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New 20ft container and skeleton from Provincial Wagons

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Previously, I produced a 1970s CIE 27101 series Skeleton Flat for 20 foot containers. Normally some lead shot is imbedded in the resin at casting time, but it caused some issues with the flanges of the I-section from which the solebar is made. So, we have left out the lead and the result is a much cleaner, more detailed result.

There is a price to pay, of course, the resulting wagon is rather light (10g rather than 20g for the “old”) and, I thought,  certainly too light to run empty – solution – well, run it “full” that is with a 20ft container astride it.

To overcome this and also to provide a different heavier version of my CIE 20ft container, I asked Michael to produce a one-piece container – so no building to do, just undercoat and paint it, then add the transfers. The new container is 30g, an increase from the kit-built one (20g), so provides nice ballast for the new skeleton. See photos below. Not the correct colour of course, simply used to show the detail to advantage.

In the event, as I'll show in a video in my next post - the skeleton runs well even unloaded, at least at reasonable speed on my iffy track!

If you prefer an even heavier 20ft container flat, I also offer the flat with a floor (in effect the chassis of the double beet wagon – which used the earlier 26xxx container flats.

Flat, or skeleton kit                                      £22 post paid

One piece container                                     £11 postage extra

Either wagon plus the container                   £32  post paid


The two versions of the flat together, with a new container in undercoat and a finished container


This a chunky container!



But retains the detail of the earlier kit-built container



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