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    • There are graphited oils out there which can cause insulation failure issues, They tend to be a darker, more opaque colour than general oils.
    • Sean, It's a joy to see you back in gear again, and doing an absolute stonking job to boot. Between yerself doing "De real capital" and Warb doing the "other one", we are really seeing two layouts that do a fabulous trick of having a model, that just happens to have a railway running through it, seemingly blending the ordinary day to day with the railway as "almost incidental". It's bloody fantastic workmanship, dedication, and research.  richie.  (The lads sent me the link to the thread whilst in Lisbon airport, (I wasn't surveying aul trams @BosKonay ) and as soon as I saw a ton of photos, I closed it, and waited to get home for a "proper goo" 😛 )
    • Hi Tom Do as Glenderg says- but if you have a multimeter and it does continuity test? you could first probe around on the oil and see if its conductive, otherwise test pickups to wheels, otherwise test from pickups back to the motor terminals- wiggle the wires n bogie also while doing this test... and see what happens Eoin
    • Scahalane,  when I got home tonight, I had a look at all 5 pages, of your layout on a better screen n faster upload, i read every comment going back since u started, like everyone else i am totally gobsmacked n amazed not only at your skills, the layout design, it's build, more so the atmosphere you have created, thank you for sharing, then I realised my photo joke may be taken in bad taste, I didn't know you had used photos, I didn't mean that at all at all at all, ,, please forgive. You started with H' Select controller, admitted you needed to fast track learn Dcc, wiring took ages, n then got side tracked running trains,,, that gives me so much hope. Thanks I love what you done,  the pic with the steps tween the houses perfectly describes your attic layout, Stairway to heaven.
    • Thom,  You might be creating a short by over use of the oil. I'd suggest taking off the keeper plate underneath both bogies, one bogie at a time, removing the axles, again one at a time, and wash them in soapy water, dry fully, and rub down with fine 00000 wire wool on the pickup faces of the wheels.  Dry off the goldy contacts with tissue paper, and use the wire wool to polish up the pickups. Put them back in their slots, making sure they are all correct polarity and direction, and check to ensure the brass contacts are in contact. Not a big job, but a little care and precision should bring it back to life.  Richie. 
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    • K801  »  StevieB

      hello, do you still have some spare IRM ballast hoppers I could buy thanks?
      · 0 replies
    • leslie10646  »  Colin R

      I've had a look - about 4/5 show buildings including the works, shed and one behind the Donegal-bound platform.
      · 1 reply
    • WaYSidE

      I'm a DCC OO/ho NewBee. No soldering, wiring, model making experience or any other train skills...and I currently am at a 'stall' in the track build as I learn and think about block occupation in a few out of the way spaces in difficult to reach spots.
      Attic size <4 m x 2.75m, with stairwell and access in sorta the middle.
      It just fits 3 x 8x4 boards with an extra few meter runs both sides in holes in walls into small side attics. 2 levels built, 3rd is planned with code 75
      Track = <100 metres peco 100 track all mostly laid, star shape, 2.5 and 1.5 twisted bus, block wiring tworail isolated gaps, 7 metres runs including track, both rails gapped at many insulfrogs (some will be DCC) , part of level 2 and all level 3 will be electrofrog.
      80% of layout is wired above board, while I sorta understood 'power divisions' and the difference x circuit breakers and then track occupancy requirements, as most is manual, i'v left all that to the latter part of the build, which is where I am now at.

      · 0 replies
    • tonybonneyba

      Anyone got a Hornby DCC select they don't want anymore?
      · 0 replies
    • tonybonneyba

      The Next Train to arrive on Platform One is the 1723 service to River Nore. Calling at River Nore only! This service is formed of 3 coaches. Please remain behind the yellow line until your train has came to halt & allow passengers to alight before trying to board.
      · 0 replies
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