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Layout Inspiration Idea!

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I don't usually post in multiple places but am making an exception for this!

I've been thinking that Inniskeen GNR(I) station would make an excellent subject for an Irish layout. It'd be beyond me on my own as I wouldn't have the space, but I thought I'd post about it anyway and maybe a group or club might take notice!!
Inniskeen has many points in its favour:
  • A junction station with main and island platforms - the Carrickmacross branch passenger services stopped in 1947 but that could be conveniently rectified in model form
  • A range of excellent structures - station building, stationmaster's house, footbridge, island platform canopy, GN wooden shelter, large water tower and one of the GN's largest signal cabins. There was (is) an underbridge just before the branch junction and there was also a cutting at the Dundalk end - excellent scenic break!
  • Great operating potential, with mainline and branch trains, both passenger and goods, everything from The Bundoran Express (hauled by one of the OO Works U Class locos) to early CIE A class diesels (I seem to recall these are about to appear in model form too...?)
  • Good photographic coverage - an excellent series of JP O'Dea photos in the NLI collection.
Maybe that might start some of you thinking! And if you would like someone to build that signal cabin.......
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Hi Patrick Davy

I am looking at Dunsandle to dip my toe in Irish railway modeling.

From my point of view a good starter project.

It has a full but compact station with short at full scale length a 3' platform, station building if I can find out what it looked like a tiny platform signal box is possible

Failing that 4 lever frame also an 8 lever ground frame at the other end of the yard.

It is fully signaled easily has a level crossing it has only one goods siding with a small goods shed platform and crane.

However it could be modeled with the spur off to a ballast pit adding a bit more operational interest.

Rolling stock required is a small amount of 4wheeled rolling stock and a brake van or two  one coach may be two. locomotives a re-engined C class a G class

and for Wednesdays only a 141 so theoretically a low train cost ( but we all know what really happens don't we 😀 )

Not in far enough yet to know what steam went that way or whats available in general yet

All in all a good sized first project In Irish Railway Modelling.

It would be interesting to know what other very compact but still something operational stations are or where once out there. These tend to get ignored for some reason, but could make good very first project or extension projects for existing layouts due to their compact nature or just plain good projects for the space challenged modellers.

Don't tempt me with signal box build offers it would cost more to post it to me than it would to build the tiny little thing, if I had a drawing to work from for it to be built 🤣 .

regards John

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10 hours ago, Patrick Davey said:

Hi John - sounds good!!  And most(all?) of the station survives so a good excuse for a road trip there.

Good luck with the build and keep us posted with pics!!!

A road trip could be somewhat problematic I am in the land down under😀.

Looks like every thing is pretty much still there not sure about the yard crane though.

However I have done what was suggested and contacted the Dunsandle face book page that has yielded some useful nice pictures and a more legible track diagram than I have.

The Irish Model Railway Society sent me a section of map that will help separate out the unwanted modern stuff  and has raised a few more questions that need answers.

Nothing from the national archives in Dublin yet as to where anything else useful might be stored if it still exists, and I need to get some good Irish railway books any suggestions on titles that might help.

Producing that Irish green landscape without turning it into a chocolate box or postcard green is going to be interesting.

regards John

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