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  1. I’ve certainly used red primer with this which really brings out the redness of the topcoat. My understanding is that grey primer will produce a more brown kind of hue as opposed to a rich crimson.
  2. Sorry Leslie - only got half the story right! I can confirm that both are exquisite models....,
  3. eBay can also be good if one is careful and shops around. Rails of Sheffield also carry some stock of second hand locos etc. There’s a model shop in Carlisle - C and M models who also seem to carry a fair range
  4. Thanks Mayner - that figures. Alphagraphix have produced a kit for one in 7mm which I’m tempted by if I could justify one in 1950s Sligo....
  5. Sorry - am no expert but looked like a GN Y van or similar - 4 w parcels type van in brown livery ..
  6. Great show - well done to all involved. Good to see some solid trade support too!
  7. That’s absolutely right. The gloss finish helps the decals fix. Here’s one I made earlier which was so treated. Now sold to fund Irish kits, it’s a 4’8” former royal saloon built for the LSWR which finished up with Col Stephens. I used maroon car paint on it which was really glossy but a few coats of satin varnish calmed it down.
  8. I won’t bore you with pics of this ad nauseam but here’s one last look without masking tape as promised. Travel commitments mean this will not progress any further for a week or two but when the black bits and stripey bits are done I may post a pic or two.
  9. Thanks - that’s endorsement! I’ll post a better pic later. But it’s Rover Brooklands green over Ford Meadow Green over Grey Primer... all from Messrs Halfords
  10. Thanks JHB - I then tried this...the wearing of the green part 2.... Which to my eye looks closer out of the two to this...
  11. The wearing of the green - part 1 CIE mid 50s green - now there’s an issue! Being a former modeller of 1930s Southern Railway, I had a tempting can of olive green. But no - not quite the thing. My cunning plan that followed was Ford Meadow Green - but that’s not quite right either..I took a long hard look and tried again but I’ll post that one later tonight when it’s dried a bit
  12. Looking good. And that covered van is just so Irish - love it!
  13. Tonight’s little experiment. Wagon body is made from 60 thou plasticard which makes a strong carcass but doesn’t really offer much scope for detailing beyond grooving planks. So tonight’s effort has been a sheet of 10 thou with rivets pressed in by hand to make the corner strips..it’ll look ok from a distance !
  14. No progress on the hearse as I’m away with work. First green coat will go on when I get back. But what to do on my week away? I packed a basic modelling box to use in the downtime and set about my first ever scratch build. This is the result of the first burst of activity. It’s a 3 plank MGWR open from a plan in Ernie Shepherd’s MGWR book. Loads of mistakes already but as ever learning as I go...wheels,body and underframe are currently at 3 different locations around the UK so it won’t be finished as soon as I’d like. If it goes well I may get more adventurous.
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