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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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  1. Hi a bit late to the party but to echo comments on the pics and updates - thanks . The van roof in card does have a used battered look to it, sets it apart from a brand new example. Robert
  2. Hi Recently in Bristol a set was painted while crew changed ends. Amazingly they goons politely asked the driver if he could wait while they finished. Needless to say no unit to replace it at Bristol so it ran all day like it. My TOC has the same problem at Leicester station - 24hr manned and CCTV yet sets get a reg tagging. Re last time killed three younger "artists" were added to Darwin awards in South London when struck by a naughty train stopping these Innocent street artists displaying there works on railway infrastructure - lines closed for the day while police picked up the evidence and body parts ! The press were all over the railway - it was to blame!!! As the late Winsor Davis said " Oh dear .how sad , never mind ." 15 years ago at Skipton the police intercepted a gang just before starting work , the second shift in a car sped off and due to a mobile phone the police were able to locate and place them at the scene with intent, despite lame excuses, a good day had in court, sadly shitty little fines vice a public whipping handed down... - and I am a reasonable soul. Back in the day at Bristol a set of parcel vans were sprayed and the youth who executed the work was captured when Hornby models of his work were uncovered- he had planned the application - but not that well as the models were not scale length.. Trying to be reasonable if they are jobless oiks (which might be debatable in this case) give them a job on the railway in the works to clean and repaint vehicles. Robert
  3. How very nice ! I guess it shows the speed of an inquiry is expected to be so slow the rust will have back filled before a visit!! Almost as useful as indicators on BMWs - and not for getting taxes paid for that to be painted on! Now will IRM provide a scale transfer to go with packs ?? Just putting on a hat as its too hot for a coat - leaves stage right. Robert
  4. Hi I recall a dodge of having a photo graph in the shed gloom to do that . Perhaps a resin older version will do the job ? Robert
  5. Thanks , a great leak the size of a bust radiator hose ! October for the IE one and save pennies (pounds) for the IR in 2020, say thanks to the great man for his forethought and preservance in this locomotive and range of stock. Robert
  6. First shots look the part and underframe shot looks good. Certainly the diecast enriched uranium (given lurid colour) chassis will hold the track very well - and keep prying fingers away !! I had not spotted before the shape of the spray tank module frame - very Bullied in shape. Ladder and etched top look the part - will need extra careful thought on storage. Looking forward to these and with spray module version last will allow time to build a spray control vehicle from a secondhand BSK while you good gents create an example of perfection as I finish hacking mine , you know you will just to "taunt" me.. Robert
  7. Thanks for posting pictures - I missed it all due to a 12 hour shift covering sickness, looks as ever to have been very good Robert
  8. Thanks for reply, very nicely made I had wondered it work as a master for resin copies but I think I can work up what I would want - batch build I guess , like many just need to stop the world long enough to do some modelling ! I look forward to seeing the exhaust attached to a model. Robert
  9. The exhaust looks like it is ready for a roof mod on a MK2 gen coach Very handy if it is - your build or ? As I could happily use some . Robert
  10. Hi Thanks - yes well corrected it is the off side set looking "up the road" from within the crossing "envelope." I watched some forward facing cctv of a voyager set running in Scotland where the train missed a cyclist by inches and train was doing 80mph! So yes we survived but not all do it has to be said, still a good shot of a basic but practical shed. cheers Robert
  11. Great photos - is it me or is the road signal head for the crossing turned away from the road? Robert
  12. The lowmac has modern axleboxes and a modern style handbrake wheel just to add to fun of modelling.. nodoubt experts can say but I wonder if it was an import job. Great finds still to be had Robert
  13. Yes - saw this via Facebook and Warley Club coms network. Blood boils at the wanton damage and it will put up the insurance costs across the "industry" for ever. Let alone the trauma for all involved seeing years of work trashed and the traders having to sort and repack without earning a penny. It has to be said that four lamposts are waiting some swinging adornments and clearly local villages are missing four idiots of massive proportions - I am sure there is a heartfelt back story to the youths lives but the lack of responsibility by themelves and their keepers to me does see a total loss of human rights protections - and this is just a hobby I wonder what else they have wrecking in earlier times around the town. Mad times ! Robert
  14. I love the way we spend others money !! Great fun and must put the fear of ,,,, up the lads in the new bunker. But you are right as the Deltics hauled early Mk2s on east Coast and then all of them as time went on. Bachmann have done the earliest and latest plus Hornby have ex lima and their own latest offerings but only Lima ( bless their socks ) did the Mk 2 b or c with wrap-a-round door and no middle doors - which made up the NIR fleet and a chunk of the class 80 "augumention" trailers plus some of the ex Vic Berry exports for CIE. The lima model also helpfully came with amoured sides. So the lads have something to hang coats on. Sadly the 80 only had a brief period of having just 3 bodyshells in the fleet but quickly gained conversions from the enterprise coaches and two BR second had ones for replacements. Thus it cannot be economic to do all the variations that ran but the three basic shells and a middle trailer without a middle door would cover many versions. Robert
  15. And all of the above !! wishing on a wish list... I think the Jeep - certainly in preserved number would be a good one as it covers today and with a selection of numbers and weathered version covers many more eras. A mogul as well would fit above thinking. class 80 personally and clearly the C class have appeal . The Mk3 is a vast lake to absorb cash to get to the current standard of offerings in the market place, so may remain a "long felt want." The Hunslet DLs and 450 would be on the "nice to have" pile but sales would be hard to justify I would imagine. Now having a set of 6 bogie chemical tankers looking at me from the gloat box does of course mean the boys in the bunker have plans to add value to the 42 foot flats with the barrier tank version twin pack ..... and of course the bogie tankers!! NB class 80s coming well on the bench boys! so I can guess next project Robert
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