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216 in action this Wednesday evening on the IWT at the East Wall Yard.  First pushing back a set of containers under the bridge towards Sheriff Street.

Then picked up two empty (30234 and 30253) leaving them in front of the set to be attached.   

216 ran around the two empty flats before pushing them back to connect to the rest of the set and then heading off down Alexandra Road to Dublin Port.

I think the number of wagons attached came to 24 [later corrected to 20]- one of the longest l have seen recently.

Great craic of an evening 😀









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Great pics, but with the two wagons added in the train would only be 20 wagons.. Likely two of the wagons that arrived from Ballina were "red-cards" and needed to be brought back empty to NW for maintenance or an exam..

The Max in Ocean Pier is about 22 wagons, otherwise the train would block access to some facilities in the port(green building in the background)


Ocean Pier 2.jpg

Ocean Pier 071.jpg

Ocean Pier Reachstackers.jpg

Ocean Pier.jpg

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Wonder how long 216 will retain the Belmond livery now that it's bitten the dust.................

4 minutes ago, Georgeconna said:

its probably a selfie or checking the eye liner. Different liner to what we are interested in.


1 hour ago, popeye said:

Nice to see some women with an interest in containers. :D

There's make-up IN the container, and matching nail varnish. Boxes of it.

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3 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

There's make-up IN the container, and matching nail varnish. Boxes of it.

Is that mascara you're wearing?


Or a black eye..?

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072 in action this Thursday evening at the East Wall Yard, first pushing back the IWT liner under the bridge towards Sheriff Street before heading down Alexandra Road towards Dublin Port.

078 parked up in the yard too with 8 container flats.

30278 was like something straight from an IRM box given the new paint job on it!









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218 at work at the East Wall Yard / Alexandra Road Thursday evening.

20 wagons- 18 first at East Wall Yard but 2 empties added, leading to not much room to manoeuvre to clear the points,when the loco was changing ends.

The light green Dong Fang container isn't one you'd see much, compared to the old reliables of Bruhn, GCA, Triton etc.








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