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  1. Unfortunately you're in the minority so far Graham, not many going for them, but hopefully they pick up in time. Always liked it myself.
  2. Hi Wexford, They transferred to 42ft flats in the mid 2000s, around 2005/6. Cheers! Fran
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for the feedback! Here it is with some of the forthcoming containers to give you a flavour of what to expect! We should have a sample of the CIE 20ft container in the coming weeks to see what it looks like too! Cheers! Fran
  4. Plan is... 1. Liner 2. Ferts 3. Guinness 4. Spoil 5. Weedsprayer
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for the kind words! It's been a lot of hard work but great to see the project making significant progress finally. Personally I am blown away by the quality of it, @Glenderg has exceeded even his own high standards on these, and that is saying something. I think they will be our best yet, and the factory has done a superb job on the finesse of the tooling from what we have seen so far. We are currently appraising this sample and will have some corrections for the factory in due course. We are still looking into it and havent made a call yet. It is such a unique beast that it is proving the challenge to make it viable, but we have not given up on it just yet and are working on some ideas. We will make an announcement either way in due course. We do plan to include them you will be delighted to hear! It is peco code 75 weathered and ballasted by the experts at model rail baseboards. We will have more on our layout in the coming weeks, so watch this space! Us too! We should have a sample of the ferts in the coming weeks, once we get it we will show you and open the pre-order books on them as they will be second in line after the liners! Cheers! Fran
  6. Hi everyone, Well after months of research, CAD, checking, corrections, amendments to corrections and tooling, the first sample of our massive 'project 42' has arrived, sporting a first sample view of our weed spray tanks! The fully diecast underframe provides a lovely weight with excellent detail and fidelity in plastic and wire fittings. It also comes on our excellent Y33 bogies as first seen on the Tara Mines wagons, so rotating axle hubs are included! We have some corrections to make, but overall it looks excellent! Here are some images to whet the appetite! (Please note that this is a pre-production sample, and details like the headboards will not be on the weedspray wagons. It is just to demonstrate parts, fit and finish!)
  7. Yes, we updated the wagon but our update on the label was never carried out in China. As a son of a printer my father will be appalled!
  8. Lol, they insist on them to stop the boxes rubbing together in transit. We have requested cardboard or similar in future for that very reason.
  9. The mechanism of crowdfunding is not the issue, it’s the execution. If you look at how Revolution Trains has constantly delivered it in the British market it demonstrates how it can and should be done. It’s always worth doing your homework on the company first. Thankfully in the early days of IRM we got the measure of this guy and sacked him, taking over the projects ourselves. It’s fair to say we had a very lucky escape, and could write a book about the carry on. But that’s for another day. The sad part of this is the amount of honest customers burned by him. He certainly didn’t design them, they were designed in China with our feedback and corrections. Both projects required major revisions when we took them over as he failed to communicate the corrections to the Chinese designer and we decided to do in house CAD design thereafter.
  10. Or my belly, but sadly that’s another story... 😂
  11. Hi everyone, We will be there this weekend with some limited stock of our new bubbles, plough vans and some of the last of our tara mines stock. So drop by, say hi and pick up some goodies! Look forward to seeing you there. Fran
  12. Thanks men! As has been reported, the bubbles are now in stock! The grey ones have been very popular, they certainly will go well with the earlier liveries on our A Classes! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cement-bubbles Cheers, Fran
  13. Hi everyone, Update on the Rawie buffers here https://irishrailwaymodels.com/blogs/announcements/rawie-buffer-stop-update Cheers, Fran
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