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  1. Heathrow Express train to Paddington. Tube to St Pancras (circle line) and catch train to Dover. Can also get trains from London Bridge, but it’s a more awkward tube journey. The UK’s ‘National Rail Journey Planner’ (Google search will find) will give you actual times etc
  2. Fabulous work Alan. I’d never noticed that footplate narrowing before. Thankfully the SLNC tanks avoided such complications! Soldering irons can be most distracting - wouldn’t be first time I’d plunged one into a jar of flux instead of the cleaning pot…..
  3. In fairness, given my fitness levels in those days, my priority was looking for oxygen when climbing those hills.
  4. Wow. Having tramped up hill and dale here for years doing my Duke of Edinburgh’s award, amazed I missed this!!!
  5. Www.chris-draw.com is the place to go Leslie. He also does special long buffer magnetic couplings for Irish stock……;)
  6. He’s very amenable. I just sent him a track sample and the B2B so it’s quite possible he could knock one up!
  7. One of the many advantages of the 3d print world is the ease with which designs can be tweaked for niche applications. A 36.75mm rerailer is about to come online from Chris-Draw. Ideal for bogie and 6 wheel stock, which can be tricky to put on the track. First drawing attached, and a view of the 32mm gauge product to show what it will look like. Obviously one for @David Holman, @Northroaderand @leslie10646 but others may be interested too….
  8. Others have…the Shackleton was often described as "a hundred thousand rivets flying in close formation."
  9. The aircraft had more rivets than the loco! Classic scene.
  10. Railtec bound to have something JB
  11. Celsa Steel in Cardiff was a regular sighting for me of numerous GBRF 08s, as recently as within the last twelve months. Sadly about to be replaced by some kind of Unimog yoke.
  12. Back in the day it was known as ‘full employment’. Seriously, could be a route famil with a traction inspector, or staff member transiting to Coleraine. Normal practice as I recall was one man in the cab - no lady drivers back then. If a route famil, the students may have been checking signal sight lines or other landmarks.
  13. IIRC many of the NIR announcements in recent years were done by Christopher Boomer, son of late RPSI chairman Sullivan Boomer, himself an occasional BBC Radio Ulster stand-in…..
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