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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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    Controller for Train operating company - Intercity sector

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  1. Sharp work as noted, you must be pleased - I wish mine was that good. take care and hope postman good to you soon. Robert
  2. I am glad to see you perfecting handrails, packaging and then the handling/ kicking about the whitevan are somethings that fill me with dread. I might consider getting etched and chemically blackend stainless steel or nickle silver . Certainly I would hope you could get a couple of handrails in the accessory pack if not too late. Robert
  3. That is coming long very nicely , getting a good fix and blending what is a "mixed media" kit is a skill. The roof details for access of the gen sets looks very good. Thanks for showing Robert
  4. Have to say the sprayer is really effective with so few weeds on the layout ! If only the real world was so easy !!
  5. Tickets are now on sale for the International N Gauge Show on the 11th & 12th September. To book tickets follow this link. https://www.meridienneexhibitions.co.uk/events/the-international-n-gauge-show/visit Hi a link to N gaugers to show shows on the come back . I will be stewarding and hope to make new friends and greet friends from around the globe - government guidance and Cov 19 controls. Robert
  6. Hi Recutting on lazer - I have left it to Dave but he can cut up to 0.5 . I have several packs of the non air con window frames somewhere and IIRC I did not use them as the Lima window was underscale - but this was a few years ago and I could well be wrong - but certainly look the part - I planned to fit ferro rocher clear plastic into the hole and the use varnish to fix the stainless frame on last once body painted and glazed . Depending on vehicle they could be sprayed black and then varnished on to the clear plastic. - Looks like I will have to go digging in the gloat mine/ spoil tips and revisit. Robert
  7. Plenty of fun with the knitting ! neat work and hopefully stutter free. Robert
  8. I like the thinning of the bars - but life two short with perhaps a dozen in the fleet. Yesterday I passed a coach to my friend who runs pixel shack - he does lots of railway themed mugs and stuff but now has a lazer cutter in his workshop I asked after getting the large window cut and would use liquid glaze for the three smaller.
  9. I think you should be very pleased with these. I tried south eastern flush glaze on one but gave up as they had got old and brittle plus would not sit in the holes well - it looked a mess as you do not get a flat window- all the reflections were wrong. I asked along time ago about getting a Shawplan lazer glaze replacement - work in progress but nothing yet, so I have several coaches at the same stage as yours. I rewheeled the bogies with Peters spares, cut off the TLC and fitted kaydees . I do like the Mk2c conversion idea makes for a neat job but IIRC the sides beteen airfix 2D and lima differ - I tried this mod on an early 80 class effort!. Looking forward to seeing final works Robert
  10. Trailer looks to be a trial for air con as well ... missing a complete window ..
  11. https://www.britishfinescale.com/product-p/finetrax-em-b7.htm Worth checking out Robert
  12. I think it is a "given" that a 22K will be RTR . Thinking back Triang got the 101 dmu to market at a time when it was seen as a "devil incarnate" doing the deed on branch steam and it sold well . Also APT sets were out before the real one met its demise. Yes the one livery might seem an issue but again the 101 was at that point only in green. Dapol in N have shown with its 220 221 voyager fleet that sales buoyant with some 15 220 sets at market with the then only Virgin livery - albeit namers, arrival of Crosscountry and now Advanti liveries to add colour. Perhaps / inevitably the 22K will get livery make overs if say Hybrid or Enterprise versions appear. Just a case of putting money under the mattress ( other saving options are available) and waiting I would hope / think / expect ( delete as you feel) that IRM will be the lead on this project, unless another new kid appears on the block. Robert
  13. And To make matters even muddier as windows were broken? older ones reinstated. I have asked Allen to look at etching a hopper window version but have been unable to confirm depth of the hopper. Drawings have gone to ground in the archives and these inaccessible due to covid and a big dose of inertia/ work overload at PRONI !! You have to choose the week you want to model it.
  14. Hi , It is always interesting to see plans germinate ! I have to agree with comments about point work. 1. A facing crossover making use of the curves to avoid a reverse curve on the right hand approach gives the modern facers to access the bay . 2. delete or make in to a trailing crossover the central crossover. 3. Make the container /pw siding a loop with a curved turnout at left hand end - or perhaps run back into fiddle - it would allow longer trains perhaps. 4. Move engine road to allow access to bay as well - perhaps to allow engine changes on terminating locals if PP and 121 out of traffic. 5. If 4 then a trap would be needed off oil siding - could be a little shunting lever frame released by CTC with colour lights elsewhere/ As a thought given era then having a hint of lifted track to suggest a previous larger layout. Certainly lots of operational fun to be had. Robert
  15. Robert Shrives

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