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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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  1. I've had a quick look through the JOurnal Index and no article has come to light on the Mark 3s. There will be references to them in the News sections of Journals, but I haven't come across an article on these coaches. PLenty on OLD coaches - like pre-1960! As you say, young man, there are usually "interesting snippets" in the JOurnal, no matter what era is your thing. Dare I say it - why not join and go along to a library night - as far as I know, you can then reference the full set. Good luck with your research. Leslie (IRRS LOndon)
  2. It will be up to our brothers on the mainland methinks. Thanks, Dave, we'll have to consider our position in more ways than one! I'm not surprised that you guys are still recovering from your efforts in 2019, it's hard work. Anyway, I hope to see you at Raheny! As for Warley, Andy is showing his Welsh layout this year, but plans a Co Donegal layout the following year.
  3. You'll all think I've got daft, bringing this up so early, but I do have a good reason. Are any of you aware of any Irish layouts planning to be there? If so, which one(s)? Please. I ask, as the Warley Club has given me an early opportunity to say where I want to be with the IRRS stand and it's useful to say "near xxxxx Irish layout". I know Andy Cundick is attending with one of his layouts, but are there others? Thanks Leslie
  4. John M, I don't know where to start - the Class 52 build is looking terrific - the late Drew Donaldson would have wept tears of joy, for as we oldies know, the great 7mm modeller had a great affection for the GSWR's locos. Then, just to rub it in, TWO Midland 2-4-0s! Always a treat to see these locos coming together in the hands of a great modeller. Happy New Year (in Maori) Leslie
  5. Get your DJs and black ties out lads and your shoes shined. Good luck!
  6. Nice work Phil. Don't engines look terrific in unpainted state? The little CB&PR tanks were pretty little things. When I showed the late Lance King's piccies of the C&L recently, it was 10L which was on the connection he used from Dromod to Ballinamore and back again in the evening.
  7. Dare I say it but Provincial Wagons have done both vans. The GNR one is one of the 130-odd 16 ton bagged cement vans built in 1954 for the Drogheda cement factory. It was my first wagon and I had to double the order (to 200) after the first night I put it on my website. I bet Mr Bracken can help you with one, but not in bauxite - there are 350 of mine around in various grey liveries. The H van is still available as a kit from me, so those of you who don't have an aversion to kits know where to come! As it's Christmas, I'll let you have them at €28 (£24) until the stock runs out. Another Euro off for each additional kit bought. Leslie
  8. Greetings, Patrick. I think that's the longest train of my corrugateds I've seen. Who makes the sugar beet models? I have been shown such sold by "Ten Commandments" here in the UK. Like the storage system. I have the same problem and will investigate your solution further. Happy New Year.
  9. Ditto, Lads, thanks for the Card. Super picture - not too often you can photograph Irish railways with in a decently snowy scene (thank goodness!). Merry Christmas to you all from a damp Surrey! Leslie
  10. leslie10646

    H & W loco?

    Good evening MAK I'm 99.99% sure that is not a H&W loco. They only built eight and four were for NI (BCDR and NCC) , none of which looked like that, in fact the H&W machines had a certain family likeness, quite unlike this loco - see - http://www.theyard.info/engineering/trains/trains.asp At a guess, it's a British industrial of some kind - where was it taken?
  11. There's quite a bit on the Internet about the current status of 50.007 and 50.049, so I won't bore you all here, just have a look at websites like the Fifty Fund, or the Fifty Alliance. GBFr paid for the repaint and have trained some drivers to drive the locos, which appear to be based at the Severn Valley Railway.
  12. During my talk on Lance King's travels in Ireland, I showed a pic of Phoenix on the CDRJC. A scholar like you, David, will recall that when the CVR was in trouble, Henry Forbes was one of the "helpers", helping himself to the Atkinson Walker tractor for a hundred GUINEAS, re-engined she outlasted the CVR by a couple of decades. Still, I suppose if we have pubs called Dick Turpin here, why not a pub in Ireland after a corporate asset stripper? (Only joking, you CDR men - he was a man with an eye to a bargain!).
  13. Health Warning - taken on a handheld mini-camera by a rank amateur simply enjoying watching trains and in very windy conditions, so turn sound down! Anyone like Hoovers? 50014 and 50049 in GBFr livery pass Pangbourne with two barrier wagons on a wagon move from Kidderminster (SVR!) to Reading Traincare depot today. A one-off working. They came back about an hour later LE, but I messed up the focus! MVI_1649.m4v The Class 60 on the oil tanks is a regular working around 1400 from Theale Murco sidings. Sorry about the wind noise, you can just about hear the 60 purr through. Those bogie tank wagons might make a nice model, lads? MVI_1651.m4v
  14. ABE is not a single bookesller, but covers hundreds of booksellers, so you'll find the book elsewhere without doubt. Usually, I'd offer to provide one through The Syndicate (so helping Irish preservation), but our trade price is what some other sellers are selling them retail at! Wordery - see earlier post - is still offering it at under ten quid. Looks a nice book. We sold four out of the five we took to the IRRS meeting last Thursday.
  15. Hi Angus If Manchester takes off as an Area, I'm sure I'll be putting in an appearance there! I hope to get to the meeting in February and I'll prevail on the powers that be to at least put up a rolling slide show of some of the Photos. Leslie
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