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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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  1. Ha, I did promise to look at that. pivoting on 0.3 steel wire possible at a push but the sliding back into the void might be fun. Robert
  2. Bits of railcar would look good with a C class on push pull look a like. Robert
  3. The beet container does look very good and gets my vote - 10/10. I short rake of 4 would fit nicely ! Robert
  4. Well another vote of confidence from me, lovely models - graced the office desk today ! I am sure a second run will come in time but after the A , C ,class 80, Beet double decker, BR based heating van and a 47 foot flat or maybe between one of the forgoing ! Not wish listing of course !! thanks IRM gang. Robert
  5. Like the pics - but if anything normal to go by the buffer stop would have been move a coach length up the bay rendering it useless !! So well done for getting the Civils to put in a sensible place... thanks Robert
  6. Thanks guys, E mail today saying on the way ! Looking forward to these and future A class fun! Robert
  7. That says a lot about market demands and careful stocktaking ! Any more bumps in the floor ? Looking forward to ferts even more now ! Robert
  8. Fifth photo next to bogie is a screw jack - this on a sliding I - beam - its opposite site friend just to left of it - pulled out and sat on packings, jack to take load, to spread load and watched like a hawk by crew.
  9. As others have said thanks for the candid update , and welcome to the Chinese industrial experience of the new year and factory delays !! A balancing act of being ignored by the factory or inviting an expediting voluntary fee if you push for a given delivery date or being laid back and letting time take its course. It is just great dealing with the culture. Robert
  10. A great bit of film ! Just a quick question what no. kaydees are fitted ? thanks Robert
  11. Brilliant rendition, What colours used ? I too had wondered about lights- seeing how surface mount LEDs now come suitable for N locos I guess these would be suitable. Top head I guess a light guide in bent perspex with led and heat shrink tube connector would work, the pain being drilling the casting. Hopefully not missed it on earlier pages but what power plant in the model - I have looked at several. Robert
  12. Thanks for the pictures- a good record of production. Santa - well postie defo very strong carting what looks to be most of the CIE fleet of 42 foot flats ever built, and I bet the tree was happy to have its protective wall.. happy collecting! And happy new year Robert
  13. Hi Dave, Just a little late to the party , but cases look good - on ebay you can get 00 foam trays and Warley club do a cardboard double tray box as well . Re layout if open to thoughts - if the central bridge was a level crossing it could get a set of signature gates from SSM and surely be made motorised. Depending on what you had in mind for region then a beet loading point possible, re the tunnel entrance side perhaps http://www.rosslarerailandsea.com/rathdrum.html might be an idea of curving and dropping line. Of course the otherway has short tunnel cum bridge and straight viaduct . Traffic wise route saw all traction types and all coach types plus ferts, ammonia tanks , cement bubbles among freight. link to bit on here Robert
  14. Patrick, Good to see more trains running and yes the beet empties do look good. I guess ballasting and the back road around the signal cabin next on the long to do list. Meanwhile I wish you and the family a happy new year . I noticed that you have 4 pawed manager in one shot of the fiddle yard, hopefully respectful of the running of trains. Robert
  15. In reality after a period of running servicing will be required which is an end user job would have you lubricate these bearing points so it is good training !! I used the hobby white teffon grease and a bit on a piece of card and using a pin in a pin chuck to transfer a very small bloblet was all that was required. I kept clear of the rotating cap as I wanted to avoid any sticky residue to attract out of scale weathering! This was so good I used same on my Beet wagon kits and skeletal frame flats and this worked a treat. The wagon works mnt staff will be happy! I really hope nobody takes up the offer on returning stock as it is so simple and it also seems a bit of running takes the extra paint off the axle retaining nibs and all is happy. Working with the Chinese is I am told a bit like getting married - the first product Honeymoon sees all happy but as the relationship matures some of the quality of "life" can change and constant work is needed to fully understand each other. Also it seems your partner seems to change - a bit of an open relationship in the modern world and at some time you will find the first partner you met is now busy in a new relationship and the second or third league player now your effective partner is using their neighbour to help on Wednesdays so standards vary on that day, thus what was once a consistent output has a almost untraceable variation available to spoil the job. However you contact your original partner- as you see it - who happily ensures you standards are kept up and keep sending the money ... I was once advised marriage is the art of compromise and never sleep on an argument. This relationship has not only the issues of comprehension of ideas but being most of half a world away - a case of the distance makes the heart grow fonder , I wonder. I wish the whole trading with China well but sometimes looking nearer home (just down the road) gives in the end a better job and certainly easier control. Happy new year ! Robert
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