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  1. Hi Noel, Apologies for the confusion, that was not my intention. We were in discussions with industry officials on this and happy to report back that they will contain the speakers as above. Cheers! Fran
  2. We can commit to anything yet, we’re just working on it. I know it’s not a great answer but we will give the full background story when we have news on it, we will have that in a couple of weeks, promise!
  3. Getting Crossley sound is proving a challenge, given the only working ones are in Australia. But we are working on it, bare with us on it and we will make an announcement when the time comes. I will pop up a pic of the switches tomorrow. If we do sound it will be a twin speaker set up and very loud. We just need to nail down Crossley but we will have more news soon. We’re currently testing some and will draw up a list. 😊 Cheers! Fran
  4. No, as if we do go ahead with a sound project it would be multiple high grade speakers, so there would be a premium on them. Cheers! Fran
  5. Cheers Leslie, we will film a haulage test with her tomorrow, but at nearly half a kilo in weight it has plenty of heft for haulage. We've also made it very handy to access switches for DC users and the chip if you want to add a DCC decoder, as Patrick shall now demonstrate. (He's available for all your hand modelling needs too!) The roof is held in place by a series of small magnets. Very handy. You can see the bank of super capacitors and the circuit board too. 20191001_163737.mp4
  6. Cheers lads, we popped over to the South Dublin Model Railway Club this evening and got this photo courtesy of one of their members, and original A Class makers plate! Thanks to everyone who came to have a look at our A Class this evening!
  7. My luxury upholstered backside managed to fit and the cab itself is quite roomy, 141s on the other hand are tiny, both in access and the cab itself!
  8. Thanks everyone. Some close up pics to continue to whet the appetite!
  9. Hi everyone, Thanks for the awesome feedback! We're very humbled by your feedback, and it was a proud day for us. Hats off to @Glenderg who put his heart and soul into the design of it. Locos are a massive project, both workload and financially, so it's great to see it pay off. We reckon they will look the part on your layouts and in your collections. 20191001_161822_1 (1).mp4 Testing has been ongoing, and so far so good. We have gone big on the internals with our friends at ESU, so as you can see here, should your A Class hit some points, or dirty track or a dead spot, it wont stop! We timed it being off the track for 9 seconds before the wheels stopped turning! All wheel drive and pick up certainly helps too, and as you can see, on the GM variants rotating axle caps will be present and regauging to 21mm nice and handy. We will be at the South Dublin Model Railway clubrooms tomorrow evening from 8:00pm with our As and Ferts so please drop by for a look and say hi. All welcome! Back to the testing! Cheers, Fran
  10. Well folks, today is a very special landmark for us here at IRM, as we received the first pre-production prototype of our highly antcipated A Class! We've already given it a quick spin around our layout, and we are blown away by the crispness of the detail, the etched grills, the shape, and that performance! It's beautifully heavy and very, very smooth! There are some snags required such as lighting functions, roof details and fit, but overall it is most encouraging! It will take pride of place on our stand at the forthcoming South Dublin Model Railway Show this October Bank holiday weekend, so make sure you drop by for a closer look! We will soon send our feedback to China and then get some firm delivery details. In the meantime check out this video and place an order if you havent already. These beauties promise to be special! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collectio…/a-class-locomotive
  11. Hi everyone, Our liners have been a long time coming, but they will certainly be worth the wait! Our factory is working hard on their assembly as we speak, and after some final checks are complete they will be delivered to us just before the ferts. Our tooling delays means a production slot was missed, so they will now be with us just after the SDMRC Model Railway Exhibition 2019, reaching our shores in November. However, the Ferts wont be far behind, as will the Guinness Kegs which we will debut at the Dublin show! You can rest assured that we wont be announcing any more IRM projects so far in advance, and with rolling stock at least, putting them on pre-order as early as we did with the liners. Lesson learned by us! We have several irons in the fire, but they wont be announced till our existing decks are clear. Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding. As for the A? We will have some very exciting news on that very soon. Watch this space.... Order your liners today: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/container-liners Cheers! Fran
  12. Hi everyone, The Hornby Magazine Awards 2019 voting is now open. We're not sure why IRM or the ploughs are not included either, but if you guys follow the British outline scene and you think our Accurascale items are worthy of a vote in OO and O wagons of the year, as well as manufacturer of the year, it would be most appreciated! You can vote here: https://hornbymagazine.keypublishing.com/2019/09/05/hornby-magazine-model-railway-awards-2019/ Models up for awards are below: OO PCAs OO Cemflos O HUO / HOP 24 Cheers! Fran
  13. Really looking forward to getting this!
  14. Hi everyone, Our Fertiliser wagons are now available for pre-order! As you can see, these promise to be one of our best models yet, if not the best! We are doing four packs of two wagons, with each wagon individually decorated as per the prototypes from photos and research material. The ferts are one of the most distinctive wagons to run in Ireland, and ran nationwide during their 30 year lives in service with Irish rail. Built in Inchicore, the were based on the standard 42ft underframe, these wagons entered service with Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) in 1974 and were tasked with transporting palletised bagged fertiliser from the Nitrigin Éireann Teoranta (later Irish Fertiliser Industries) plant at Shelton Abbey, near Arklow in County Wicklow, to distribution points throughout the CIÉ/Irish Rail and Northern Ireland Railways networks. In traffic, these distinctive vehicles could be found both in dedicated block trains and attached to other ‘liner’ services. In late 2001, Irish Rail signalled its intention to withdraw from a number of unprofitable freight flows, including fertiliser traffic. This, coupled with the closure of the Shelton Abbey plant in 2002, led to their withdrawal.Throughout their operational lives, these wagons wore a basic red oxide livery and a number of the wagons retained the CIÉ roundel after the formation of Irish Rail in 1987. They are currently in production alongside our liner wagons and are due in December 2019. Prices are €100 per pack of two wagons, and as ever we are doing a great bundle deal, of €360 for all 8 wagons. Pre-order now: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cie-bogie-fertiliser-wagon
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