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  1. Very neat work, Eoin. I like the removable brake gear
  2. JB - here’s someone in the UK who has had a go at a small South American NG system in On30...https://playingtrains.wordpress.com/mylayouts/fcpyf/ His subsequent work on the system is here...https://playingtrains.wordpress.com/a-tour-of-the-fcpyf-2-2-18/ and another one..https://m.facebook.com/puertoborrachorailway.
  3. Thankfully I had just enough wit to appreciate my school commuter provider
  4. Consistency is key. Try and keep the same tones across the layout, as JB hints above. The master modeller Giles Favell, who is a theatre consultant in real life, has techniques for this....
  5. Wonderful - you should write the Wild Swan book on Irish 7mm modelling! Can just imagine ‘Lark’ fussing with some canvas roofed wagons on the harbour line....
  6. Interesting stuff Angus. And thanks for the link to JJ Smith’s stuff. I had seen some of his post-closure shots before but not these!
  7. Great stuff! Walked past this several times a week in the early 2000s so it’s great to see this view.
  8. Yes, I have fallen foul of that GSS as a seller. Sold some of my son’s N gauge so he could start buying OO Irish stock. One item went to Australia via GSS. That’s where it broke down. The courier down under left a missed delivery note and the item vanished. Now clearly I had fulfilled my part of the deal - the item had reached Australia, as the buyer freely admitted. But it was a long drawn out process to clear it up!
  9. Nice work Angus. Track looks the business
  10. Yes, I saw one of those streaking up the West Coast Main Line today and wondered what it was!
  11. That’s looking good David, and some useful technique advice. Funnily enough, I tried my static grass machine for the first time tonight, so this was a timely post to show how it should be done!
  12. Always good to get a bulletin from Belmullet. Looks really well and avoids that sterile ‘shed planted on a siding’ one sometimes sees. Ground cover coming on really well!
  13. Great modelling. Tackling a real location is not easy but you have captured Omagh really well - the locos and stock are icing on the cake!
  14. The ‘human’ side is so important. Boyd, for one , was a man of strong convictions; a conscientious objector in WW2 (or ‘The Emergency’ depending which side of the Border one lived) who taught map reading to the Forces to do his bit. He was also an accomplished musician.
  15. Galteemore


    Ok. How are you doing the wiring? Keep it basic to begin with - and have a look here ...https://www.brian-lambert.co.uk/
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