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I really want to say "Thank You"

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Hi all

Well I am on an interesting ride that started with a 141 so thanks for that.

if some rolling stock is on the menu please don't forget to invite me.

So thanks for the locomotive and couple of coaches I managed to get.

regards John


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Absolutely stunning model, beautifully done!  From the window wipers to the mesh grills.  A fine way to finish a career demonstrating constant improvements over many years.  Comparable to some of the finest brass models in the industry in its level of detail such as Fulgurex and Micro-Metakit.  Perhaps a brass version may be something to consider in Paddy’s retirement.  
I would join with everyone else here in thanking Paddy for everything he has done to preserve our memories and heritage in miniature detail - a true ambassador for Irish excellence. 
Many thanks again Paddy - I plan to buy a whole batch of them as a small expression of thanks and support!



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I think Paddy Murphy has brought model railways to a whole new level with accuracy and finishing detail and may I also say I think other model railway producers would have a very hard time in competing with the fine detailing well done to Paddy Murphy and all his staff who have brought a new lease of life to model railways 👍 

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Paddy, you have done a super job in producing these fabulous models. The detail, sound and sheer realism of each model is nothing short of astounding. Keep up the good work and many thanks for all you've done for Irish modelling to date.

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My introduction to Paddy and the magnificence of his Class 071s (look at the beauties he has on display).

As the father of the Golden Age of Irish Railway Modelling and  the man responsible for elevating the Irish Railway Model to levels we couldn't even dream of, he has my undying gratitude.

Thank You Paddy.

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We mustn't forget the Murphy Models 'Lima' 201 - that's what really started it all. While it's not comparable in terms of his later models it is the first model of an actual Irish locomotive prototype. We've been a bit spoilt since but there was a lot of excitement back then and many of us at the time couldn't believe our eyes when we actually saw the model. No longer had we to imagine that the supertrain liveried BR Class 33 was meant to be an 'A' or 'C' (take your pick), the Lima 201 was the real deal. When I look at my Murphy Models 121s and how detailed they are I wonder did we ask for too much? I spend more time looking at rather than running them, they are the créme de la créme of the 00 model diesel locomotive world. So "Thank you" to Paddy Murphy is the least we can say.

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A huge Thank you to Paddy Murphy played a huge part in the growth and interest in Irish railway modelling, from the Lima models to the fantastic Class 141/181, Class 71  a favourite,

the mighty Class 201,  and then the superb Class 121 fine choice of livery,  the front lights, see thru mesh grill I think it is his finest model, looks good on both layout and display cabinet,   

hopefully you might do another model😀                                                                                                                          



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