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Beyer Garrett AD60 Eureka Model HO ECM Repair

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Well there is no Australian section so decided to post this here;-

This is a Eureka Models with DCC sound of an Australian AD60 in the workshop for some repairs. It's a nicely detailed model and has a bit of factory weathering but has been badly handled......


Valve gear on the front unit is missing, sanding boxes missing, handrails badly re-fitted, a few bits on the buffer beams bank n front are missing and it doesn't run!




The plan is to replace the missing gear using the surviving gear as patterns for cutting the new stuff, the remaining sand boxes will be removed to make moulds for plastic casting up replacements and then we'll have a go at getting it running.

First step was the valve gear, the existing gear for patterns were removed and scanned to set up a drawing to CNC cut replacements from .3mm nickel silver. This is the result- needing a clean up, laminate soldering and fitting. Those holes in the rod ends are .2mm!



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Some more work done on the Aussie Garrett.

Moulds set up to make the missing sand box and 3 buffer steps.

Existing bits were removed from the model to be the patterns for the missing bits, this is one side of the mould set up and ready for pouring the silicone.


Both sides of the mould complete, this is what I call a 'flop mould', one puts the plastic mix into the parts recess while the mould is open, then they are put together with a small weight on top to squeeze the excess plastic out.


The parts plastic cast and one set cleaned up.




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