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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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  1. First, thanks to those who attended and made such kind comments. I am repeating the talk (same pictures, but a different story, I'm sure, as it's live) next Monday (at 1.30pm) to a Locomotive Club of GB branch. If others want to "attend", I'll seek the Club's permission to make registration possible. I'm not absolutely sure if we recorded the Thursday talk, but will check. In time, I'm sure a lot of the views will appear on the IRRS Flickr pages - worth membership on their own!!!! As Ernie says above - JOIN UP! LESLIE PS Glad the Fair scenes went down well (BSGSV)
  2. As Lambeg man said earlier, it's on the 1969 Brian Boru tour, just after 171's return to service after the H&W overhaul. It was, I think, the RPSI's biggest enthusiast tour contingent - Ian Allan travel brought 70 over in a single group, to bring the passengers up to 300-odd. Just after the No.4 shot, her pony truck derailed on the iffy shed trackwork and trapped 171 inside! The late Inspector Paddy Gannon, Bless him, simply said to Drew Donaldson - "Decide what you want to do?". The local PW men set to and had her on the track again very quickly - 171 (complete with blown gland) took
  3. Ah, I'm glad you've read this - LOTS of shots on CB&SCR! You do NOT have to be a member, but you'll need to download Zoom (free) if you don't have it already. Leslie
  4. just a quick reminder to those of you who like Irish Railways in the age of steam (and the beginning of the diesel era). I am giving one of my presentations of Lance King's brilliant colour images of Irish Railways tonight. This one is mainly in the Republic. By Zoom, of course. See invite below. I hope that we'll welcome some of you to an IRRS meeting for the first time? Leslie THE IRISH RAILWAY RECORD SOCIETY Dublin Digital Event 19:30, 25 February 2021 “With Lance King in Ireland – 1957-1963 by Leslie McAllister (IRRS London Area) (Digital si
  5. Great stuff, Patrick. I don't need a website any more, I'll just give callers the link to your thread! Nice to see the little Bulleid Flat in a train - you'll have to get a baler, or the like, as a load? Made my day, almost as much as watching my two year old granddaughter singing Happy Birthday (to herself!). Leslie
  6. Thanks, Patrick, for the lesson - simple of effective! I'll send you a very polite request for permission to use it on my website. It looks a lot better (!) than a clean wagon - oh, was that crash my friends (who know I like clean trains) falling over? Leslie
  7. Patrick. Firstly, sorry to hear about the foot issues - I hope that you continue to fully recover. Yes, I agree that John's SF coaches are certainly improving - makes you wonder why people want more when he does quite a variety? Now, naturally I loved the beet train - nice wagons, well built from our kits - shows they travel well? I'm happy to say any of you who want some (as kits) can have them as I have recently built my stock up. Keep well, Patrick and keep modelling! Leslie
  8. Old Blarney's (aka David White) home layout is well-covered in the March edition of the Hornby Magazine. Six pages of excellent photographs show off a very fine layout, with a short description of the "location" (including the wardrobe). The period shown is a mixture of steam and diesel, more sixties / seventies than 1990s! David, like most Irish modellers of a certain age, has kit-built and ready to run locos and rolling stock from a variety of sources - SSM, Murphy's Models, Silver Fox and (of course) my own Provincial Wagons. I had never seen my GNR cattle wagons behind a CBSCR 4-
  9. Hhmmmm, well now that's a good idea, but impracticable in a model situation - I only can see one side and my principal line - the Armagh Line runs at the front of the layout and makes access to locos which need a prod first thing in the morning a lot easier - see the Portadown Jct video - the third snip shows the way I've done it - I suppose I could turn the World / house round on its axis? I could put up a giant cctv screen on the lineside showing the front of the shed to Dublin "spotters"? This 20 year old Bush my well-off son bought me for Christmas is having a funny effect on me
  10. Those modelling anything pre air-conditioned era certainly have needed good RTR coaches for a long time, so it's patently plain where to go next (not that it's my money, of course!). One advantage of being a septagenarian is that I've been building up my coaching stock for twenty years - Now I haven't got the space for any more - even the Cravens (which are super, thanks, Paddy) are in their boxes, along with the Lima air-conditioned stuff, the Green Staniers etc. I do have three IFM Park Royals, which I rather like and they're still above board level with a 141 hauling them! (so I'm
  11. Come off it, Noel - I offer most of the obvious goods wagons as kits - am I going to vote, like a turkey, for an early Christmas? However, to support a good customer, I've filled it in! Like the Lord of Blarney, I'll take a tank wagon - I don't do those - everything else (that I don't make) was after 1970 and so of little interest. Laminates would be nice on the coach front and help make up a CIE passenger train, whether behind an early diesel, or a steam loco. and obviously a J15 (even if I have two already and am modelling the GNR). I haven't commented on the "which stea
  12. Have to agree, George - shows what you can do with a bit of patience. Noel - ever tried a twelve road roundhouse?
  13. A lot of sensible comment in the last few posts. Good to see our young man from CBSCR territory saying he'd not mind the older stock, but George's comment is the one to home in on - it's we old men, with big houses/lofts (or garden sheds?) who have the space for a longer train - and believe me, I can run a GNR 4-4-0 round with eleven bogies on - but we're a minority (?). The great thing about the late 1950s/1960s was that on secondary lines (not many of us have room for a main line run) the trains were 2/3 coaches, often a mix of Ancient and Modern with a tin van and hauled by a J15, or a
  14. JHB, Impossible to disagree re the RTR CIE brake van - very badly needed, as are those tin vans. If you saw my IRRS talk in December, I showed a photo of a Cross-border train behind a Tank with no less than three on the back! They were EVERYWHERE. The word ubiquitous was invented for them!
  15. Ah, Robert, but you have the satisfaction of being able to say - "I built these myself" - from Provincial Wagons kits but then, I would say that, wouldn't I? A lot of these ARE available as kits from me now - "Ask and it shall be given thee". Only the corrugated open is a bit fiddly, thanks to the spindly brake gear - but it looks great when finished! Even Noel was converted! Leslie
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