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  1. Very nice Noel, must give you a look at the PCA wagons we did for Realtrack Models in N, they turned out lovely and the STS Grey and Rugby Cement would be perfect for your era... https://realtrackmodels.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=73_89
  2. Hi Everyone, Just a quick fert update. The wagons are due to be finished Christmas week in China, so with Christmas upheaval, holidays etc they will be in your paws in early January 2020. We're at 15% sold already, so dont miss out, as they will go fast, just like the liners! Order now: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cie-bogie-fertiliser-wagon Cheers! Fran
  3. Anyone installed one on their layout yet? Looking for some social media material! 😉
  4. Hi Rob, Yes, they’re C Rail 40 fts so will fit our wagons. Cheers! Fran
  5. Pretty sure it’s order of purchase.
  6. Hi Kevin, We are much lower on pack I numbers wise, so wasnt included. It's a great sale nonetheless, I'm sorry it doesnt work for you. Regards, Fran
  7. Well done Dave, looks cracking! We must organise an IRM day out to it! Cheers! Fran
  8. Hi everyone, The liners are leaving China and will be in your hands in approx 2 weeks time! Just in time for Christmas! Cheers, Fran
  9. Warbonnet

    IRM office Closed

    Hi everyone, The IRM offices will be closed until Thursday, November 28th as we do the Warley show and have some meetings regarding Accurascale in the UK early next week. We should be able to pick up some customer queries but might be a tad slower than usual. Cheers! Fran
  10. We should have an idea in a few weeks George and will keep you posted. I think one other positive to take from this is that the Irish model scene is growing as between ourselves and Murphy Models the stock is now there to make the Irish scene more appealing to the masses. This explains the quick sell out of the liners. More people means we can do more models in the future, so everyone wins. The Liners have been a huge hit for us, our biggest yet. Ferts and As moving well too and we have a list as long as our arms of stuff we have planned and are working on that we have yet to announce (no more two year waits from announcement to delivery anymore!) so IRM won’t be forgotten about either. And now, off to Warley! Cheers! Fran
  11. Hi everyone, These have just arrived in from China! They are currently being broken down from the pallets and dispatch should start in the next day or two, with them arriving to you early next week all going well! You can add your name to the dispatch list by placing your order here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/buffer-stops Cheers, Fran
  12. Sure lads, Ferts currently stand at nearly 25% sales wise. So still time to fill yer boots! The liners took us by surprise a bit as some very large orders came in. some people just really like container flats! Cheers! Fran
  13. Hi George, You are correct, they are sold out with us, but Mark, Chris Dyer and Dave Bracken will have limited quantities. So, grab them before they go! Cheers! Fran
  14. As you can see above Noel it wasn't just myself who thought your comment sounded sarcastic. To be honest I was disappointed when I read it, but assumed you just worded incorrectly.
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