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  1. Breaking in new models

    Is there a general rule to break in new models. as like with new motor bikes is there restrictors on them or they stay slow till broken in? my new engine is very slow even at full speed on my basic hornby controller.
  2. Does anyone have experience with these. My HO union pacific has them and although i was offered the service to convert them to hornby style due to all my rolling stock being hornby couplers. i don't really want t remove the knuckles as i really like the look of them. so im thinking maybe change a couple of rolling stock couplers to these instead. Are they easy to disengage once attached? do they simply just bump wagon to attach? are there easy/auto uncouplers to get for them? any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers Danny
  3. My new Americian beauty

    Finally got a Union Pacific
  4. SPST vs DPDT

    Can some one explain to me or show me in a wiring diagram for trains how each of these would work or what one is used for 2 controllers on a DC layout for this post im using black and red for each rail A SPST will break a single side of rail ? example either black or red depending on what's wired. so only 1 wire is wired to the switch. A SPDT will switch a single side of rail to a second controller? example either black or red depending on what's wired. so only 1 wire is wired to both switch By using this then the second wire is always fed through both controllers. - Would this cause a short circuit if both control a common wire together? and a DPDT will switch both rails to a second controller? example Both black and red. so both wires are wired to both switch which would swap complete control of both rails to each controller? Do i have this correct? If so im guessing you all use DPDT and can someone show me or explain how that wiring would work. Regards Danny
  5. Just to see what people think and to see who come sup with what. What is the Smallest usable layout/shunting yard you can come up with. Not smallest as in least amount of track but as in small like inglenook but different. ::Danny
  6. What card from where?

    What card do you guys use for card buildings? i do see that 1mm and 2mm is recommended for a lot of print and stick buildings but i cant find any anywhere. Is mount card the best card to use? Surely there has to be another alternative?
  7. Super Glue fumes

    Im sure we all know about the fumes from superglues turning things white. So my question is. Is it possible to repair plastic windows that have been whitened by these fumes? Is it possible to make them transparent again? - If not how does one make the best of a bad situation. Windows of a carriage have turned white from using white spirit which in turn soften and dissolved glue. - Well that.s my theory.
  8. How do you view layout? Scenery with track running through it ? Track with Scenery placed around it ?
  9. Is there such a thing as a poster containing different liverys of the Lococ, coachs and carriages. Like a history of CIE - Iarnrod Eireann - Irish Rail poster or through the years poster showing various different designs and what year they were ?
  10. DC wiring

    I know most if not all of you have moved to DCC, so you must of started off with DC first. How many locos have you had running on your layout? Did you have a separately wired shunting area off your main running line? Did you have multiple tracks ?
  11. Coal Staithes

    Can someone please explain the purpose and how coal staithes where used. I do these coal bunkers .. ground level and raised but have no idea how they functioned. The same with water towers. Very hard to add them to a layout if I don't know how the worked or where used.
  12. 1:76 vehicles

    Were is a good place to get a few different 1:76 vehicles cheaply. average price i see around is €7+ each. looking for a better deal than that.
  13. This i did not expect

    a ballast cleaning train never heard of such a thing.
  14. Hump yard

    I will be getting a bit of track in a few weeks so am planning on a project to make us of some of it. As the title says im going to attempt to make a hump yard. have a mdf base of 36 inchs by 12 inchs. im sure this will be long and wide enough to make one. looking for any hints or tips on this as i only found out about such a thing yesterday. have to figure out the layout and the hump angle and how to bend track for the hump. Im thinking a layout like so What do you guys think?
  15. Diorama's

    I was looking to see if any of you have done diorama's and to see who would share there images and experiences in doing them. Please feel free to post images for me to admire and to learn from.

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