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    Former primary headteacher.
    Active modeller for 30 years, last 20+ in 0 Gauge [Guild Member]. Several articles in Railway Modeller around layouts Hawkhurst & Cranbrook town [both 0n16.5], and Loose End and Eatonswell [standard gauge], plus one in Model Railway Journal on Wantage well tank.
    Long term interest in Irish Railways, for reasons can't explain, other than their obvious charm. Now working on 36.75mm, 7mm scale model of a Sligo, Leitrim & northern Counties railway proposed branch line


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  1. Great work and love to see people trying new things and learning new skills. Experimenting is what it is all about, though also worth remembering that sometimes, the old fashioned paint brush is the best tool for small areas like the gangway doors.
  2. After the challenges of the main bodywork, the chassis has proved relatively straightforward. My order from Premier Components arrived on Monday, containing their excellent machined gearbox, but now fitted with a Canon 1833 motor instead of the previous Mashima, which is no longer available. I'd also ordered some more axle bushes/top hat bearings and various bits and pieces recommended by the Alphagraphix kit. I've used Slater's bushes in the past, but the etched holes in the frames require significantly more reaming out to make them fit. The frames follow the usual Alphagraphix practice
  3. Well done Ken, always great to see folk pushing the boundaries. Does the green track base also involve alchemy?
  4. Good for you, Phil. I have an airbrush and compressor, but have never used them enough to master the technique, not least because of what I can get away with using automotive rattle cans.
  5. Sounds like operation is more your thing than buildings and scenery at the moment. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but as jhb says, realism means observing the prototype and trying to emulate it as closely as you can. About 60 years ago, the then editor of Railway Modeller, Cyril Freezer, wrote about scenery and buildings being much less important to those wanting to run an intensive service. 10 x 10 is a great space to do that in 00.
  6. Fascinating! Many thanks Ken and others. The quality of 3D printing has certainly improved massively in the last couple of years. Will look forward to seeing how these wagons progress.
  7. The wagons look great, Ken. How long does each one take to print? Not sure it would be practical to resin cast sides and ends for open structures like these, so certainly the way to go. However, just for comparison, a set of resin castings for a van take about 30-40 minutes to set, with about another half hour to assemble into a box, so am wondering if I need to consider changing to 3D printing any time soon?
  8. Well, if the bodywork was a bit of a challenge, the cab roof was a decided pain in the fundament. It is a single etching, which needs forming over the outline of the front, side and rear of the cab. Easier said than done - not because there was anything wrong with the etch, rather that no matter how accurate it was, errors in construction easily result in gaps or short comings. In my case, I can only think that the tabs and slots used for the bodywork didn't quite line up because there was a bit of leeway in their fitting - hence the one piece cab front/roof/end didn't sit right and not
  9. Well done for including this often ignored, but essential feature. Fiddly, even in 7mm scale, I was very glad to find the SLNCR often boarded over their rodding runs at stations.
  10. Me three, also in 7mm. The aim is to do it in plastic sheet/strip, with whitemetal fittings. Only need one or two, so not thinking resin casting with it.
  11. Indeed and Patrick's layout shows how well good presentation works on large layouts too; also why pictures need frames.
  12. Not difficult to see why this scale/gauge combination is so attractive.
  13. Last time, I was wittering on about doing the presentation aspects of the layout, but thinking about it, decided it could probably wait, not least because DIY supplies are getting expensive at the moment, particularly wood and board, so prices are going up too. Hence, attention has turned to the F6 kit instead. I'm still waiting for extra components for the chassis, so in a break from my usual practice have started with the loco body. As with other Alphagraphix kits, this one is well thought out, with instructions that indicate whoever wrote them, actually built the kit as well - not alw
  14. Tasty. I believe there is even a working overhead crane available too, for sufficient funds!
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