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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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  1. I've had my grey 121 for quite a while, but didn't trust myself to put the sound chip in (shakey hand after breaking my arm). So, I took a trip to Kernow's in Guildford (they've got 'em on sale there) and the senior assistant put the chip in there and then. Having done that he said - "Have you got a bit of time, I'd like to have a closer look...." He had a jolly good play and pronounced it just brilliant. When I got it home, I was delighted with my 70th Birthday Present (in time for my 75th, but what the heck - well worth waiting for). So, indeed, thanks, Paddy, just unbelievab
  2. To help my pal John out, even the Ivory-liveried Cement Bubbles ran with a brake van - NOT John's one, but one of the steel ones - but at a distance........ This one has a Wheel and stripey lookout, so his Version 2 is nearest. Maybe I need two? (that is V1 and V2)? B163 on Cement train at Connolly on Sunday 29 September 1968 when Lance King was in Ireland for an IRRS Special to Kilkenny using the RPSI's No.186 Copyright IRRS Lance King Collection
  3. There are no shortage of real German steam locos in Germany for the film-makers to use - even a streamlined Pacific, dozens of Class 50 2-10-0s like the one shown above (in Austria too) but when realism is low on the list and saving money is more important, a 9F on the NYMR who can let you use the whole railway looks very attractive - good news for NYMR as well, of course! At least the RPSI restored 184 to look the part for Mr Connolly, who DID do his own stuns!
  4. Now, Jon, to be nice to you - Of all the Provincial Wagons kits I have commissioned, virtually everything would been hauled by Silver, Green and the earliest black liveried A Class. I agree that the UTA Brown Van would not have been. Likewise the Spoil wagon (OK with a blue NIR "C Class", of course). I think that the type of van which UTA 2459 is meant to represent regularly worked over the border in UTA days, so would have been hauled by an A Class. The SLNCR types are unlikely to have had "the honour' of such haulage, but I bet someone can produce a pic of one being shunted b
  5. Beaumont, I can't believe that you posted this. A "101" is a steam locomotive - just 111 of them (eight numbers were reused, so you could claim 119). This THING (only kidding) is a "Sulzer".
  6. Folks I know you can get around a lot more now, but if you missed the previous talk to Dublin, I'm doing it again next Tuesday evening by Zoom. Although a Club meeting, you should be able to register and attend as a visitor. Details follow. Leslie ---------------- LCGB Bedford Branch Zoom Meeting Tuesday 1st June 7.30pm With Lance King in Ireland – 1958 – 1963” by Leslie McAllister Leslie McAllister offers a first selection of colour photographs taken by the late Lance King in the Republic of Ireland in the last years of steam. Lance was a skilled photo
  7. Yes, the OHLE makes "photography" tricky, hence all these videos at stations. Just lovely to hear the Bulleid "chatter" as she went by. When Jarvis rebuilt them, the one thing I think he didn't touch was the brilliant Bulleid boiler - a pal of mine maintained that any fool could make a Bulleid steam! Now, how much would it cost to regauge one? Noel, Rob and Ken would make one of these fly!
  8. There is no doubt that they are handsome engines, as rebuilt. That said, the originals, as the Blessed Oliver first built them were quite brilliant locos, but at quite a cost in fuel and maintainence. The slipping reputation has a lot to do with the fact that several starts were on curves (Waterloo, Bournemouth (going East) and Salisbury (also East), that plus the pull-out regulator meant they needed skilled handling. I must admit to a very personal interest in this one - 97mph at Winchfield in 1967. The smaller West Countries were fleet of foot also and quite remarkable hill-climbers - w
  9. STEAM IN THE SUN today! We are having a very wet and windy May here, but today, the sun came out and steam flew past on the FAST lines, to boot, at Goring. 35028 Clan Line aka Merchant 28, was out on the Belmonds (we've still got'em here) to Bristol, via the GWR Main line. Excuse Linda's enthusiasm, they didn't see steam engines of any description in the Irish village she was born in! MAQ03775.m4v The loco even made Page 2 of the UK's Daily Telegraph today.
  10. Usually up to 2 hours. Joining later than 1930, you may wait a moment until you're "let in". Hope you can make it! Leslie
  11. THE IRISH RAILWAY RECORD SOCIETY Dublin Digital Event 19:30, Thu 29 April 2021 “Bantry Branch (Drimoleague to Bantry Pier)” presented by Oliver Doyle. (Digital sign-in from 19:00) “Bantry Branch (Drimoleague to Bantry Pier)” by Oliver Doyle. On the 60th Anniversary of the closure, Oliver will recount early efforts to have a railway to Bantry. The initial station was high above the town and was not long open before an extension was proposed including a pier for a steamer service to Glengarriff & Castletownbeare. Cattle fairs were a big source of revenue, particular
  12. A lot of interesting comment here re Hornby's (or the current iteration of Hornby) ethics - I expect nothing more (or less?) in the commercial world these days, I'm afraid. Getting back to model railways, "My Man" (ie the genius who makes my kits) says that the Hornby six wheelers are very good - he bought a sample Southern six wheeler on eBay, I believe, and was full of praise - even though he makes SR six wheelers as kits (but won't be any more!). like George, above, I'll be coughing up for unrebuilt Merchant Navy!
  13. Friends Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can be whisked from your fireside to London to hear our esteemed speaker, who just happens to be in County Louth! Details follow. You don't have to be a member of the IRRS to participate. Dear Member or Friend READ ABOUT - donations to the IRRS (London Area) - tomorrow’s meeting - copyright - Zoom access codes - joining the meeting For anyone unfamilia
  14. leslie10646


  15. A lot to talk about here! Ernie, At the moment, the UG is on "No bids", so you could offer the starting price? I think you'll find a way to avoid the VAT - I'll PM you. WCR, it's not for me to spend your money, young man, but Roderick tends to do short runs - remember that this is a very short run, as the loco has an English version and a hundred or so is USUALLY his annual output. Thanks for the Heads-up Popeye, for when I looked at his advert, I saw other nice LSWR machines! AND, maybe I should support him and get a CBSCR version - it'll look nice as an "ornament" in my Ikea G
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