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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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  1. Thanks, John, for the very informative piece of background, which was news to me. By a strange coincidence, I was reading an article in "Backtrack" about the end of steam in USA - ten years before UK, almost to a day. Like the UK, some of the steam locos being scrapped were barely five years old. Again, CIE was ahead of the game had the wits to bite the bullet and replace the lot, which were Earlier, you mentioned Dan Renihan's articles in The Journal, which are well worth a read, as Dan had enough experience of the various classes to write a couple of books! When I've got my set of IRRS JOurnals to hand, I'll try and list some "required reading".
  2. Good Lord, the Irish in the lead again! Common sense!!!!
  3. The Metrovicks were considered to have a very good electrical system ..... Am I right that the "AR" kept their British electrical systems when re-engined?
  4. Gents No surprise to read those comments on RMWeb - the Irish have been leading the way in diesel models ever since Mr Murphy produced his double-ended Yankee! Well done!
  5. Thanks for the master class, Eoin, great to see real model engineering! I have had similar work done to my 00 Terry Mac's S Class which after a lot of work will now pull eleven GN coaches. I went shopping for bits with my loco man - it's a Black Art! Watching Mr High Level Gearboxes picking out all the little parts to do the job was an education.
  6. I could send you a log of one in 1965, when it took over from No.207 at Dundalk en route to Dublin. I quote from my comments in the log of 207's run to Dundalk (with 10 bogie coaches, about 350 tons). "No.207 was declared a failure with a hot box at Dundalk and the journey was completed hauled by A Class diesel electric locos. A19 did pretty poorly, only managing the forties to Drogheda, falling to 40 at Kellystown and 59 after. She failed at Drogheda and A27 took over, struggling to manage even the low fifties! Mind you, they were still with their original engines then." Sorry, the best thing any CIE engineer ever did was send money to La Grange to re-engine them! The rebuilds appear to have done good service, although by then I was living in England and my train timing was behind very foreign steam engines. All that said, I've got a silver one on order - they were as much an iconic part of the scene as the 121s were to be - thanks for the update, by the way, Dave. We've got a St Patrick, so what name will young Paddy take?
  7. I was talking about the Crossleys, of course. The "R" version was a totally different business! The Blessed Oliver wanted to buy American originally, at least his successors sorted thing out!
  8. Cheers Leslie, we will film a haulage test with her tomorrow, but at nearly half a kilo in weight it has plenty of heft for haulage. Don't overdo it, lads, the real thing wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding. Interesting to see inside - very neat - but where is the smoke unit?
  9. Great stuff gents. I'm glad I've got my order in. Mind you, you'll have to put up a video with twice that many wagons - I run a dozen bubbles and a brake behind my 1880-built J15 0-6-0! And yes, the slow running was brilliant - I was relieved when the Logo came up - I thought the clip would go on for another five minutes until the Fert had gone by!
  10. Good to see you today, Galtee - I hope that you noted that De S's S Class was indeed Galteemore? Also glad that you liked Lance King's brilliant photographs - he really was a King of photographers - come and see more when I present them at the IRRS on London on 6 December! Alan (aka De S) tells me that the U Class (the bottom engine for you guys too young to identify it) was built in the late Drew Donaldson's workshop over 45 years ago. A serious bit of history. Timothy was making great progress with that point - a skillful young man! If someone will tell me how to get piccies off my Smart phone and onto a computer, I'll oblige Richie with a few photos. I tried to attach them to an e-mail, but Microsoft's xxxxxx software failed me!
  11. Sorry to give zero notice, but the IRRS has a stand at this show tomorrow. I'll have some kits with me and you can see the new CIE cattle wagon. Several fine layouts like Burntisland and London Road (who couldn't admire the LNWR at its best?). Opens 10.30 until 17.30 Saturday; 10.00 to 16.30 Sunday. Hope to see one or two of you. Leslie
  12. Terrific stuff, Tony. Never mind your request for GNR(I) posters - who makes 4mm copies of the Tyrone Constitution, Ulster Gazette, or even the Saturday Night to scatter about the place to please young David H. 4mm remains of fish suppers, even? I won't suggest 4mm fag ends ......
  13. Well done, Ed, I don't think you'll regret it! Now, what about a few wagons to pull behind it? I pull a rake of bubbles, but that's a tad non-prototypical ......
  14. Just looked at the J15 a moment ago - it clearly says LAST ONE - so if you want one ...........
  15. No idea, Stephen. I told him I'd find buyers for ten of them. In effect, he told me that it's close on as much effort to get the parts for a hundred as ten. So he's getting on with a hundred or so of his next loco! After seeing the price, I've bought a new burglar alarm! Hi CoLin R - yes, Roderick does sell through eBay as well. Personally, if you're into GSWR / GSR / CIE to 1964 and haven't got one - you know what to do! Leslie
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