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Castle Kerry

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On 4/1/2020 at 5:33 PM, Dr Gerbil-Fritters said:

Bit of work on the layout, mostly built a bridge and did some tidying up...


I need to reduce the height of that signal, far too tall.




Really nice work on the bridge. Although a small detail, the H beams really add to the appearance of the structure. Top job =D

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Now we're getting somewhere.  The suburban push pull arrived today, along with the Mk1 SGV.   So Castle Kerry has a reasonable train service now, courtesy of the excellent Silver Fox

Some new arrivals this past week.  I need at least another 2 MKD TSOs really.. but they seem to be like the teeth of hens. A bit more wall has appeared, but boy is it ever boring to build..

I had a nice little operating session this afternoon,  at the end of which if you happened to be on the bridge overlooking the station, this was the view. for the spotters, from the left: b

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I forgot to say earlier - there's a font you can download called "bunchlo" which is the best available equivalent to the font the GSR used for the bilingual station nameboards. CIE just used plain Roman script, with black letters on a white background. All of those old black signs with "white"* letters were done by the GSR.


(* In model form, use cream, as the white - if it ever truly WAS "white" - was discoloured by CIE days to an extent that would make actual white on a layout look unrealistic).

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