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JM Design GSWR Signal Cabin kit

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I commissioned York Modelmaking to produce a laser cut model of a GSWR hip roof signal cabin for use on my own layout.

I was asked by a member of the group if he could order the kit direct from the manufacturers.

I am accepting expressions of interest for a minimum of 10 signal box kits which are likely to be priced in the £45-50 price range.

The kits are laser cut from MDF and Rowmark plastic parts and include York Modelmaking slates and ridge tile sheets.

The kits will be supplied direct from the UK and may be subject to customs and local taxes upon entry to the EU or other countries.

The model was completed with Wills Materials sheet slate roofing and ridge tiles as the slate and tile sheets were not included with the original set of parts.

I mitered the corners of the MDF brickwork wall panels as it gives  a more realistic effect than tab and slot joints sometimes used in laser cut stone or brick buildings.

While I am fairly satisfied with the staircase, etched windows would look more effective and may be offered as an option.

If there is sufficient interest in the signal box, I will certainly look at other buildings and structures including a typical WLWR Sligo Road & Thurles Branch station building, goods shed and platform shelter.





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The cabin is a standard GSWR design, the model is based on a survey of Kiltimagh carried out at various dates between 1982 & 2018!



The lean to oil/lamp hut at Ballyglunin seems to have been a standard feature, there was a similar lean-to on the gable end of Kiltimagh cabin before the Burma Road closed in 1975.



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There is insufficient interest to proceed with the signal box kit within the £45-50 price range.

If anyone is interested we can supply the signal box to order direct from York Model Making at £75 including postage. 

The kits are laser cut from 1.2mm MDF and Rowmark plastic parts and include York Modelmaking slates and ridge tile sheets.

The corners of the MDF brick panels will need to be mitred.

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