as I wanted it - so grubby looking you'd feel you needed to wash your hands after touching it; indeed, the actual level of muck on it was copied from a photo of the real thing in its last days working. It's perhaps a shade too black, though really dirty CIE locos could look almost black if left neglected.

As a contrast, I have the two very nice 00 Works models. Lined up together, all three really look the business. The sight of the dirty one with the clean ones recalls a story that Senior told me of seeing some sort of works shunter in the 1930s hauling a newly painted loco out of the paint shop at Inchicore - the contrast was exactly as above.

On the 00 ones, which I was happy to open today, I am very satisfied with them to look at - in terms of performance, they'll get a run in a day or two on my friend's line. I will report on their running then, but anecdotal evidence suggests it will be good. The little matter of the tender springs is easy to fix, and the wheels need a good coat of grey and then grime. I don't intend to weather them as much as 134 (sighs of relief from Roderick!) but they will need to look quite grubby, as the layout will be set in the 1955-65 period.

The "C" was another nice little item I picked up a while back - it will match the black one I have within the same period. Both, of course, are Silverfox. This pair of "C"s have acquitted themselves very well operationally, being good at slow speed and of a solid heavy weight.

Hopefully the attached photos will give an idea of the external appearance of both the SSM and 00 ones. Naturally, the plant pot behind them is in entirely the wrong livery.......

So, all round, a good Christmas!








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Are your boxes marked thus?

God bless the Queens English!

I presume the #45 in the top right is the production number?



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What sound file have you guys used in your saturated boiler J15's?  All my steam locos with sound are quite "chuffy" with a sharp blast and I remember reading that the saturated boiler J15 had quite a soft blast. Be nice for a bit of variety.

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