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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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  1. Just a thought with continuous lines a major feature of a few years ago was the level crossing manually controlled with gate protecting signals. On a simple layout just a level crossing, keepers small house and small holding alongside, a small 2 lever ground frame for the two signals , the closing of gates and clearing of signals to herald the passing of the train would allow a trainspotting layout. With the proliferation of electronics a motorised set of gates and signals such a layout is achievable. but it is the signals that are important to the action. Yes NIR you signal routes nor flow - but as importantly it is the signals that stop movement- protecting the active route that are required. Correctly placed shunting signals at yard exit points and crossovers maketh the layout for me. Plus now the supply of parts to more effective model rodding will lift a layout more than DCC and lights and sound! Robert
  2. You must like living dangerously but at least you will go out in style..
  3. Good news then ! PCB design is a quite an advanced affair with DCC considerations , stay alive capacitor and head lights and motor control - a big leap from just a few years ago. I have seen UK companies boards go from a few poor diodes to a slab of electronics that looks like a miniature city from the future. Given the power of mobile phones - more power than the lunar module I imagine the 121 board will be a complex bit of design and kit for our benefit. Off to start looking at ways to save up money for one of these, or may be two.- A good way to lose weight ! Robert
  4. Hi Gents looking really good - re chassis block hopefully not mazak from China? Purity issue on Hornby models was /is a problem . I have seen tungsten mentioned - I guess safer that dense depleted uranium ! Good to see indications of much screwed together - makes it maintainable and hopefully you will have core spares from get go and bodyshells at end of production run to rob for bits?. Bit of a pants down moment if spares not available from get go to deal with repaired infantile failures - the old "NGP" road or the "Bachmann Warley dash game." Looking forward as are many to this launch model. Thanks a million for all your efforts. Robert
  5. Great to see crossovers planned . Look forward to it - less is more holds true re sidings and catching scenic details in a lifeway but rule one applies of course. Engine spurs work for me -can see Dundalk in that but looking at the Quail map it shows loco lines as trailing connected. Certainly have fun and the idea of 201s hammering past or even calling will give joy I am sure , I can just dream on mine - a shunting plank ! Robert
  6. Hi On the grounds that traffic runs left to right on the upper line entering "stage left" would the bay platform cause Board of Trade angst as a facing point into a short bay ? It might prove better if it was a trailing turn point off the lower running line and a trailing crossover between the "main lines" in the second square from stage left . - arriving trains run loco around via "goods loop" and then shunt stock across the crossover and propel into the bay. Agree with Glenderg on hassle of exiting storage yard but again the 1900s angs on facing points might preclude - however the short siding in the freight yard could be turned to run parallel to main line as a headshunt, and perhaps an exit from yard at stage end right. I would also look at track spacings in sidings to allow the very little people safe access.- certainly more room required between the sidings and the loop line to allow a walking route for shunters clear of point rodding etc. Certainly a fun looking plan and look forward to seeing it grow. Robert
  7. JHB - so very likely given past experiences on this Island, so very sad that "yours" is going the same way. Lack of brains and practical life skills will see us all extinct before 3 long. Robert
  8. Just looking forward to possible coal containers off back of PFA and of course the GSV !! Just painted the yellow tops on stakes on 3 bogie timber wagons so I guess what you will plan next ! Gets coat and leaves stage left !! Robert
  9. Hi , A few strokes of a file to remove the "hips" on the side to give a gentle Mk1 style bodyside would indeed help - something I never noticed. It will look good on the layout that is for certain. Robert
  10. Hi For underframe bits it might be worth checking with Precsion paints as the good gents took on kits and castings that originated from MTK parts via NNK (IIRC) . DC kits thummpers used an etched sheet for much of the underdetails - suitable for "beefing up " with plasticard blocks to give depth and "mass. " The 70 certainly looks battered - I had wondered on how to do edge of the etch and did think about making use of a lima or Hornby Mk2 to get the radius on the corner and the tumblehome - but certainly some filler will be required ! One option is to solder some 5 mm or 6mm brass tube curved for the tumblehomeand its natural diameter to give the front to side curve, but never tried this - but used copper wire in N to do the same effect, flooded with solder and sanded back it was ok and very strong. Robert
  11. Hi IRM towers in its UK market guise have announced a range of PFA wagons and coal containers. This might just be a clever bit of thinking as the containers do look very much like the Limerick - Ballina coal containers of old.. Happy to be proved right or wrong but this might just add value to the 4 wheel flats available to us. Robert
  12. Er - the yellow one - I get my coat !!! The non broken wheel logo I think is longest served but the yellow very faded and work stained not the lovely pristine offerings - I guess the weathering gurus will be hot on the case. Really looking forward to the arrival of my pair. Thanks gents! Robert
  13. Agreed on PW work and workers unsung heros in many ways - but they are plagued with a nasty caste of "orangnitus" and some soul signing a 100 year contract for Gloss yellow !! I enjoy the UK machine scene as the diet of plastic trains grows by the day and until recent offerings in the north of the UK and creation of pocket rocket HSTs it was getting a bit samey - pretty certain the passengers enjoy more comforts in places and much safer and quicker journeys - what it is all about really not that exciting otherwise. I am looking forward to the forthcoming yellowness on offer and hope of course for the GSV conversion ... Just off to get my coat ..
  14. NIR, Undoubtedly with a through station the ground frames could be token released. With an intermediate token instrument in the station office a train could be locked in the siding. However you would not be able to leave the adjoining token change point until locked so traffic density could be low. You could be 10 - 60 minutes away from the next action! Great for crew going down the local bar but not much good if waiting for a train or just watching , keeping the terminal theme would give more. Robert
  15. Noel, you may well be right but some folk will want RTR. It s more than likely as it gives a complete yellow train - careful design of sides to allow either a vent or window for GSV to spray. Same for roof. It it was GSV then my brass sides would go yellow as roof mods not needed and easy to fill grill with solder and cut windows. The Fox model I have would still be used I am sure . But a GSV, Cravens and a 141 makes for the typical branch train and all would be available RTR standards of current times and hard to resist. A veritable pile of Manulla Junction micros would result (add own station of choice!) Robert
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