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Si2020's Workbench

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HI all,

So I thought I couldn't keep posting up layout photos all the time so I've started a workbench thread so you can see what I'm up to, (fingers crossed its in the right place being mostly UK stuff)

The aim of this first post is to provice a contents list incase you want to refer back to any of my drivell or what to look at photos.




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I normally have a couple of items on the go at the same time to enable me to make the most of the time.

Here is a van that will be used on Thorne yard and Charwelton plus what ever else I build.


Its taken a while to get to this point as its been painted with several coats of a faded blue with each coat being slightly lighter than the last. It still has several hours work to go before its finished

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21 hours ago, Galteemore said:

That makes the work - esp on the tender - even more praiseworthy !


Next up is a Conflat P. I've had the kit for a few years now so before I make a start on the big winter build project i thought i would do this one as small filler build.


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10 hours ago, Galteemore said:

A sheet of NS etches and a GW models rivet press - quality combo. Nice work. The GW press is a beautiful piece of machinery, once you get used to its little ways! 

I wouldn't be without it these days. I did get one of the gravity versions whilst I was at a show demoing after i forgot the GW one but even after marking on the rod where to drop it from I struggled to get the consistany right on the finished rivets.

Its one of those bits of kit that you look at it and think do I really need one buts its paid for its self about 30 kit builds ago.


So remember the tender chassis at the start well here is the body for it in a cruel close up



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