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JM Design Tin Vans

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I am planning a limited release of the kits in May-June 2019.

I am looking at a minimum run of 4 of each type in order to re-release the kits. Cost likely to be $150NZ per van + $30 shipping.

Kits are etched brass, with whitemetal, brass or resin castings, designed for OO or 21mm gauge.

 OO Gauge NMRA110 wheels included 

I will consider a supplementary fret to cover some of the detail variations between vans including blanked out windows, recessed doors on heating and luggage vans.

Please advise me if you are interested. 

1. 931470347_Heatingvan.png.478f74448eedc8a5bb439649620050c0.png




                                                                                                                                       Tin Van Wallpaper 


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Posted (edited)

I have received enough expressions of interest to proceed with a second batch of these kits for release in late 2020. 

Please send send me a p.m. or respond to this thread if you are interested in placing an order.


Heating & Luggage.






Post Office Van


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Great news, John. I'll take a few but not sure on what just yet. I was lookin at the tin van wallpaper above and there seem to be a huge number of variants the the three vehicles on there not just the tool van but in BnT alone.

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I am updating the Heating & Luggage and Luggage Van kits in a similar manner to the TPO with an additional set of sides, to allow a different variation of the model to be assembled. 

The Post Office Van was designed to be assembled in its original form or in their rebuilt for as P.W. Tool Vans which were used with Weedkiller & track re-laying trains in the 80s & 90s one of these vans survived as the "Heuston Tool Van" and now resides at Downpatrick.

Heating & Luggage Variations.

The kit includes alternate sides to assemble the model as a 3101-3124 series van or as 3134 with a number of boiler room and luggage compartment windows replaced by plain panels.


1. 3101-3124 As built 1955 with bottom edge of outward opening doors flush with bottom edge of floor and sides.

2. 3101-3124 With modified outward opening doors late 1950s onwards. I have incorporated a half-etched line on the inside edge of the doors, to allow the bottom edge to be neatly snapped off for this modification.

3. 3134 with blanked off boiler & luggage compartment doors. I don't know if 3134 was built in this form or the blanked off windows were a modification as 3134 appears to be from a later series of vans.

The final (1959-60?) batch of Tin Vans" were built with recessed inward opening doors, but have the same window and vent details as the original 1955 vans.

Luggage Van Variations.


The kit includes alternate sides to assemble the vans in their original form or as 2749 with a number of windows replaced by plain panels.

The replacement of glazed with plain panels appear to have been ad-hoc repairs to keep the vans in service. There is a photo of one van (2727) single plain panel.

The 4w Luggage Vans were withdrawn from service in the early 70s following the introduction of the BR Vans & the conversion of older coaches into Vans (BSSGV & Parcel/luggage)

A small no of 4w Luggage Vans were retained for Connolly-Dunlaoire Pier Mail and Parcel trains, these vans were restricted to 35mph lost their gangways and were re-painted in all over "Golden Brown" similar to the contemporary Dublin City bus scheme. 

Some redundant Luggage Vans had a final main line fling, rebuilt into two rakes of "coaches" for the First Great Train Robbery movie with main line steam running behind 184 & 186 on the Mullingar-Athlone Line.


Train heat 1 001.jpg

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9 hours ago, DiveController said:

That’s very interesting, John. Certainly food for thought. It would be interesting to have different versions of the van in different liveries. Were there any variations in the TPO?

To provide clarification, I am planning to supply the models as kits as I am not currently undertaking rtr commissions.

The TPO was supplied with parts to assemble the van in its original condition as a PO Van or as a PW riding van similar to that preserved at Downpatrick.

There is a detailed thread on assembling a Tin Van on  p3- in Georges Workbench.


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