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German Rail Tours

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Hi Lads,

Any of you lads been on German Rail tours? What are they like compared to UK and Irish ones?

 Was looking at one from Koln in Feb 2020 to the Harz Mountains. Seems to be an Epic journey starting at 421am an getting back past 1am on the Sunday, Pulled by a Diesel first and then Steam on the Harz which is a place I love to Visit.

This is the Website I was looking at.€134 notes for the day, 50 quid return on Ryanair to CGN airport. Pretty Reasonable weekend away. only down side is going the Dublin Airport.


Experience the wintery resin in its breathtaking beauty!
Travel with us in the comfortably heated, pulled by the diesel locomotive 218 455 in the DB look of the 1970s special train "Brocken Hexe" either to Wernigerode or to Blankenburg in the Harz!

Probably won't make it this year as we lads are off to Hamburg on the Ran Tan on May the 7th for the Port Anniversary so maybe 2021 with the other half. (mind you when I showed her the Itinery she went FXXK that so good chance it will be a solo run, Result :)

Looking at Frankfurt in Novemeber 2020 though, some good looking Steam tours available.


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Is 'she' letting you go off to Hamburg with 'the lads'..?

She sounds easily-led...



Does she have a sister?    PIMP


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LOL - Yep Solo with the boys. Marriage build on a Steady Rock. 5 time next year. heding over there in December with the family for the xmas markerts

No Sister I'm Afraid, 3 Single Brothers If your bothered.

Hamburg next may will be Paddle Steamers, Steam Launch, Steam Ice Breaker trips with a bit of luck.

We are usally Anaesthehised enough with Astra not to be tempted by the 'other' Delights. 



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