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  1. A few more pics now we are back near out wee layout. Enjoy!
  2. The great man told me on Saturday that it was a design challenge but he has it sorted, so should be golden! And agree with above sentiments, the amount of work that goes into this is insane, and the flak has been very sad to see. The man is an absolute legend and deserves credit for the growth of this hobby in this country over the last two decades and beyond.
  3. Would have to agree Noel. I wasn’t sure about the slate grey until we got the samples and they really pop. I have to say now it’s the best livery they wore. Richie has done some job on the tampo set up. I will take better pics this coming week with better lighting conditions. They will go well with the green and black As, as well as the B&T ones and 141s, and same with forthcoming 121s. Cheers for the orders so far folks, they seem popular!
  4. Hi DiveController, As you can see in these pictures posted by WarB the chassis are definitely black. Cheers! Fran We also brightened up this image to further show the chassis in its correct color.
  5. The first of our 2019 announcements is a new run of our beautiful cement bubble wagons in new liveries and numbers after feedback from customers in our recent poll on the forum! The iconic bubbles sold out in a record 9 days in Irish Cement livery when we produced our first run of them in 2017. Since then we have found three new running numbers for this iconic and much-loved livery, so have produced a new pack with the Irish Cement branding on ivory livery. We are also producing an additional set with CIE roundels with new numbers to push your ivory cement trains to further prototypical lengths as seen in their final years of service. In addition to these, we will also be doing the bubbles in their as built 1960s livery of original slate grey. The bubbles wore this attractive livery from introduction in the mid-1960s until repainting into orange in the early 1970s. The slate grey bubbles ran mixed with their then newly painted orange counterparts for a few years into the 1970s too, as well in mixed freight formations. They will make a perfect companion for our forthcoming A classes in green, black, black with yellow end and black and tan, as well as 141s, 181s and 121s of the era in black and tan and grey and yellow in the case of the 121s. Two sets are in line to be produced, with unique running numbers as you come to expect from IRM. These bubbles are the first in several new announcements coming from IRM throughout the course of 2019, which will include items such as ballast hoppers later in the year. The price of the bubble packs is €125 for a pack of three wagons, with a bundle deal of €450 for all four packs. Pre-orders is now open for a delivery date in late May 2019. Pre-production models are on show at the North Down Model Railway Society show at Bangor this weekend and production is already underway. Place your order here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cement-bubbles
  6. Hi everyone, Here is our quickfire guide on how to chip a plough van and where those detail parts go. https://irishrailwaymodels.com/blogs/announcements/how-to-fit-a-dcc-chip-to-your-plough-van Cheers! Fran
  7. Hi everyone, Here is my very quick guide on how to open, chip and add detail parts to our new plough vans. Hope it covers everything. If I can do it, anyone can! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/blogs/announcements/how-to-fit-a-dcc-chip-to-your-plough-van Cheers! Fran
  8. Hi everyone, We will do a detailed post on how to remove the body later today. It’s a bit tight, but you do not remove the screws, that is just for the interior only. We will also show where the yellow pieces fit. Cheers! Fran
  9. Hi everyone, We will be at there this weekend too where we will have the latest IRM news as well as the new plough vans for sale as well as the remaining stock of Tara Mines Wagons. We will also have some Accurascale stock for sale too, if you want anything specific from Accurascale in OO or O let us know by Wednesday and we can arrange! We might also have something previously unannounced from IRM to show you this weekend too. So, make sure you drop by and have a look! Cheers! Fran
  10. Correct, worked well on our samples and doesn’t clutter the van up with as many wires!
  11. Will be out of customs by Monday and the real fun begins!
  12. Hi guys, We love the museum, but we already have a launch plan in place for the A Class. Sean is more than welcome to join the forum of course. Cheers! Fran
  13. We insist that our locos can pull big heavy trains, Colin, so no worries there! China are doing a super job in that aspect in fairness to them! Cheers, Fran
  14. Thanks for the feedback everyone! It is progressing well and we are pushing hard to have them here for the October show! The A is very dear to us all, so you can imagine how far we are going to go to push the standards we want to achieve! Cheers! Fran
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