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Port Bréige

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The brief discussion on micro layouts in the "Irish Models" section got me thinking.  I rather liked that Canal Wharf micro layout by Scalescenes and decided to take a closer look at it https://scalescenes.com/product/ly02-canal-wharf-boxfile-layout/ and at £10 I though, why not?  Question was, could it be done in 21mm - as it turns out, yes, and proves to be quite a shunting puzzle.

The Scalescene layout in the box is of limited operational use, however they do recommend using a sector plate or traverser to provide some level of operation.  I opted for the sector plate and incorporated it into a single layout, which will be twice the size of the scalescene proposal and I could use some other buildings to hide the sector plate.  The wharf space was limited, and as I already had the dock scene from Scalescenes, I could extend the wharf and convert to a port - in this case a small fictious port somewhere in Ireland.

As the track will be covered by the kit base scene, there was no need to provide all the sleepering - just enough to hold the track in position.  A Y-point was created, and even though it is short, it has the equalivent of 800mm radius (as does all the track) which means locos & wagons travel through quite well.


This was wired up for DC (or as the layout is so small, it could be DCC).  Sector plate will be operated by a simple push rod, as will the point. 

Uncoupling positions (magnets) are noted by the circles and the layout operates with 4 short wagons.  Each small siding can only hold one wagon without fouling the points, while the top road can just about hold all four wagons.  Sector plate can hold the loco and two wagons, so shunting options are quite limited.  By using the uncoupling position on the point exit, it is possible to make up trains of 3 on the long road, from the 4 wagons and still provide quite a challenge.


This is then put into a box to contain the scene and make it portable.


Box overall dimensions are 660 mm long x 300mm deep x 320mm high, so quite small.


The scalescene kit is very good and buildings come together well, albeit with a lot of cutting and sore fingers!


I'm planning on using the drifter I have as part of the scene, plus a modified version of a building I had built for the Port Cumtha layout, which has since been dismantled. 

This building will be exteded to incorporate the bridge section which will then hide the sector plate from the normal viewing position.  This is still a work in progress and will be complete once I get a better indication of how the bridge will tie the two together.

Some strip LED lighting was added to light the scene.


Further progress on buidlings and rolling stock added to give some scale.



Loco used is my model of 495 with mixture of wagons.  I need to build more box / open wagons as they would be more appropriate for a dock scene.


Plenty of work to be done as the building on the left is to be constructed, building on the right to be completed with the bridge, backscenes added, and water detail to be started.

Very enjoyable project and with the scalescene kit, it comes together very quickly.


More as progress warrants.....


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Ok, so a bit of progress.  


Some work done on the LHS building.  


Still more work to finish out the roof, etc.  What does need work is the central column on the LHS buidling to accommodate the wider loading gauge; the point & track build makes the space for he front covered wagon too tight.  Cutting the column back & recovering (thanks to being able to re-print the cover) solved the problem, howeever the doors will not fit - leaving them off is the easy solution!


Sea detail is as per MarklinofSweeden (youtube) tutorial using PVA glue and toilet roll to create very realistic sea & waves.  Painting and varnishing to be completed to get to a finish similar to this - hopefully!!



Making progress.




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Some progress to report.

LHS building is virtually complete, some snags to complete, but starting to look well.




Re-purposed building got a face lift with new covering and red brick arches to blend in with the rest of the scene.  The high roof will help to hide the back area over the sector plate.  


Another small building will be needed to tie the front scene to the rear using the bridge as a view block.




Sea effect got some paint and a first coat of varnish - many more to go!!




Bit more gloss over the paint should add some depth to the water and add a sparkle.


Also - first outing for some new rolling stock.  In this case a DSER 7 Ton mineral wagon.  Not complete yet and I'll provide more info on the workbench.


All for now.



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Little bit more progress.


Some finishing touches to the front building & roof.  Link building for bridge developed, however bridge is still to be completed.



Started playing around with some backscenes to help set the layout in a larger secene.  LHS is quite good, however RHS water is too smooth & the wrong colour, so may look at other photos to fill this in.



Bridge will be much lighter that originally designed, so I thought I would re-purpose another building made before.  I figured the guys would like to get a drink after work, so added the bar into the backscene, which hopefully closes out the backscene and helps to hide the sector plate.  The sector plate & well will need repainting in light grey to blend in with the scene.



Photo of the loco & rolling stock - kinda why we are here!



A bit more work needed, but it's coming together rather nicely.  Some weathering will help to plant everything in the scene and tone down the "newness" will help.




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Finally got round to making the bridge work to tie the front and rear scenes together, along with some work to tidy up the bar builiding in the backscene.





Sky scene needs to be completed to tie the various back and side scenes together, but I'm sure I will get to that in time.  Some weathering will also help to blend the whole scene together.


It will be on display (and operating) in Bray tomorrow at the fair, so if you're about why not drop by.



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  • 4 months later...

Finally got around to doing some work on this layout.  Many other projects, including 305mm scale have kept me busy.


Got some paint onto the mineral wagons, which still need to be weathered.

A little bit of gardening and weatering on the model has helped to tone it down & plant it in the secene.




Still some more to do, but it's all part of the process.

It should be on display in Bray on Sunday for those who can get about.




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