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  1. Thanks ! This one....Dromahair, Sligo Leitrim railway.
  2. Station building work today. Crude stone quoins applied from DAS clay on PVA
  3. Door chains and a bit of weathering. Not entirely happy but that’s all part of the learning experience...think it may look ok from a distance. A mile might suffice...
  4. Nice work. Looks suitably distressed!
  5. Hope so. I was lucky enough to see it about 40 years ago when the signal cabins were in place and even a gents urinal IIRC. Most people who own such buildings these days seem to have a better vision than those who took them over in the 60s and added ugly concrete blocks across facades etc. Glenfarne and Belcoo on the SLNC have certainly fared well in recent years.
  6. Having visited this place many years ago, whoever buys it will have no time for modelling as they’ll be too busy cutting all the grass!
  7. Almost finished but the last few bits I need are back in GB. In the lower picture, it’s 0700 on an Irish summer morning in 1957 and van no 32 waits on a siding for collection on the 0630 ex Sligo goods....it’s quite nice I’ve got to this stage before we leave Ireland and head home, as I can show my mother the wagon later- she travelled on the SLNCR as a child...:)
  8. Just as I remember it from my days at TCD - fab!
  9. Looking really good. Love the backscene.
  10. They are from Slaters - ref 7120 from memory. They are 32mm gauge originally but I have squeezed them out to 36.75- they simply slide along the axle.
  11. Dummy run with loose roof in the sunshine
  12. Yes - I do get that...Almost done - on wheels now...
  13. Thanks ! Looks good - was one of my local closed lines when we lived in North Antrim.
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