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Castlecomer Coal Strike 1912

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its so trains, i had to share this poster, I believe the 1881 coal miners strikes inspired the pennsylvania coal strikes, which in part lead to the establishment of the Trade Union movement of America and else where, especial;ly as so many Irish from Castlecomer ended up working in pennsylvania before the coal strikes.

I did a google search for 'castlecomer mine and quarry union.pdf' nice page, includes great photo of mine with rail track. indeed it looks much like my layout today, now thta i am rewiring the power blocks into occupancy block and installing current dectors and more. 

the poster is from a 1912 coal strike, as it seems there were many strikes.

coal strike.jpg

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The 1912 Strike was the 1st national coal strike in the UK which would have affected the coal supply to the Irish railway companies that used steam coal mined in Great Britain rather than anthracite mined at Castlecomer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_coal_strike_of_1912 . 

The strike appears to have been successful with the Government awarding a minimum wage to the miners,  previous strikes and lockouts in South Wales lead to a lot of bitterness and distrust towards Churchill and the Liberal Government because of the use of police and the army in breaking up the Tonypandy riots. 

The railway to Castlecomer and Deerpark Mine and a similar railway from Athy to Woolfhill were built by the British Government to open up access to the Leinster Coalfield for the war effort but did not open until 1919, the Castlecomer branch would make an interesting scenic model with its steep grades, sharp curves, many level crossings and river bridges but there are relatively few published photos of Castlecomer station or the yard at Deerpark.

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