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  1. A thing I’m noticing with the pics is the lighting isn’t tight. Daylight means a skylight above the layout, and evening means a spotlight which is irretrievably ABOVE it. Different lighting called for when taking pics….. I’ve quite a few of Leslie’s wagons at this stage! Might need more eventually…..
  2. Wagons at Dugort Harbour, 1964. One is showing the new CIE “roundel”; elsewhere the goods stock is still mostly adorned with fading “flying snails”.
  3. I was staying in Dugort one time in 1967, and I took a shortcut across the station at 4.45 a.m., after the gardaí decided to turf the last stragglers out of O’Donoghues. It was sunrise…… red sky in the morning…..
  4. A few views from 1963, as B141 makes its first appearance on the branch on the 10:35 Saturdays Only local train to Castletown West. The following day, the solitary Sunday service at 5.10 p.m. has the same set with a brand new Craven added, and making a rare appearance on the line.
  5. Yes, it is indeed a boundary marker and it is Dundalk, as it's with his DNGR pictures. Just didn't know WHERE he had seen it! They were still keeping the letters on it painted when he saw it!
  6. Another delve into the "catacombs", a.k.a. Senior's stuff, produces this: Question is, what is it and where? The picture will date from the 1930s. (c. H C A Beaumont)
  7. I have one for my hair being the wrong grey livery........
  8. Many thanks, Mike. I always think things like that are invaluable for modellers. Once the extension to my own layout is done, I’ll be drawing heavily on such detail, of things just lying around the place…. I doubt if, judging by a small number of pics I’ve seen, which appear to show a dark colour (black?) with letters not picked out at all. In the 1968 photo, that’s quite possibly the reason for the sign colour. The trains had cherry red and white (or cream) carriages WAAY back, but latterly they were the same ordinary wagon grey as the actual wagons. Locos and freight lorries had an extremely dark green.
  9. Back to the LLSR; more from the "catacombs"; in this case, Senior's stuff. This was a visit to Burtonport in 1937, I think. He footplated No. 12 the whole way, and said the track was shockingly bad, especially beyond Letterkenny-hi. I posted his view from the cab earlier. The second image, 038, shows what must be a unique view back along the tender. The excellent live steam model of one of these seen elsewhere on this website earlier - 10 1.4 inch gauge, I think - I can't pass by without commenting that they were never that colour - for modellers; I'm not nit-picking. LLSR green was an extremely dark green.... Fry's model has it wrong too.....
  10. Ghastly. I detest that sort of stuff!
  11. It's a locomotive shed on the former Indonesian Staats Spoorwegen......."SS".....
  12. I can get you some repro €3 notes. 70c each, or three for €2.90. Send me a postal order, or cash in the usual place behind the bike sheds.
  13. Ghastly. Two truly awful fakes. I sincerely hope the auctioneer didn’t try to pass them off as real; that would actually be fraud.
  14. True! The Covid is holding everything else up; speak to the Dept. of Domestic Matters and lectures on the subject regarding curtains, garden people and carpet people will abound....... I just pity anyone starting to build a house about now......
  15. Woohoo! Yella machine alert! I think it’s a railcar ICR yellow 29000 thing De Dietrich dart….. Modern anyway.
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