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  1. This may be related to the US TV phenomenon called ‘jumping the shark’.......
  2. I did go through the list of his photos available on the publisher’s website and there’s still a few enticing items in there...although given that he was snapping alongside HC, I expect some images might simply be slight variants on Casserley classics we already know. At least one image in this book looked vaguely familiar - not complaining though!
  3. ‘Frogs’ aren’t so much the point blades as the place where the rails cross and potentially clash electrically. The technical term is a common crossing. An easy way to make it electrically simple is to use plastic frogs - but these can lead to unreliable running. Or use the point blades to change polarity with direction of travel - but dirt on point blades can lead to ...unreliable running. I have experienced both of the above variants ! Best option is a frog which is electrically separated from the rest of the turnout and has its polarity switched at same time as point blades move - usua
  4. Looking good David - I was flicking through my Coakham today by chance - it’s a lovely vehicle. Sorry to hear about Markits. I’ve used NMRS w/m buffers on most of my stuff but had been considering Markits for my next coach. May rethink that ! I have built 2 Irish 7mm coaches from scratch now (I know, get some time in!) and have tried 2 approaches to footboards. I have tried soldering them up from brass and making from plasticard/plastic rod - slathered with MekPak. The latter method was easier (relatively speaking).
  5. Looking forward to catching it recorded - missed the live one. We really are spoiled right now - Irish railway heritage and fine models being showered upon us. Railcar was E or F apparently @Irishswissernie
  6. I have used similar stuff for 2 recent layouts, JB. Most happy with it...
  7. Nothing wrong with clockwork. My brother has custody of this ....
  8. And it’s DCC - powered by a digitally compressed coil ....
  9. Didn’t want to spoil the surprise Jim by telling you up front ! Some cracking NG images in there.....once I managed to tear myself away from the SLNC bit..
  10. I’d use contact adhesive myself for that sort of thing - Thin coat on each surface, allow to get tacky, then bond together.
  11. Sorry - only the vaguest memory of an office-like set up with comfy chairs. In those pre-iPhone days I didn’t bother much with photos - which I regret given some of the things I now remember as lost treasures such as Bray-Greystones push-pulls.
  12. Such a shame. Loved their stuff, which got me back into trains. Especially the Prussian S6 I had....
  13. Is that the one to Westport or thereabouts? If so I was on it and distinctly remember sitting in the exec coach for part of the journey back.
  14. Certainly visited eastern seaboard of Ulster eg Carnlough where there was also a steam and cable powered tramway....the scene is still recognisable....I think steam had gone by the 20s but the last cable working was in the 70s I believe..
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