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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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  1. If you can sort it so I get no invoices that would be really grand !! Robert
  2. Well just waiting to see painted numbers on mine so the 3D print ones can get other numbers - I guess the loads will be transferred and these run as empty wagons to show off the details for the little people to enjoy. Seeing the one containers - I thought "pretty in pink " all very LGBT compliant!!!
  3. Well two packs of buffers in post box on my return from work , very smart and not mentioned before are the little brake units to sit in the rail behind the stop come with a handy spacer tool to ensure the correct distance apart. - Well thought out. Thanks
  4. Hi Just seen email advising little chaps are on their way . Good news so thanks for all the work done Robert
  5. Also to say thanks for photos. Show as ever a hectic success. I did not get much chance to view layouts - all had crowds around but that is to be expected at model railway show - not that some do given comments ! Saw the good lads on the fine stand and all the lovely models. I look forward to all that comes - so much better than I can do in the time available, thanks to all who make the hobby fun.
  6. Slightly (well quite a bit really) but the announcement at the NEC was about a UK nuclear flask wagon that is so big its on 16 axles -IIRC - well same number of axles as a 2 car 80 class so close but no cigar. Stand very effective and bright surrounded by many souls today. Robert
  7. Just to say at the NEC the IRM stand along with its UK face had some lovely offerings carefully put in Glass cases - away from my paws !! Beet and freightliner flats looking more than wonderful. The A class in green looked " A-mazing! " also a couple of the yellow plough brakes and sure a bubble of three must have been in the case. The UK market had more "shelvage" with Class 37, class 55 and a jolly collection of cement wagons and O hoppers . A fine stand created in 6 hours or so by the troops and the "management" - I think that was the term anyway ! I suspect the chaps will be talked dry by the merry hordes , along off course wading through buckets of froth from announcing the class 80 , ( well you never know - but I think it is some fine new UK offering.) Robert
  8. Well even more excited about Warley show now !! Good to read first batch all sold - I guess a rerun will follow in fairly short order. Perhaps as 3 packs of empty wagons ... Robert
  9. Wow and as all say above ! looking forward to a look at Warley B46 in November. Robert
  10. Just watched the youtube video released today and it looks as good as you would dream about ! Hope it gets to stand B 46 at Warley later this year. Robert
  11. The "deed is done" with 2 packs ordered so thanks for bringing a major part of the CIE et al freight story to the model world in rtr format - as said before some thing unimaginable 5 years ago. Account now into hiding after a Dapol factory open day last weekend. I look forward seeing samples on stand B46 at Warley show at the NEC, November 23rd and 24th . Robert
  12. I believe some Chips can have this sort of fun programmed in and can be user activated. Personally I prefer the real world where it comes out of the blue... I guess the smoke unit should have an oil launcher cell as well... But brilliant work and I look forward even if the wallet/ bank manager have doubts.. Robert
  13. Hi a bit late to the party but to echo comments on the pics and updates - thanks . The van roof in card does have a used battered look to it, sets it apart from a brand new example. Robert
  14. Hi Recently in Bristol a set was painted while crew changed ends. Amazingly they goons politely asked the driver if he could wait while they finished. Needless to say no unit to replace it at Bristol so it ran all day like it. My TOC has the same problem at Leicester station - 24hr manned and CCTV yet sets get a reg tagging. Re last time killed three younger "artists" were added to Darwin awards in South London when struck by a naughty train stopping these Innocent street artists displaying there works on railway infrastructure - lines closed for the day while police picked up the evidence and body parts ! The press were all over the railway - it was to blame!!! As the late Winsor Davis said " Oh dear .how sad , never mind ." 15 years ago at Skipton the police intercepted a gang just before starting work , the second shift in a car sped off and due to a mobile phone the police were able to locate and place them at the scene with intent, despite lame excuses, a good day had in court, sadly shitty little fines vice a public whipping handed down... - and I am a reasonable soul. Back in the day at Bristol a set of parcel vans were sprayed and the youth who executed the work was captured when Hornby models of his work were uncovered- he had planned the application - but not that well as the models were not scale length.. Trying to be reasonable if they are jobless oiks (which might be debatable in this case) give them a job on the railway in the works to clean and repaint vehicles. Robert
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