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  1. Hi Noel, regarding gift cards, yes it can be used over multiple purchases as long as there is credit remaining on the card. Hi Bob, Sorry no can do, but we will be selling cages and kegs as an accessory pack. Hi K801, They can indeed, once you have lugs for the containers. Cheers, Fran
  2. Hi Popeye, The lugs for the cages are moulded on, so not a separate piece. When things get back to normal we will look to provide spare container lugs. Cheers! Fran You will indeed! They will be new numbers, different markings etc.
  3. The 121s were originally built with EMD 567 engines. After the C's were scrapped a number of 121s (not sure if all did) received the 645 roots blown engine from the rebuilt Cs. These engines were more powerful like the 181s compared to the 141s, and were installed to help 121s cope with the Mark III push pulls etc. The roots blown 645 sounds different to a 645 in an 071, mainly as the 071 is turbo charged and has more cylinders. Hope this is of help Dr Gerbil-Fritters Cheers! Fran
  4. Exactly, a great solution! You can buy them here! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/gift-card Though please note you can only use ONE voucher per order. It's a technical thing from the web developers we cannot alter.
  5. Hi Ironroad, It wasnt, it was people who paid and then waited a year for them to arrive. As I have stated previously more of the Guinness liners will be made than liners and ferts. You have already been given advance warning of when they will arrive, so you can save from now and prepare and you wont miss out. As I also stated, we are looking into payment mechanisms where stock can be reserved. So no need to panic. Cheers! Fran
  6. Hi everyone, Thanks for the feedback on this, and we do get your point of view. We had significant feedback from a number of customers that they do not wish to pay money down on a model and wait till they come in, especially if it is delayed or a significant amount of time, like the liners were. As we cannot guarantee the delivery from China time wise due to the current pandemic, we cannot nail our colours to the mast on a timeline. Right now we are giving you all a heads up that they're on the way, so you can start saving now. We are also making a lot more of these than we did with the ferts, so they will not sell out anywhere near as quick. We are looking into facilitating installments for these, but we would have to be stringent enough of the term it takes to pay. We also have spoils and weedspray as well as the As coming this year, so it's worth throwing that few quid aside as soon as you can. Cheers! Fran
  7. Hi there, They sure do! Hi there, Yes, we want to move away from you guys paying up front, then waiting to get the models. This way you pay your money and get your model a couple of days later via mail order. It also reduces a lot of headaches from an admin point of view for us as it prevents pre-orders and on the shelf items being ordered together at the same time (you would not believe what a faff that is for us! Cheers! Fran
  8. It will be 4 packs of two wagons, so 8 wagons in total. Cheers! Fran
  9. Hi everyone, We thought it would be good to share some good news and optimism in these bleak times. We can confirm that our factories in China are back up and running and as you can see below, our Guinness keg wagons are currently being painted and assembled. In this first pic you can see the cages, chassis and kegs (which will be painted silver!) in various stages of assembly. Here are the kegs, undercoated before silver paint is applied (and upside down in this pic of course!) As many of you will have seen, we have a fully finished sample of the wagon which we displayed at the Dublin show in Blackrock last October. As the office is currently locked up, I cannot take a pic of it to show you all. However, we did get a part assembled sample before the show which I did snap and is below. Please note that a lot of detail is not present on this sample. Finally, prices and ordering. We are not taking pre-orders on these at all. They will only be available to buy once they are in stock in our warehouse. So, you dont have to pay down money in advance. We have also made more of these than the ferts and liners, so there should be more stock too in case you miss out, as Irish outilne seems to be growing in popularity. We are not fully sure when these will be in stock, but we are hoping late April. It will depend of course on the freight situation out of China. We will keep you informed of any changes and confirmation before then. There will be four packs of two wagons, with a price of €100 per pack. A rake bundle deal of €370 will also be available. The cages and kegs will also be available in a separate line side accessory pack. Details on this will be revealed later in the year. Cheers! Fran
  10. Once you dont start licking the models I reckon you'll be just fine, JB! Cheers, Fran
  11. Look after yourself and your loved ones, everybody! We are all working remotely, so are available to answer any questions, queries etc. The office is closed until further notice. However, the distribution centre in the UK is still open, so we can still dispatch orders if any of you fancy any wagons or bits for the layout whilst in lockdown. Thankfully our hobby is something to help us take our minds off such things. China is also back in full swing, so look out for Guinness kegs coming late April/early May, all going well. We will not be opening pre-ordering on them until we are certain they are able to get to customers freely. A Class is still motoring along too and on course for September. Cheers! Fran
  12. Hi everyone, Due to this mornings advice from the Irish Government about working remotely where possible, I can confirm our offices are now closed until Monday, March 30th. We will be unable to take phone calls at this time, so if you need to contact us, please do so via email. Details here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/pages/contact We will be slaving away working on projects from home so nothing is further delayed and China are getting back up to speed! Cheers, Fran
  13. WARNING! We are down to low stock levels for our gorgeous slate grey cement bubble wagons! Probably the most attractive livery the iconic bubbles ever carried, these are perfect rolling stock for early liveried 141s, 121s and our forthcoming A Classes in Crossley condition, in both block trains and mixed goods. Don't miss out on them, two different packs available!
  14. It's what he's asking, so it doesnt make it worth that. It's only worth what someone would pay and I dont think anyone is mad enough to pay 200 sheets for that. But then again, fools and their money and all that.
  15. Correct, our 40ft Bell and B&I containers were produced by C Rail (and very nice they are too). The 20ft CIE is one we did ourselves and we do plan to make these available separately in the future. The 20ft B&I above is an earlier pattern of ISO container. They do look attractive, but not aware of anyone who does them in OO. Cheers! Fran
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