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  1. not a bad idea at all and should be easy to follow
  2. thanks for that takes a big headache away
  3. you only had a few freight wagons then thought you had lots
  4. hes actually a member here on another post hes selling his collection off
  5. im amazed thats its cheaper to post from uk to ireland than ireland to ireland i can understand rational of a central warehouse but hope that brexit does not cause an extra customs charge on us all next year
  6. very true especially if your doing buy it now prices why have ebay and paypal fees when you have a captive audience here
  7. think we were all amazed at 17 locos if the c is next it would be a little less as cant remember any in ir livery but we do have the 2 nir liveries
  8. id say if carraiges are done it will be mk3s or maybe a mk4 or detrich set
  9. done but i hope having more than 2 in some categories does not go against you imagine next years voting you will have wagons carraiges and locos
  10. ive been informed this is the one that was built pre malahides one so is a nice find it is motorised but id worry about running it
  11. its close to o scale ive placed it by the oo scale loco in the pic
  12. New engine purchased today believed to be a lienster models built cork loco
  13. mphoey

    after the A

    an aec set would be great and could even be brought in with the c class as they ran in suburban life later on
  14. mphoey

    after the A

    just waiting to see your first carriage with what you have done with freight and locos I cant even think of the detail on a carriage. you have also done line side items like links and buffers all we need now are proper Irish station staff and crew and the likes of GardaĆ­ etc. as they are essential
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