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  1. very true the shows are always a great way of meeting up think our balances are going to take a hit after saturday then
  2. i really feel sorry for paddy as everything is outside his control . thankfully the greys arrived and have shown how good the 121 is i dont mind waiting a bit longer and when they arrive we can all enjoy them then. now just for IRM to announce nice park royals or mk3s to run behind them
  3. thank you for 5 wonderful years of giving us what we want and heres to the next 5 of emptying our bank accounts to give us great irish models
  4. dont forget the roadliner fuel tanker as well
  5. yes the blue yellow colour was the same but you had the old white logo and then the new yellow black log
  6. dont forget the blue and yellow with the modern logo as well
  7. survey done is brass the cheapest option open to you after all looking at what oo works does might give you other options and maybe even make the price better for you to sell
  8. if 10 percent left that means there were over 600 of them made wow
  9. voted that way pity couldnt give you retailer as well
  10. well done on this great idea
  11. accrusacale not there either Retailer of the Year 2020 AC Models of Eastleigh Alton Model Centre Colletts Models Cheltenham Model Centre Digitrains Ellis Clark Trains Frizinghall Models and Railways Gaugemaster Great Eastern Models Grimy Times Harburn Hobbies Hatton’s Model Railways Kernow Model Rail Centre Locomotion Models Lord and Butler Loughborough Model Centre Rail
  12. note irm is not mentioned in retailer section
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