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  1. If that’s the case then it’s also pretty close to this which is that same Fairbairn design rebuilt with a saddle tank...and I have an outline scale drawing for that.....and a model....
  2. What a fantastic project !
  3. Especially with a few Provincial Wagons brown vans put through the enlarging ray !
  4. It’s pretty genuine. They did exist ! Check out some of the Irish Railways in Colour albums. But it’s 4.75mm too narrow between the wheels
  5. And rightly so The quintessential Irish railway perhaps - all the charm of the 3’ but on standard gauge. Last privately owned railway in the country and owner (ahem!) of the last conventional standard gauge steam locos supplied to an Irish railway. Carlsberg don’t do Irish railways but if they did....
  6. Lovely - thanks as ever awr Only ever two, JHB! I suspect the plates may have gone to Courtaulds staff. The sidings site and halt at Mount were favourite spots on my school commute in the 80s, as you could still see the old gate that marked the boundary of Courtaulds/UTA trackage
  7. Have a look here for pics I think was the intent...
  8. Really good effort here Sean - and it's clear you are finding this fun and rewarding which is critical to sticking at it! If you haven’t got this book, I’d recommend it....https://www.abebooks.co.uk/9781857801859/Modelling-Irish-Railways-Johnson-Stephen-1857801857/plp Published before much Irish RTR was available, it gives a good introduction to some simple conversions. Also search the back issues here to see what some folk have done...https://newirishlines.org/ That 6w chassis could make a nice coach too, if you wanted to cut and shut some of your 4w bodies...,.
  9. Thanks Colin - that’s a very good price. Just bought one....😉
  10. I don’t think it’s anything structural - looks like fairly light sheet metal. Could be something like a rail version of a Mansfield Bar as Rich says. My initial thought that it could be to keep the worst of the local dust and grit out.
  11. I have vague memories of Galteemore Snr commissioning replica enamel signs of a similar nature in the 80s. These were clearly parcelled and sold as such, I should add !
  12. Well that’s another book on the list! If I ever get the 0-6-4T done, and want to build something else, I’m mulling over a 4-coupled yoke, which really needs some kind of compensation (I got away without it on the F6 but don’t want to chance it again!). I have one of his other books which has some useful tips on tender balancing for 4-4-0s. Sorry I can’t make it to Bray to see this gem in all its glory - thanks for letting us see her!
  13. Good man yourself. Hardest part is starting out - actually cutting something up and having a go. And that’s all part of the learning process....keep it up!
  14. That is just lovely. Very elegant prototype and you’ve captured the look nicely. I have found Simon Bolton’s books very good too!
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