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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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    Controller for Train operating company - Intercity sector

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  1. Hi , Late to the party again - collected my two in Brum this morning and agree with all said and the loco booklet is a great idea. regards Robert
  2. It flew up the Cambrian coast when the new masts for the improved radio signalling was installed - likely little bits of plant on a road vehicle or a boot or two . less than 6mm of the stem contains enough DNA for it to reproduce and spread. Burning does nothing , robust cutting knocks it back and then the buried waste 3m down survives. Nasty chemicals pour down stems and into ground around over a 8 - 10 year period seems to do the trick- nasty invasive stuff and NR does a little bit half arsed and not followed up . Not sure what part it plays in any food chain so possible to eradicate I guess but then to be followed by ... Budlia seems a likely candidate with uncontrolled spreading on the trackside with ineffective cutback over root ball removal- I guess nobody cares enough to lead a good clean up, but it shows nature will win out. Worse of course it was used by railways to support embankments due to its vast root networks , self inflicted pain....
  3. Helps to make the project perfect, you must be very pleased, I guess it will haul all of the rolling stock. Thanks for showing , hopefully mine will be landing in the next couple of weeks. Robert
  4. Hi 5Ps and all that - proper planning prevents poor performance ! Can you fit a master and slave decoder one in each cab area and just link pick up wires? Robert
  5. Make a nice £300 plus shelf queen - just need a long shelf ! I wonder what the NSE version would look like !! Robert
  6. Looking good hopefully will get made but would really prefer an N version, in blue. ( I guess a dd rather than DD!) Nightmare sets in reality being not really DD but augmented singles with a half upper deck wedged in the headspace of the lower deck and only accessed from the lower deck - so it took longer to unload. I think it is brilliant and amazing that such a model is slated for rtr given only a couple of sets ever built and only ran in London. It will really stretch to braking point rule one layouts - but it is the fun of the hobby. Robert
  7. Wowser! That looks a job for the loom shop, hate to have to test all the cables ! I guess all for leds on the ends and in the tool hole. The finished job will be brilliant. Thanks for sharing. I think you deserve a lie down! Robert
  8. Hi Indeed only added as a "joke" to the sad time when all three resided together with the ITG pending a future of some kind. The costs of not adding a motor in an tightly priced production line of niche. It has not stopped Dapol making Dummy n gauge 73s for double packs nor of course a high density plastic centre section of the dummy HST power car that required tooling, over using the metal chassis sides as used in the PC. Mind you it does not stop BMW providing working traffic indicators !! Happy modelling and really looking forward to these coaches.
  9. Now that loco would make a nice kit or small rtr project ! - Ideal for selling in a three pack - a class in a box ! With enginless dummies for a bargain option ..
  10. Tornado books in Birmingham have yet to get copies but the boss noted one wholeseller was showing sold out ! So could be popular purchase. Robert
  11. My copy of the book landed to day and devoured ! great pictures of times past and useful captions as well . I look forward to future volumes. Jim has bought together the round number of 99 pictures! and this must be just a drop in the ocean of the pictures taken from 1974 so much more good stuff to come . Thanks Jim! Robert If of use the ISBN : 978-1-5136-8868-8
  12. Good ideas , In a slightly older period perhaps 80class and 141s on Craven / MK2a stock or Hunslets on Pushpull stock, Now 121 Mk3 and Hunslets on MK 2 would make a great look as well. Your track plan ? What - Ifs always work better if the back story is more than plausible. Like Scottish highland never were branches coming to life in the BR blue era - eking out a rural lifeline that just a little look around shows proposals were drawn up but never enacted. - I suppose a category of "almost happened" is required. Robert
  13. Hi Seems a moving feast. But I would have thought retailers would have stock 14 days later- allowing for wholeseller distribution , but have seen it take weeks even from the big publishers. I guess the slightly worn excuse fest of "Covbrx" will also get a dusting off and polishing ! Robert
  14. No end to the talents of the man !
  15. Lovely pic and glad to see you are still able to operate layout from time to time - hope all well and health ok as can be. Robert
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