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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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  1. Should an era of non authentic models have its own class sub section ? Would it help the historical side of collecting.? The JHB codes work well and perhaps should be enshrined by IRM on the end of future boxes and enclosed on fact sheets . eg NIR 80 class 080 - 001 (era E) would be in maroon /blue and NIR 80 Class 080 - 20SS (Era F) would be a sound and smoke fitted post intercity NIR stripe livery . The yellow sandite and facelifted ones would be era G. All models would be factory fitted with intelligent DCC chips to run limited functions on DC for lighting and smoke
  2. The PC is well observed of its day. Internal details add a lot even if it is only known to one ! But now we all know ... brilliant work and thanks for showing. Robert
  3. Noel, please just message him and I think you will strike lucky - I admit not yet fitted mine as other work on the bench. Robert
  4. The Hornby shorty got 7 window s first production as somewhere along the line going short was deemed necessary for "train set" layouts but the compromise saw scale length windows still produced. After a spot of froth the later runs the print screen for the windows was adjusted to shrink windows to make for 8 - making the subterfuge less obvious. On Ebay from time to time you can see sellers not stating that it is a shorty and with luck bargains can be got. In N gauge Garham Farish MK1s had inserts that were moulded clear plastic with frames and have only just been bettered by ne
  5. I won`t tell ! FWIW I and I guess Mike will as well know of many rail staff who retired and dies in a matter of years and really saw few fruits of their labours - the worst was just two weeks, made even worse we all thought he had got the wanderlust but he was dead on the floor of his flat. ... The government generously tells me my state retirement age is now 67.. I might stay longer just to spite them and the tea is free at work. Robert
  6. Ireland - PaulineMcKenna (smugmug.com) Pauline , said it was ok to share the link with these new pics. Robert
  7. Hi, Midland Valenta is a one man 3D print business who has done 4mm current scene bits for HSTs and a while back started development of a 3D print Mk3s including an EGV - of course he is aware of the MM models but his coach should be available shortly. However I asked could he lift the grills out and sell on their own - as they look like the ones in the Dutch EGV conversion. This he has done and a set arrived today. https://www.facebook.com/MidlandValenta Should let you find his FB page . Hope this helps more than just me. Robert
  8. You will be in the market for two of the new finescale point kits ...
  9. Done ! IRM getting vote is several areas. Hopefully 80 class in a few years will be on the list.
  10. When beer was safer than local water you can understand drinking a weak brew was very common. Water standards in parts of the world have improved so no need for the pales and browns of old, now with designer beers and largers that are strong enough to rot the pipes then the ban on rail transport and limitations on road are essential protections for those buying tickets with the expectation of a safe arrival. Random and post incident testing now also covers drugs does make you wonder where it all went so wrong. At least railway modelling and Patrick`s evocation of a better simpler time allo
  11. Certainly mastered the Fox lining to perfection - something not to rush but you can get into the flow, but once it goes wrong is the time to stop, refresh - many choices! and then with hands steady and eyes back in focus all will flow again. I really look forward to seeing the whole engine, as even now it looks a star. Thanks for showing your labours.
  12. And no pub for the crews these days - where has all the fun gone! The price of progress and a great memory to share. Robert
  13. Impressive works and hopefully wiring carries on with blackouts ! Have fun and hopefully weather means more inside time.. the garden will look after itself but will be more work later... Robert
  14. Patrick, It is good to see the recuperation has worked wonders and I hope in the nearest of futures you are back to full mobility. The wagon works and weathering are great and tips filled in grey matter- if I can find them again of course !! The short videos are brilliant fun to watch and thanks for putting them up for us on the forum. Take care and stay safe at this strange time Robert
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