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  1. mphoey

    after the A

    an aec set would be great and could even be brought in with the c class as they ran in suburban life later on
  2. mphoey

    after the A

    just waiting to see your first carriage with what you have done with freight and locos I cant even think of the detail on a carriage. you have also done line side items like links and buffers all we need now are proper Irish station staff and crew and the likes of GardaĆ­ etc. as they are essential
  3. mphoey

    after the A

    I wonder when the A is complete and available what will the boys do next their uk site has done amazing things and I would love to see them do a similar set here as a push pull set be it the mk3 mk4 or Dietrich sets .I cant imagine it would be an easy choice and all 3 would be favoured by most
  4. funny went to do the survey and its closed and its only sunday evening not night agreed not a member either results should have been here where the survey was done
  5. think this could be a ploy by dunnes and penneys to increase sales but ah well why not
  6. the second set has not been commisoned yet the original idea was the first set sells out then a second set is brought out but to date it hasn't seen the light of day
  7. forgot Belmond but not really a public train per say but yes has an operators licence so theres the governments answer Ireland has been opened up
  8. technically there are 3 operators in ireland doing passenger services already irish rail and translink for public trains and the rpsi for their own non timetabled public specails . in reality how much room is there for new operators working on current routes
  9. wow nice variety there
  10. agreed i was worried it wouldn't come back
  11. very well done they look right even if modifications need to be done re the loads I take it there removable and does every compartment come loaded so looking forward to these
  12. mphoey

    42ft Sample Arrives

    any idea of the exact order you are doing everything in ie liners first ferts 2nd
  13. mphoey

    42ft Sample Arrives

    cant wait hopefully diesel headboards will be included in the pack
  14. would be interesting there are lots who missed out on them originally but as you say with 121s and a classes this year and early next will be tied up for most
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