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  1. Great to see this coming together. These are the Burma Road type scenes I think I can just recall ….
  2. Original 1863 era Dundalk and Greenore sign before the Newry extension. I’d say it was a boundary marker with the GN (or to be precise its D and B J R predecessor). Barrack St Dundalk is my guess.
  3. It’s a generic sign often used in the repro/retro market. The only suitable currency for buying stuff like that is €3 notes…..
  4. In fairness, some of those look better than others. Some are just annoyingly and obviously fake!
  5. Thanks everyone. Been a fun experience thus far. Tried out the Clogher loco and coach, and Drewry railcar for size - in between sorting out the buildings of which more soon I hope.
  6. Lovely image Ernie, even if not the most harmonious rebuild ever !
  7. Thank goodness mine is now on the other side of the Atlantic! That’s just gorgeous work.
  8. Some scenic stuff progresses - some views of the same location several days apart - including the addition of a lake stage right ! The sequence illustrates how the backscene gradually fades into obscurity as detail is added. Fair bit of tidying up to do but getting there. Picture 1 proves there really is a railway somewhere in there !
  9. Very nicely observed detail - great work.
  10. Cracking stuff. Will wait eagerly on developments!
  11. Thanks to @ Ernie, we know what such a scene should look like…..
  12. I understand that delayed gratification is a sign of intelligence. Bask in your intellectual greatness DJ…
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