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A new layout begins

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Just now, roxy_guy10 said:

Not at all, I tend the use whatever I have, I grew up lusting after lima and hornby stuff in model shops so it's left a sort of misplaced loyalty, no doubt other manufacturers make better stuff.

The metcalfe signal box is quite nice.

My layout is basically a really big train set with a very 80's approach, which is a reflection on when I was growing up. The little signal box I've has since I was a nipper so it's always been on a layout in some way. 

That sounds nice i have to say. I did nit grew up in the 80s so i will never feel that way about hornby.

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5 hours ago, roxy_guy10 said:

Track down - 4 lines down with 5 very long siding, some of which are between the third and fourth radius as I brought line out wider to create that space. 

Layout can have 9 full length trains now. Still room for more sidings and the possibility of a fifth line.  Anyone offended by sectional track should look away now!



That's some progress, it looks fantastic. Have you slept since Friday?   

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Cheers Jason, one line wired up, 3 to go. You'd be surprised how quick it is when you are using sectional track only, no cutting and not that much measuring, once you get the inside line down where you want it it just flows.

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I have to say that starts to look promising. When I first had my N Scale I thought to start with modelbuilding this way, lay track, see wherever it leads, it would never go well for me. I changed so often and never got my head straight on what I want with the rails that after all it went nowhere. 

But this seems to grow into something great! I love to see the end of it. 



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