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  1. Correct. Final ungarbling of Castle “storage” emm, “system“ for Fry’s models tomorrow. Final positioning in display cases now that missing items found.... Need to set me alarm for 05:45....... eerrggghh
  2. Greetings, all. The final frantic work is in progress now at the Malahide Fry museum for the “soft” opening on Saturday. It’s likely that finishing touches will still be required before the main public opening, which is planned to be in January. Finishing me coffee for another 13-hour day there! Dave & team are doing a stupendous job on the 00 gauge layout. Everyone else is running about looking after different aspects of it. It’s looking good! If I get time I’ll post a few pics later.
  3. Absolutely superb stuff, gentlemen - very many thanks!
  4. Vaguely related to modelling... Once "Dugort harbour" is up and running, I am considering ideas for something else. I have tended to grow an interest in the railways of some countries I've visited over the years, especially South Africa, India and Indonesia. Just being back from South America I have seen that there's a huge amount there that isn't hugely known of here. For inspirational purposes, does anyone know of any decent books about the history of the railways of Brazil, Peru, Argentina or Chile?
  5. If you can find one under the graffiti.....
  6. And these tubes are "trains"...... gawd 'elp us.....! Gimme a leaky-window, unheated Park Royal any day!
  7. Narrow gauge steam, if Irish, and if the preference is actual accuracy (it may not be; different opinions rule), would require everything from station paintwork bro anything running on rails to be very heavily weathered! Again, since you ask, for me the preference is realistic weathering on everything, but each to their own.
  8. This was indeed standard in Ireland, or possibly “standard”! I’m unaware of any exceptions though I won’t swear there weren’t any!
  9. Left to right. The train is of laminate type (late 1950s) carriages, although the middle one might possibly be one of the 1937 Bredins. Thd vehicle parked in front of the loco shed is a standard MGWR 6-wheeler, but with a re-panelled end in non-standard style and foot boards removed. This means it’s in departmental use. The grounded coach body is probably a DSER suburban third class 6-wheeler.
  10. Irish railways carried them to an extent but there was never a huge interest outside Belfast and Dublin. They went in wicker baskets in the guard’s vans of passenger trains usually.
  11. That’s a great thing to have. I travelled round India with James Boyd and his wife, Kenneth Westcott-Jones and the American railway historian, author and preservationist Edgar T Mead III in 1978 or 9. Boyd was notoriously hard to get to know, But I hit it off with him straight away and corresponded with him for a good while later. We had a shared interest in the Tralee & Dingle and he told me many anecdotes about it, plus one about the Schull & Skib which I won’t repeat here! A great intellect and depth, and an encyclopaedic knowledge (as you’d expect) on another massive interest of mine, the Isle of Man railway.
  12. Possibly a slight overlap but I’m not sure, as one seems to have more or less replaced the other.
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