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MGWR Project Layout

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On 5/21/2020 at 6:55 AM, Mayner said:

Funnily enough I used the Platform/Ground Level version of the Ratio on a minimal space MGWR branch line terminus many years ago.

If you feel reasonably confident about building complex point work, it might be worth while considering a double slip in the crossover from the running line to the run round loop and goods yard, the Midland used this arrangement at both Edenderry and Kingscourt. It might be feasible to fit a mirror image of Edenderry into the area "behind the houses" between the R358 from Ballinasloe & the N63 to Ballygar & Mount Talbot. Edenderry had the advantage of having the cattle bank and goods shed on one side of the station/baseboard.

I mounted a flying survey of the area while trying to track down the location of the ancestral farm of my Grandmother in 2018. 






Dear John,

many thanks for your thoughts and your photographs - I was planning on having a look on Google Maps, but you'r suggested location adjacent to the town definitely looks feasible - as a first thought I was envisaging the fictional branch running more-or-less parallel to the R358, topography notwithstanding, from a junction with the main line at Ballinasloe.

To be honest, I'm not actually planning on building any pointwork - as I want it to work, I'm going to outsource it - so a double slip is certainly a possibility and would provide a siginificant reduction in length over two conventional points toe-to-toe. Edenderry has much to commend it both as is stands and as a jumping-off point for fictional terminus. I don't have a huge area available for the layout so length is my main issue, and one of the key characteristics of the MGWR's terminii is their spaciousness. I'm going to have to be a bit clever, I think!

Thanks again and best regards,


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