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  1. Looks absolutely O U T S T A N D I N G !!!
  2. Having seen this in the flesh for the first time in Bray this morning, I can say that it looks even better in real life - a true masterpiece! Very nice to meet Ken as well! I took these this morning.....
  3. There’s been part un, part deux...... Part trois? Well........let’s wait’n’see!!
  4. When the “supertrain” branding first came in (1972), only a handful of engines had the “supertrain” livery at first, whereas the new air-conditioned stock had it from new. Thus, black’n’tan locos hauling ST carriages was very much a feature for maybe 2 years until most locos were repainted. From recollection, the “A” class seemed to be mostly in the new livery long before the 121, 141 & 181 class were.
  5. As always, superb. I love the sense of a big city commotion, hustle & bustle, and sheer busy-ness that this layout oozes with. Its like an afternoon at Heuston or Connolly in 1972 - there’s something going on in every corner, no matter where you look!
  6. I love the way you're thinking, Sean! You've the black'n'tan 1960s coaches, but you also have three 4-wheeled "old" coaches in the background. A CIE green repaint would have the three looking sufficiently "1950s". The very old British coaches, if sold as they are, might raise funds to buy an actual Irish model, e.g.a "Craven" if you can get one on fleabay.....
  7. Peacockes Hotel, Maam Cross, Co. Galway. 00353 91 552 306 https://www.peacockes.ie/
  8. You could almost imagine the UTA having bought a few of them for Belfast shunting and what little goods they had left..... Certainly, a plausible use for them in Ireland would have been instead of the "E" class. You could see them bumbling about North Wall and Heuston, and possibly on the Loughrea, Ballina or Cobh lines. One suspects they would have been a very much better buy than the seven G611 class! Possible model idea I was thinking about over the last few days, but I've 25 Provincial Wagons kits as yet unbuilt!
  9. I saw Ballyconnell Road at Blackrock last year. It was one of the most utterly photo-realistic layouts I have ever seen, if not THE most, down to the last detail of scenery, or a rusty hinge on a wagon. This is very, very high quality three-dimensional art, as much as it is very high-end precision engineering, as much as it is a highly historically accurate layout. Absolutely superb stuff.
  10. The BCDR did tend to often use just “BCDR” without the ampersand - however, it’s still a reproduction! I saw, I think on done deal or fleabay, within the past year or two, one of those cast signs as above, which looked to be quite recently cast. Someone still at it...... wonder could he run me off a pack of €200 notes!
  11. It's a complete and utter fake! Lots of those faux-GSWR things about with all sorts of initials. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! You might inform the auction, as lots of people have been conned out of good money for so-called "antiques" like this.....
  12. I love your ingenuity, Sean, by making such a variety like this! Well done, keep it up.
  13. That really is the pinnacle of 4mm modelling. I wish I had a quarter of the skills involved in creating that loco. Absolutely superb job, sir; hats off to you!
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