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CIE 001 Class General arrangement/Bogie plans

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Greetings all! 


This may be a little odd but I make 3D models in my spare time and mod them into the game Transport Fever 2 for everyone to freely use. I'd love to do some Irish stuff in the near future and am on the hunt for drawings of the Class 001 diesel electric. If anyone has any about or can point me at a reliable source, it would be much appreciated!


Thanks so much!

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There is an extract from a 1960s  Railway Modeller article on the A Class in the archives section of this board.

It might be worth while contacting Iarnrod Eireann or the IRRS to check whether copies of the original Metropolitan Vickers drawings & details of CIE modifications are available.


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That line drawing is a great start! Thank you! :) I could harrass the railways for information I suppose, it's worked here (Australia) for getting plans for things. 


CAD files are awesome to have for reference material, since you can move them around and view things from any angle you like. Though meshes for games tend to be simpler where possible. 


Thanks for the info! :)

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