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  1. Ballycharwelton? Knockcharwelton? Dún Char Weltán? Slieve Welton?
  2. Superb looking layout (even if it is "narra gauge"!)
  3. I meant................What function did they have within this train? Did they put machinery of some sort in it or use it to carry chopped up poles, anyone know?
  4. Correct, Vlak - and the brake van was a departmental one never used in normal traffic. I think I saw it in Limerick.
  5. Yes, like any livery change anywhere, there will be a period during which each item gets a normal routine repaint, and thus the new version. If something is newly painted the day before a livery change comes into being, it will be pottering about in the old livery, probably, for years to come. The IE position was generally not to put the new "set of points" let alone the later "three pin plug" on anything. Plain brown instead. There were a few exceptions, like a handful of the ballast wagons shown by IRM above - but generally no logo. However, vehicles with old CIE "roundels" were to be s
  6. Phew! To be fair, though, that was probably not intended to be a serious "restoration" - just a "tidy-up", as it had become very tatty!
  7. Irish "follies" tended to be a lot smaller, and often just small structures in the grounds of the "Big Houses".
  8. Not really - it's more Tudor (English) than Norman / Irish, architecturally. I had though of some sort of old tumbledown "11th century ruin" in a corner on an extension of mine - but the pic of Dunamase above (a lovely place) - shows that not a window is even necessary!
  9. Very important to "buy Irish" in these times especially...
  10. Interesting to see the rare "set of points" logo - exceptionally few wagons ever carried them! I only ever saw them on these wagons and a low-sided PW wagon of some sort. The vast majority didn't have them, so a nice little addition to a rake. The ferts never had them, of course.....they were just gradually repainted plain brown. Another nice touch is the one with the "hand-written" stuff on it, and the one with the "dirty weathered" logo, like on one of the IRM ferts, if I'm not mistaken. Completes the realism!
  11. Very keenly priced - but is that stuff any good made in that way?
  12. Red chimney and black dome - shouldn't it be the other way round! Sorry - I'll get me coat........
  13. For what’s it worth the one I recall wasn’t an a/c one.... it had ordinary windows.
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