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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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  1. Interesting input by all, thanks . I will be adding transfers and then some rust colour so the rail grey will be grubby, but not for a few weeks anyway as off air for a while. I look forward to "tuning in" in a couple of weeks . Robert
  2. Looking good . The will make excellent fillers for a depot concrete pad scene.
  3. A very shiny ex-works one as well, the ones behind await the spray booth. What date Arran? Robert
  4. JHB, If I may thread from BC shows Bell in White/ light grey but also a one in blue on the same wagon so anything goes ! Have to say not so sure about the quality of the walkway on the Tanktainer - I suspect I can model that very easily ! Robert
  5. Hi, I am certain Arran you got the right colours but I was trying from my large stash of tinlets to get close, perhaps not close enough on the blue but masking was such a faff I think they will stay. I look forward to more 40 fts from C Rail stable in time - meanwhile this does for me and can always get used as scenic land fillers. Thanks for great pic - weathering really useful and a good find of the box. happy modelling Robert
  6. A couple of views: side view ,then top down of one and a comparison . I have added 20grammes of sticky wheel weights to the floors ready to refit once transfers are applied.
  7. Having got masking off they might be a shade light compared to the 20 foot I have but look ok all the same and I blame some time in a sunny climate has faded them !
  8. Hi I bought 4 unpainted 40 foot boxes from Arran at C rail the other week and Bell transfers from SSM For painting I have found that the Bell magenta is a good match to P297 Precision paints First group Magenta (dull) The blue I used P140 BR electric blue and this matches very well to the 20 foot container to my eye The roof is P151 BR rail grey. Pictures to follow when all dry and masking removed. The door gear seems to have started magneta as well but also just plain galvansied grey/silver so will do two in each . The blind end and door end and sides
  9. Noel . Indeed but the pages afterwards make it look so complex for some one who does not even have or want a mobile phone and for the last 50 years has had models with two wire dc. TBH I am sure the 121 is the pinnacle of DCC made easy given how easy to install but on here ( a bit) and on mainstream Rm Web a lot of column inches on chip angst of many other models and chip choice and operation , but guess it is horses for courses. happy modelling regardless as it is a great wide hobby! Robert
  10. The 5 is a trail ok on coaches but having seen DCC have Symbola mounts Might try as they have less to interfere with bogie and offer a NEM mount so can experiment with 18 - 20 couplers. DCC seems a veritable minefield, the new 121 comes with a bespoke chip for sound etc yet yards of thread explaining issues and solutions quite enough to put me off. I have done the pop the lid and fit chips for others but left the fiddly bits to others, like you I have a man that does at work so if ever tempted (often) for sound fun I know where to go. It does seem that a chip needs fine tuning to user DCC
  11. MV chassis pics Side view - noticed bogie frames not same height - will have to correct ! top down Hornby 25 weights, IIRC replica cab units 80 and 60 thou plasticard. vero board to link bogies - It would be possible to mess with black bettle and arrange use of a rtr PCB board to support lights etc. being a dino this might happen in the 22nd century ! Mk1 Bachmann coach with pickups and SF sideframes, coupler mount for Kaydee 5s- plan anyway. Black bettle as power base , Just see Eion`s cast weight. lovely job and adds weight low down. Finish off with matt black and a dust
  12. Never liking having stuff finished these resting pending sorting square ends and adding resin doors I started looking at Enterprise stock by butchering Eurostars - got photos and a drawing for dimensions so £30 on ebay for 4 spares and repairs and a power car - which as an aside will give a good supply of grill sides for many a year for 80class etc conversions.. And in a fit of fun fitted Kaydee 5s to a MK2 cut and shunt for a tea car mk2a - Arfix shell with bachman MK2 windows and plasticard. I struggled for a while trying to see why Bachmann chassis not fit, coaches differ by 5mm, so Arifix
  13. Hunslet in maroon got glazing added - canopy glue and glaze . The blue hunslet needs a bit more thought as that has etched frames.
  14. Well pics to wet appetite having read comments, I retrieved a MM version and see what fun needs doing , along with an SSM upgrade etch and potential for name plates from Railtec being advertised yesterday I hope to over come initial reservations. Last pic I guess is "on the ramp" at the works! Body popped on 219, I think that the boxy tanks can be upgraded with saw and plasticard , traction weight could go higher up along with a slug of liquid lead in the tank spaces. Generally the body holds up well against MM version but faces worthy of a work provided paints match, unless I go fo
  15. To add update 5 beet wagons got an upgrade and lick of paint and the long sitting Ammonia tanks got a bit of a push with brunswick green sprayed on to all six tank underframes - quite a masking extravaganser . Have to admit CIE will not be happy with only two having brakes. Hoping on inspiration and perspiration by Des at SSM to capture etch details on to one sheet - no rush being a hobby.
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