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The Big Reveal! The two baseboards have been constructed and track has been pinned down. This series of photos outlines the track-work and approximate position of the buildings assembled previously. Also see the photographic back-scene atmospheric of high Summer in GWR days of steam... The track design has a run-around loop at the station with a head-shunt, a siding across a double-slip (great space-saver) which enters two lines to the Goods Shed as well as a trailing head-shunt to the Cattle-dock. Plenty of scope for passenger and goods stock movements. The design allows for a fiddle-yard at each end of the layout: one is a Traverser and the other a Train Turntable (more of these anon).DSCF4129.thumb.JPG.2115b02fbcb7cb6935c1cfdb24f07fa2.JPGDSCF4130.thumb.JPG.39090f762f3a4c33a3ccea1910d5aaa5.JPGDSCF4131.thumb.JPG.2178b7161447f0c42c80e2b1049394e1.JPGDSCF4132.thumb.JPG.f55a7ca31e579791bc587c052f4d897e.JPGDSCF4133.thumb.JPG.b6cc2bb92508cc101d8a6721d8307eac.JPGDSCF4134.thumb.JPG.ea871004e57b8b51a0e7bb5d61c6879a.JPGDSCF4135.thumb.JPG.31c8d83e4c6f76b5175f74c5ea022ee5.JPGDSCF4136.thumb.JPG.e3948b4b8f69a5e5c2d07a92af13de48.JPGDSCF4137.thumb.JPG.6f1339c27bde35474793fa16461a0006.JPGDSCF4144.thumb.JPG.22ea2e11649d18e384c3b9cbb6222bfc.JPG


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A couple of photos of the Traverser fiddle-yard which can fit at either end of the scenic section of the layout. Construction used the same techniques as the main boards except the board was inverted to provide a frame for the moving track board which is supported by three drawer sliders.


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