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42ft Sample Arrives

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8 hours ago, heirflick said:

Ah Jaysus....its a beauty! The weedsprayer is my favourite train on the net and I cant wait to have the finished product in my hands.  I am hoping that the pack will include the hoses to connect the tanks on each  wagon together🤔

Oh yes! :)

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the kind words! It's been a lot of hard work but great to see the project making significant progress finally. Personally I am blown away by the quality of it, @Glenderg has exceeded even his own high standards on these, and that is saying something. I think they will be our best yet, and the factory has done a superb job on the finesse of the tooling from what we have seen so far. We are currently appraising this sample and will have some corrections for the factory in due course. 

17 hours ago, iarnrod said:

Looks absolutely stunning lads. Congratulations on another fine release.

As an aside, have IRM made a decision on whether they will be tooling the weedspray coach to accompany the wagons?

We are still looking into it and havent made a call yet. It is such a unique beast that it is proving the challenge to make it viable, but we have not given up on it just yet and are working on some ideas. We will make an announcement either way in due course. 

14 hours ago, mphoey said:

cant wait hopefully diesel headboards will be included in the pack


We do plan to include them you will be delighted to hear!

3 hours ago, Fiacra said:

Lovely looking model. The trackwork on that layout looks very well too - what make/model of track is it?

It is peco code 75 weathered and ballasted by the experts at model rail baseboards. We will have more on our layout in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

2 hours ago, Bob229 said:

Excellent looking model, looking forward to seeing the Ferts :D

Us too! We should have a sample of the ferts in the coming weeks, once we get it we will show you and open the pre-order books on them as they will be second in line after the liners! 



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First shots look the part  and underframe shot looks good. Certainly the diecast enriched uranium (given lurid colour) chassis will hold the track  very well - and keep prying fingers away !!  

I had not spotted before the shape of the spray tank  module frame - very Bullied in shape. Ladder and etched top look the part - will need extra careful  thought on storage.

Looking forward to these and with spray module version last will allow time to build a spray control vehicle from a secondhand BSK while you good gents create an example of perfection as I finish hacking mine , you know you will just to "taunt" me..


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Ye know, that B&I container looks really well in " real life" 

Its not really my era or the lines im going to model - never saw one in real life like the Bells and CIE ones.... 

But,but,but ......i might just have to acquire a few ...........this "collectors" streak has been awakened in me.....😮

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I'm the same, I never saw the B&Is in real life but I've ordered 2 packs of them with the lions share being the iconic Bells.

A question if anyone knows, when did the Y33 bogies start appearing and did the B&I container traffic co exist with them.

Fran, can we get some pictures of the flat with nothing on it to see the locking nubs for the containers, thanks.

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