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Whoops - containers

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OPPS. Glad IRM won’t be shipping models using shippers such as these :) hope MM 121s go by air as  well. Insurance nightmare. Still impressive salvage operation with cranes at sea. Wonder how many BELL containers were lost at sea over the decades.



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If you do make a mess of one of your containers, there's no need to panic, just put it to one side, as a special feature.

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You would not believe the amount of work that goes into preparing a vessel or disused rig for sinking as an artificial reef, yet God knows what is in these 10,000 containers. Presumably they do not sink for a while so imagine the potential dangers to shipping.

17 hours ago, Mayner said:

I had a very brief involvement in the Rena Salvage mainly around public safety on the beaches where containers were washed ashore,. Some of the containers were reduced to twisted pieces of metal


I suspect that the containers themselves that have much structural integrity apart from the main frame and that likely doesn't;t do well with torsional stress especially for 40 containers or outsize container which can be 60' or more

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