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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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    Tour Manager

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  1. Ernie, please forgive my impertinence in correcting the account of the Dunlavin photo. The train REALLY was stock run down for a a cattle special from Baltinglass on the Monday, 16th. The coaches were for the IRRS members who travelled down on Sunday 15h March with the empty train of wagons ("The Last Train to Tullow"). Most members returned home that evening but on 16th the Fair was held in Baltinglass and the cattle were duly loaded at the bank: Baltinglass 16.3.1959 Lance King collection, Copyright IRRS Thanks for the super JGD photo of No.207!
  2. It was great to meet up with Andy and David today. It was the 13th on one respect that I missed a photo of the Great Britain tour having failed to find the watering point near Wantage (now grotesquely build up!). Linda, though, had the Winner in the National! Here's the three of them admiring the Forbesian Cavalade to end all n arrow gauge cavalcades with Andy's CDRJC railcars in numerical order No.1 (two versions of No.2) right through to No.12, so Phoenix was there as No.11 - being admired by @Galteemore, @Andy Cundick and my Chauffeuse! Then as the line grew! Quite show of narrow gauge delights! Brilliant Andy and thnaks for getting them out for @Galteemore
  3. Well done for finding this, Nelson - a real gem, especially the shipping. My shipping books are not beside me, otherwise I'd have a go at identifying the Cross Channel ships which are about the size of the lifeboats on the Ulysses! The shunter is NCC No.16 a 0-4-0ST built by Bowman Malcolm in 1916 at York Road. She lasted until 1951. (Info Bill Scott's Bible and Northern Counties Railway Vol 3). The newer GNR vans were built 1922 on, so that helps date it?/
  4. If the Flirts resemble the Swiss ones, fine, but if like UK ones, it's still time to think of a move.
  5. You poor souls - @Galteemore is almost certainly right - you're going to get the AWFUL Intercity Express Trains (IETs) which we suffer here on the "Other" (Unimportant) Island. Even worse than Vomiters (sorry, mistype, Voyagers). Emigrate before it happens! I'm too old, or I would have done it already.
  6. Too late, Cathal, they have already done that sneakily on the "Borris" thread! I was certain they were mine (as Fergal had bought a couple of my kits in the past) but they are the pristine "as built in 1958" version. I should have noted the lettering below the solebar - I never provided transfers! Very well done.
  7. BRUCKLESS ALERT! Mind you you have to be Wiltshire this weekend (so no excuse @Galteemore). Bruckless is at Calne, see below! https://www.calnemrs.org.uk/ Come and see a narrow gauge line which was almost as good as the Rhaetian Railway (was - EMUs everywhere these days!)!
  8. Ah, the Turbostars? He may get a loco and coaches in the future if the Railway Press is correct, as Chiltern Railways are looking at running the (Accurascale) Mark V coaches behind Class 68s. Good news for The Lads and Dapol, who do the Class 68.
  9. Really, Noel? You obviously haven't travelled on an IET in the UK - not for nothing are the seats referred to as "Ironing Boards". In fact we call the Trains that and avoid them like the plague. Travelling into Paddington, I carefully seek out the semi-fasts operated with 387 EMUs which take a only slightly longer - being capable of and do achieve 110mph.
  10. I will retell the story of when I first saw this layout at the Guildford exhibition some years ago. The show was at the Methodiist Church Hall and I managed to park my Smart Car in a tiny space in front of the church (on the Main Road, you can't any more). I had two hours free parking. I sent "The Boss" off into the Town Centre to have a mooch around the shops and told her to come back two hours later, as the Show wasn't that large. I saw this layout listed as "Ballyconnell Road" and assumed that it was (another) Co Donegal layout or the like. Everyone knows my pathological dislike of the Irish narrow gauge, but I thought I'd have a quick look just to show support for Ireland. Ninety minutes later, I was still walking round this vision of Heaven on Earth, chatting all the while with Steve and Mick. I rang The Boss and told her I was moving the car into the Multi-Storey and to come back another hour later, so that I could have a glance at the rest of the Show!! I followed the Lads to Southampton a few weeks later, to have another "fix"! Thanks for sharing these photos, David. I see that the threatened VS Class hasn't appeared yet! You never tire of seeing this.
  11. Ah, yes, but what wonderful wagons they are (but I would say that, wouldn't I?). Oops, the new IRM ones are nearly as good as mine, as modelled by Michael. My records show that I've sold you a couple of mine, Fergal - but I didn't realise that you were hiring out Mott's Line for trials of new rolling stock! Apologies. The dustbin Zinc colour has been well captured by IRM's Chinese accomplises. Lovely.
  12. WEBSITE UPDATED (AT LAST!) No, my ability to update using Wordpress, is no better, but I have managed to to list (with photos) all my present offerings. See: https://provincialwagons.com READY TO RUN: In particular, can I mention that I have a very few RTR Open wagons built from my GNR Open wagon kit, a couple of UTA Brown vans and painted and decorated examples of all six bakery containers. Photos of the actual wagons are dotted about on the website. The latest CIE vans are, of course, still available. Have a look, please.
  13. NO! Mine are so fitted, so it can be done!
  14. Hi Tony, my second UG is likewise un-lined, but I wouldn't sell it for less than £350. As for the U Class - think of a (large) number! I WOULD split them and look for £350 for the 0-6-0 and £400 for the 4-4-0. I'll see if I can find a buyer, as I'm always being asked for them! What's my agent's fee?
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