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Growlers at Goring and other Freight!

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3 hours ago, leslie10646 said:


At least your off-spring can give you accommodation near the second best narrow gauge railway in the World! The Ffestiniog takes some beating, but the Rhaetian Railway pips it for the top place!


Some of the Swiss stuff is indeed truly amazing, and so far free from the sort of run-down privatisation which ravaged the Austrian narrow gauge in the 90s - I was lucky to see THAT 20 years earlier in steam days.....

I had a holiday job on the FR in the mid-70s, amazing then and even more so now with the WHR appended, and through trains to Blaenau - when I was there the public trains only went to DDT.

Sadly, my offspring resides in South Wales, not north - so the nearest thing is the Gwili Railway, and even that is the best part of an hour away........! Will probably pay it a visit in the autumn.

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Some years ago we lived near - 10 miles - the Mid Hants Rlwy, which in those days ran a semi-daily steam service with 2 locos and Mk1 sets in use, over a respectable distance with some great inclines - and a buffet car. It was possible to spend a day of more or less constant steam haulage for a respectable sum, and often with few other passengers. And some days they had the Thumper DEMU out, which sounds just like an 80 class….


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