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  1. Some good tips there: I have a Trumpeter hold and fold, whilst my bending bars for longer folds are from...https://www.vgibson.co.uk/ usual disclaimer - merely a satisfied customer and not the business owner .. Wouldn’t be without either tool, btw. I also lightly score along all folds with an engineer’s scribe before bending, which helps give a crisp fold. See also this very helpful guide on various aspects of kit construction, which got me started in brass... http://www.jimmcgeown.com/Print Off FAQ Booklet pdf.pdf
  2. Looks great Ken! Point rodding is very effective
  3. Ash or cinder ballast is commercially available. Or try this technique...http://nevardmedia.blogspot.com/2011/08/creating-effect-of-ash-ballast.html?m=1
  4. I do sympathise, David, and I suspect Catweazle was on to something. I imagine he was a clockwork or live steam man. I’m always glad when the DC is flowing where it should be - one of the jobs I hate doing! As for ‘knowing just enough and no more’ - well that’s what I aspire to!!
  5. Angus - significant step! When I sold my 32mm UK stuff one major investment of the proceeds was in these ...made for me by a model engineer....
  6. Not so much heresy,Leslie, more like this...
  7. Great choice Edo - you’d have been kicking yourself when they’re sold out..,
  8. Suitably knackered fabric roof on and painted. Lamps are on and the stove pipe is in. Let her dry overnight and she’s done - if I can pluck up the courage I’ll weather it down a bit more..,
  9. JHB - just for you......
  10. Thanks JHB - now off to hunt for a suitably sized letter M on my GWR transfers sheet....
  11. Thanks everyone - and the dates are reassuring as the line will be running on a mid-50s scenario!
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