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  1. https://www.railfreight.com/railfreight/2021/08/31/rail-freight-service-to-resume-at-dublin-port/ Looks like Heads have been smacked of the wall at North Wall . and common sense prevails . Regards Arran
  2. Arran

    Customs & VAT

    Why dont you get a dingy "plenty laid up in Kent" and do some runs !!!
  3. Arran

    Customs & VAT

    So how come Way before Brexit you still had to do full customs and you still got charged VAT in those Isles on parcels sent ? or am i wrong Regards Arran
  4. Arran

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Just the fact they tried to stop it shows the mentality of some within companies. If ive got this correct they stopped it through port road congestion ? or their crap management on the ground . Regards Arran
  5. HI All Just like any other but the lower part goes most of the way across as it has the flap that folds down to discharge the product in it. I think these had more conventional doors in case they got used as a general 30ft container but now they all just have access doors so they can change the bag and clean them out. Regards Arran
  6. HI All Could be as early as 1991 with a J plate . ICI wilton Regards Arran
  7. HI All I think Charlie does have a limited amount of BELL reefers
  8. HI ALL IFF came before UBC so yes they did , and Den hartogh bought out interbulk who owned UBC , and im not aware of seeing that name back then. IFF stood for International ferry freight which became IBC then UBC Regards Arran
  9. HI All The Bell Bulks have landed along with the rest and we also have undecorated of both types of door . The websites been updated Regards Arran
  10. https://www.trainshop.co.uk/electrics/21688-surface-mounted-point-motor.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwgOGCBhAlEiwA7FUXkojan8mlMElvSGguAnnLqHmwjIIpBqSlIN_IdTMb27bzGZkpuZ8mFhoC5oEQAvD_BwE Same as the Gaugemaster ones so i suggest just a rebrand of something thats currently available Regards Arran
  11. HI All at some point i will probably take the plunge but i have been waiting to see if 45ft reefers become more prevalent on the rails in the UK and Ireland , and they seem to be even in Ireland Regards Arran PS Now get out and get that Bell Bulk on the move, No excuses will be tolerated !!!!
  12. HI All On this 8min 46sec in there is an interesting train with some Bell Bulks and a Bell tank . Regards Arran
  13. Yes there is footage of them that was posted . Regards Arran
  14. HI We are not vat registered in the UK yet as all it would do is push the retail price up a bit anyway. like i've pointed out they should have been a price increase this time round as my 40ft containers have been the same price for 12 years !!! Regards Arran
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