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  1. I remember that. There were RUCTIONS over it in England!
  2. They did. The late, great Harold Houston had a part in ensuring that BOTH 30 and 74 were preserved. jhbSenior and he were great friends, from when Senior worked on the NCC in the 1940s. Upon asking Harold one time, when he visited him after retirement in Whitehead, why 30 was that colour instead of the extremely dark green (the "green" equivalent of "navy" blue, I suppose), Harold's honest answer was "I don't know!" The GNR tank in there is also correct, and some CDR items are in actual CDR paint. The Dargan Saloon has been repainted; the colour is more than close enough though.
  3. To go back to the original topic, about RTR steam engines. As others mentioned, this conversation has sprung up here and there over the years, often morphing into "wish lists". From a commercial point of view, doing a model of a diesel or a CIE coach means (usually) a model which could have been seen anywhere from Cork to Dundalk, Rosslare to Sligo; and even Cavan, Monaghan and Dundalk, as well as the main line to Belfast - and all of this over a period of maybe 40 years. 141s and laminates even made it to Omagh and Derry. Fertiliser bogies were regulars in the NCC (Waterside) s
  4. Well.... OK, first, as a one-time preservationist, I am well aware of the outrage when anyone dares to even comment on colours of things, so I do not want to stoke that; I've been there, got the T shirt, having once painted a coach at Whitehead in a gaudy purply red, as the paint supplier made a mess of the order......... so, for any active preservationists, please take my comments as factual. In Cultra, everything is correct except: 1. Maedb. She's in CIE Inchicore-painted green, not GSR green as sometimes mistakenly assumed, but has GSR markings which were not put there
  5. The lower picture is the correct livery; upper one not, by the way. (Just in case anyone is modelling a BNCR or MR (NCC) locomotive. While "Midland red" was the way of things in Brexitland, the ex-BNCR retained the dark green, until LMS NCC days. Correct. There was never a full train of them. One each on the up and won day mails to / from Cork and Galway. They were never used elsewhere, expect perhaps as a one-off of some sort long after they were no longer pullmans. And yes, they ended their days in the dark green, but with lining as above.
  6. You're stretching it there! In immediate pre-steam days, most of what ran in Wisht Caark was actually not of CBSCR parentage, anyway, so 90 is as good as it gets, indeed. My understanding is that the DCDR will in time return it to working on public trains there. Towards the end of the CBCS system, about the only thing which REGULARLY ran on it which owed its origin to anything other than the MGWR, CIE or GSWR, was the old brake van off the Courtmac branch, T&CR No. 5 (GSR / CIE 5J)........... ........which makes one wonder why on earth the RPSI is building a new-build
  7. Ah! Got ye; I thought you MEANT Brexitland....
  8. A MGWR anything, indeed! We've NCC, BCDR, GNR, CDR, DNGR, SLNCR, GSWR, GSR, DSER....yes, only CBSCR and MGWR are missing. Not even a wagon in the case of the CBSCR, though we've four half-decent MGWR coaches, though all virtually beyond restoration in one form or other.......
  9. "Mainland"? Possibly due to sharing location on your iphone or something? I had to add mine........ I hovered over my place of residence on the map, and it put me about 7km away. Tried again, it did the same. Third time lucky - at least it now has me in the vicinity of where I live - even if the EXACT spot it's put me is in the middle of a 20 acre field...........
  10. True - hence my occasional suggestions of 4 or 171....
  11. I think the only way to do RTR steam is the likes of 00 Works small batches.
  12. Another thing is 21mm conversion. A small few of our number use 21mm gauge. It’s easier to re-gauge a diesel than most steam! Imagine the work in re-gauging a 400 or an 800.....
  13. jhb171achill


  14. Yes, that was my thoughts too. We had, during the CIE period 1945 to 1959, on carriages alone, maroon, old green, new green and then unpainted silver; plus even some green unlined secondary stock. Locos - grey, green and some black on CIE. Wagons - several shades of grey with markings in three different styles. GNR brown, GNR dark blue & cream on carriages, with locos blue or black - plus dark blue and cream railcars. NCC and BCDR (UTS) gave us BCDR maroon, NCC maroon and UTA green on coaches, and locos in NCC lined black, NCC plain (wartime) black, BCDR deep green..... and we're not
  15. That's the idea.... You raise an interesting one about non-authentic models, like (say) the orange and black Hymek and some of those other 80s yokes. I wonder how the continental "Epoch" classification treats these? Personally, I would be inclined to categorise them within whatever group they were closest to "supposed to be in", or vaguely "representative" of - in that case, the "Early Modern" (F) period / era.
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