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  1. beautiful layout it is always a shame when you have to let go
  2. it really does look well and the cab detail is excellent so looking forward to both the model and the 1.1 scale version
  3. mphoey

    Greenway mania!

    new idea for IRM new greenway set to include old track bed new cycle tracks and a box of cyclists
  4. unless irm surprise us with some passenger and freight stock for them after all they have the early a classes as well that need something to pull
  5. looked at the site the buyer has to be approved as well each transaction and theres costs as well which really dont make it worthwhile as they push the model prices up heres an example https://apply.flexifi.com/s/quote?src=0010Y00000MbPlBQAV&toURL=Quote#1
  6. mphoey

    Class 121

    looks 3d printed with the lines
  7. paypal credit is not available in ireland yet even with accurascale stuff once your based in ireland it wont allow you ive tried before with other things on ebay
  8. intercept the postman at the end of the road
  9. hopefully just her affected as none of the rest seem to be showing signs
  10. all we need now are the road rail vehicles to match the sets and some more grey 071s
  11. mine is the debit card so cant hide
  12. thats what i always did keeps her happier when figures rise above 200 in a week questions get asked
  13. possibly will miss out on these unfortunatly as will sell out before money is ready
  14. Be nice to see the parts put into 201 and get her reinstated as a heritage livery
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