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    Former primary headteacher.
    Active modeller for 30 years, last 20+ in 0 Gauge [Guild Member]. Several articles in Railway Modeller around layouts Hawkhurst & Cranbrook town [both 0n16.5], and Loose End and Eatonswell [standard gauge], plus one in Model Railway Journal on Wantage well tank.
    Long term interest in Irish Railways, for reasons can't explain, other than their obvious charm. Now working on 36.75mm, 7mm scale model of a Sligo, Leitrim & northern Counties railway proposed branch line


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    Model Railways, bird watching, walking, most sports.


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    Retired primary headteacher and schools advisor

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  1. You can stop taking the medicine, it's Sir Henry lurking in the background. However, there are problems with the space-time continuum, as it is actually sitting fifty years on the future!
  2. Not sure which is worse, the fact that it is wrong, or that somebody is hoping to get 130 quid for it. On reflection though, it has to be the latter. While I wouldn't spend money myself on collecting old model railway stuff, I can see the charm in some of these things and will happi!y spend a few minutes at shows (remember those?) watching Hornby template whizz round in a cloud of ozone. Like most things, gaffs occur and our hobby is not immune - but can't help thinking somebody tried to pull a fast one with a CIE 37 and actually shows the validity of have some sort of 'era labell
  3. Along the same lines, a man has the first few bars of Somewhere Over the Rainbow going incessantly through his head, but somehow can't remember the rest. This goes on all day until, very distracted, he steps out into the road and is knockdown by a bus. As he lies there on the ground, the song is still going through his head: Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high, there's a land that I dreamed of, once in a lullaby... Suddenly, the two tone horn of the approaching ambulance finally jogs his memory: Na na na Na na na... Meanwhile, an Italian rabbit go
  4. Thanks Brack & especially for taking time to do the drawing. Must admit I had to look up what a Geneva wheel was/did, but what a clever thing it is! The photo shows my Megapoints control panel. If I'm honest, the system requires more logical thinking than I possess, but is certainly very effective & clever in the right hands. Indeed, though I thought I'd worked out what I needed, I didn't get the specification quite right and now realise that the separate starter for the harbour branch was probably better as a ground signal on the single slip. Meanwhile, I don't have enough ports
  5. David Holman

    David Holman

  6. After months of working on locos and rolling stock, attention now turns to the signalling department. Belmullet currently only has the Arigna Town, three arm signal which was modelled on that one on the Sligo Leitrim that controlled three level crossings. Here, it covers arrivals to each side of the loop and also acts as an advanced starter. However, both the main platform and bay need departure signals, while the single slip ought to have at least a couple of ground signals, so these are forming the next projects. An order to Wizard Models quickly secured enough etched and cast parts to
  7. The more you think about it, the more complicated it becomes, as there are overlaps everywhere. My impression with the Hatton's system is that is is designed as a guide for folk interested in getting into the hobby, who don't have much knowledge of railway history. While it should be fairly obvious that steam precedes diesel, after that, the lines do begin to blur, so guiding folk to know what coaches or wagons run with what loco at what time seems sensible. After that, then (hopefully) people will be drawn into deeper historic research as they start to focus on a particular time
  8. Meanwhile, back in the mists of time, the Vikings are raiding the coast of England, but after many expeditions over the years, Olaf decides he's getting old for this, plus his sight is failing, so plans that the next raid will be his last, so he asks his wife if she would like his to bring something home for her. As it happens, I would, she says - can you get me a stainless steel sink, dearie? Olaf is dubious about this, but promises to do his best. When the raiding party lands on the coast, he tells his crew to look out for a stainless steel and not come back without one. After a
  9. Every morning, a man takes the bus to his local golf course, where he has found that he can find lots of lost balls from those playing in the gloom the night before. On this particular morning, he fills his pockets to bursting point. Going back home on the bus, a young lady sits opposite him and he notices her staring at his trousers. Golf balls, he explains. Ooh, is that like housemaid's knee? She replies...
  10. For me, that is a fabulous piece of weathering. So much subtlety - the overhead view along the boiler looks so right. As for all the oily bits, just superb and against the background of Rosses Point station the colours compliment each other beatifully. First glance, I thought you'd unearthed some new, digitally enhanced prototype photos. It really does look that good!
  11. Not a lot to report on my usual Sunday evening slot, though the Irish Shell tank is now built - if far from finished. Largely enjoyable, though far from simple! I'd forgotten how much of a pain the strapping is to put together. It is one of those kits that a beginner could have a go at, but you certainly need a lot of tools to make it happen - if I could be bothered, I'd make a list. However, next step will be to get out my copy of The Art of Weathering, by Martin Welch. As hinted earlier, still a fair bit to do...
  12. Trawling the web, noticed that Worsley Works are planning to do a range of GSWR six wheel coach body etchings. How soon, it doesn't say, but could be very useful when they are. Just sides, ends and fold down battery boxes, if appropriate, but will take much of the hard work out of building a panelled coach body for sure. There is also a selection of GNRI and NCC bogie coach bodies, which makes me wonder who has bought/made any and if so, why we haven't seen them here...
  13. Roughly G scale, If think. 0 is 1/43 and Gauge 1 is approx 1/32
  14. Very much good enough for the model press! Would make an interesting article, especially as something that isn't the usual branch line terminus. With all the adverts for models of Irish diesels, it would be great to see them in a proper setting. Plus, as we all know here of course, it is a layout that operates really well too. RM pay about £35 a page, including pictures, so not to be sniffed at either. They like as high a resolution as possible for photos, but are happy to turn sketch plans for track layouts into quality art work. Then there is the best thrill of seeing your own work in
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