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1/32 Scale Mountfleet Round Table Minesweeper

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Hi Folks,

Kinda wanted a rest from Modelling due to many failures with painting and Family taking up a lot of my time but the big 50 hit the other week and the folks kindly bought me this as a pressie. The ol fella prefers giving something physical than cash. (would of been handy for A Class or 6!)

Any way the yoke is big, Maybe too big but I'll give it a go. I need to plan this one carefully due to limited access with the narrow superstructure so that presents a fairly big challenge along with quite a bit extra to buy to get it over the line.

For a start I've run some P38 car filler around the Bulwarks and these need to be sanded smooth at some stage when I can be bothered to go shopping for Sand Paper.

Pictures below in the sitting room, no comments about the curtains please Dave.












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Managed to kick this into gear over the past 2 weeks, P38 car filler used around the Bulwarks and sanded smooth, the Deck drainage holes and the prop shaft hole  drilled and filed out, the Skeg and rudder are put on and fill used to blend the whole lot in and again sanded along with the white metal rope and Anchor eyes. Now waiting for a motor and universal coupling to arrive in the post and I can set the prop shaft in for good.







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Rumbling along on this one, most of the work being done outside as the model is so big.

Deck supports mostly in, Motor and shaft Secured, Battery and weight tray has been made, I will be able to slide batteries along this using the guides on each side.

Deck and superstructure just plonked on for a test fit. Note the 071 for Size comparison









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  • Georgeconna changed the title to 1/32 Scale Mountfleet Round Table Minesweeper

Hi Lads,

while me 121 is busy running in I thought I might update this.

Tipping along on this one and I noticed that the hull is not symmetrical, there is a about a 5mm difference and you can see this here with the ruler, after some thought I decided to re profile one side with a file to it would be square to the other. being a boat and you can only see one side the difference should not be too noticeable, not much I can do about it any how.

I was just about to cut the access hatch for the main deck bit also notice on side of the fiberglass superstructure is splayed out about 4mm, I will have to think about how to fix this now next, Will it be surgery or a simple brace but I will have a combing in place so a brace may not be possible. Arse anyway,



IMG_6621 (2).JPG



IMG_6626 (2).JPG

IMG_6630 (2).JPG

IMG_6627 (2).JPG

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Still Waiting for the Sound unit so the deck cant be glue down,

The Compass deck is mostly built, Need to put on another coat of paint and the windows and doors, The  bridge about is made up along with the Bilge keels.  White strips on side of hull, The plans along are 12ft long!

The Font Gun platform Railings went on during the week.

Some little issues when you cut out the printed sections and make them the end result ends up wrong, IE the Flag box  on the green platform is too small and should but up against metal hand rails so will have to cut out and built correctly.

Time to get the Gluhwein out. Tis Cold enough Brrrr.










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