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    • David I would not recommend using a resin printer within a living area can produce some nasty fumes. I have mine set up in a shed with an extract system, shed with insulated floor walls ceilings, electrical heating and humidity control. Setting up the first prints (support structure) and identifying a suitable resin especially for 3D wagons or coach chassis can be challenging. Although I have done some 3D CAD work I use a freelance designer for commercial work, the time taken and cost per model has dropped considerably as he gained railway experience and we both developed an understanding of the limitations if what can be achieved in terms of railway models. It might be worth while thinking of designing a 7mm or larger scale 3D coach or wagon with separate sides, ends, roof and underframe to assemble as opposed to a one piece model. simpler to design, a higher standard of finish, easier to support and clean up before assembly. One piece models tend to have one good or two good sides with sharp detail, the opposite sides with loss of detail due to lower resolution and removal of temporary supports. Ken. That passenger brake exudes character, great to see such distinctive models from such a neglected railway! That 
    • Excellent work! I tried to persuade Pete Parlin to produce a batch of Backwoods miniatures C&L wagon chassis etches to go with my resin cast wagon bodies without success. The thought of 4T etches and 3D printed C&L wagon bodies is very tempting, but its probably time to move up to a larger scale especially if the Accuracraft Live Steam Kathleen I ordered in 2019 ever materialises.  https://www.accucraft.uk.com/products/kathleen-lady-edith-cavan-leitrim-4-4-0t/ I don't really have room for additional stock on my current Irish 3' layout and assembling small scale chassis is becoming a struggle with my clunky fingers, shaky hands and failing eyesight.
    • I was recently in contact with Customs and received some useful feedback from An Post in response to problems we experienced shipping goods to Ireland Customs were very helpful and clearly explained the roles and responsibilities to the two organisations, in contrast getting an explanation for the delays from An Post was like pulling teeth. An Post initially providing stock answers that there was a problem with the declarations but failing to provide specific details when requested. Customs explained that An Post is responsible for entering customs data and collecting vat and duties due on behalf of the Revenue, but also responsible for contacting the sender or person receiving the package to make any necessary amendments if there is a problem with the electronic customs declaration transmitted by the sending postal authority to An Post. Customs only become involved when its necessary to open a parcel for examination, presumably when the Customs dogs sniff something suspicious or something on the declaration is flagged. Parcels are cleared by inputting the electronic customs declaration into the Irish Customs system rather than a person reading or a robot scanning the label on the box. Feedback from An Post indicates that the An Post/Irish Customs IT system is very sensitive and that An Post staff are unable/not allowed to correct or amend a defective declaration. Interestingly while there is an EU requirement to enter TARIC codes in a 10 digit format, 8 digit codes are displayed on the EU TARIC Information site. Going back to the DTDP and IOSS, it may be cheaper for an Irish customer to purchase from an overseas supplier that is not a member of the IOSS (under €150) or offer a DTDP (over €150) service and pay the VAT and An Post fee on delivery. As Dive Controller alluded to there are hidden costs to these schemes, an overseas retailer has to appoint an Irish or EU customs agent or intermediary as a middle man to send monthly returns to the Irish Customs despite being registered for Irish Vat and paying vat direct to the revenue the same as an Irish based business, there are considerable hidden costs providing a DTDP (Delivery Tax and Duty Paid) which make it only viable for large high value shipments to Ireland. 
    • It must be time for an update on my progress so here goes: I been busy building some goods stock. This is an assortment of open wagons - a Foxrock ex-CB&P built as intended, a 4-door open 3D printed from my drawings on a Backwoods chassis with new etched parts for the brake gear, and a Foxrock original C&L open again built a Simon intended. I now have two nine wagon rakes for two coal specials and a number of spares for other duties. The wagon works in full swing. Satisfied with the wagons have I moved onto van production. The advantage of 3D printing these is that the endless variations of body types can be easily produced from a basic drawing. These will run on Backwoods chassis. I do have a stock of Foxrock chassis but, like Mayner, I do find these time consuming to build but I reserve the right to substitute them at a later date as they are more detailed! I plan a fleet of around a dozen covered vans. Meanwhile 'my design team' have been beavering away preparing drawings for the etches for two of the original 4-4-0's and the ex-T&D Kerr Stuart 2-6-0. The chassis etches are due for delivery any day and the excitement is building. Finally I will be attending the mini-Scaleforum event being put on by the North Norfolk Area Group near Melton Constable on Saturday (25 September), operating on Geraint Hughes' Danish Obbekær layout so if anyone is in the area, please drop by for an Irish narrow gauge chat - https://www.scaleforum.org/ Cheers Phil        
    • Is it DCC fitted, and will it run on 21mm gauge track?
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