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Backwood Depot

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With a period of enforced annual leaving approaching due to end of year and outstanding leave due to Covid, I decided to set myself a small task of building a small micro layout. A diesel depot was chosen as my small fleet of GMs (and soon to be bolstered by the As) needed somewhere that I could pose them and take nice pictures and would offer some potienial in the limited space I had due to the life of living in rental accomadation.


Just two photos to start off with of the shed area from nearly the same angle, just after track laying finished and just after scenic work has started in erenst.


 No description available.


No description available.



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Testing structures to see what views and looks could be achieved on this from a week ago. Its amazing what you can get done in a week focusing on the layout.








Minor details left to go, painting and fitting point levers, weathering ballast and general human touches detailing, the running shed is crying out for some fitters and some details, plus need to fit a signal to control passage under the box to the "outside world".



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Having moved houses, Backwood was packed away until recently some free time was found to add some finishing touches to the layout.


The exit road gained a signal controlling movements to the world beyond the yard.



Hand Point levers were painted up and added to the S&C around the yard, the fuel point and yard was weathered and details add, including this shunter having just finished refueling 071.



Touches like the human touch add an extra dimension to layouts, and I love setting up small scenes like a fitter taking a break under the watchful eye of the foreman or this track gang working on the headshunt's buffer stop after the shunt was reballasted, including the TSC on the phone over line blockades.





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