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  1. The craic starts when you compare a modern day 071 and an NIR 111. I'm convinced they sound slightly different due to the engine upgrades the 071s got, but I might be going mad (and I am slightly deaf to say the least, but maybe someone can confirm or deny this sound difference!) Cheers! Fran
  2. Been reading a lot about US donors for prime mover sounds on this and other threads, but it's not that simple really. The 567, 645 and 710 have a number of different cylinder configurations. For instance, I heard a custom done 071 sound project a while ago, and it didnt sound right. The sound for the turbo 645 was likely from an SD40-2, which has 16 cylinders, whereas the 071 only has 12. It's a slight difference but it is different. are the sounds taking from a 645 E3? F3? etc. 567s are the same, the 121 and 141 are 8 cylinder, but very few (if any other than an SW900!) American locos had prime movers that small. An F unit has 16, and therefore there is subtle differences in the sound. I understand that this may not matter to some, but why go to all the trouble to make something that is wrong, rather than off the shelf that is right and put together by ESU themselves? I would just go for the bespoke chips for these and will be for my 121s I do fit sound to. 201s too. a 12 cylinder 710 as in a 201 sounds quite different to a 20 cylinder 710 in an SD80MAC. Of course the EMD fitted A Class sounds like nothing else due to its exhaust silencing, which is totally different to any other EMD engine'ed loco. This is why we went to such efforts to create the sound project for this. Anyway, just my tuppance worth on the issue. It's your model train at the end of the day! Cheers! Fran
  3. Aaannnnddd it's since been snapped up. Thank you everyone! We still have 24 packs of the other slate grey livery, pack I, left. However, as we saw with pack J, these packs will not hang around much longer! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cement-bubbles/products/cie-grey-cement-wagon-multi-pack-i Thanks once again to everyone who ordered! Cheers! Fran
  4. Hi everyone, Just a heads up; we're down to our last 11 packs of pack J in the very attractive grey livery! Thank you to to everyone who ordered! We have slightly more pack I, but not a huge amount more. Perfect for your 1960s era 141s and forthcoming A and 121s! Order here before they go: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cement-bubbles/products/cie-grey-cement-wagon-multi-pack-j Cheers! Fran
  5. Hi guys, Thank you to everyone who has ordered them so far! We've crossed the 50% sold mark last night, so make sure you get your order in soon! You know how it is with our stuff, sells quite quickly! Cheers! Fran
  6. Annnnddddd it's gone!
  7. Hi everyone, Due to a duplicate order on our system we have one keg bundle left. Who wants it?? https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/guinness-keg-liners/products/cie-ir-42-flat-bundle-guinness-kegs Cheers! Fran
  8. Hi Kevin, Yes, B134 is due with the other grey 121 locos in the first shipment. They are due to leave the factory in mid August and it is my understanding (TBC!) that they're being flown in. Subject to change, of course! Cheers, Fran
  9. Hi Phil, Many thanks for the order! The models will be unchanged, correct. Cheers! Fran
  10. Hi Murphaph, All our A Class, Taras, spoils, container liners, ferts, weedspray, kegs and ferts have the NEM pockets at the correct recommended height. Exception was made height wise for the bubbles, ballast and plough vans (but still featured an NEM pocket) due to detail obstruction reasons we went into when we launched these wagons. This also applies on all our Accurascale models, and we take great care to ensure these standards are adhered to. Thanks, Fran
  11. Or just buy the Murphy Models sound decoder, plug it into the loco, and off you go. Plug and play, nice and simple. 🙂
  12. Thanks DoctorPan for the order! Indeed you are nice and safe, looking at the sales so far we are over the 33% mark for sold so far. Thank you everyone for your orders so far! Cheers! Fran
  13. Unfortunately PayPal credit isn't offered in Ireland yet (we can offer it on Accurascale as it's available in the UK) It does seem very handy as well!
  14. Broadway Limited just announced theirs yesterday actually (well, a new run) further details here https://www.broadway-limited.com/paragon3upbigboy4-8-8-4.aspx?fbclid=IwAR1nmAafAx1gHomDDXf6CyTapLGxDJcF8zTIiHip3Du-jFN612nNoeHAH_0 Another option! Cheers, Fran
  15. We can tell that from sales figures, but thanks for the suggestion. Exactly! And plenty more new goodies on the way too! Been an interesting thread this, some saying "oh no, not more new stuff!" and others saying "we want more, more!!!" We hear both sides, but it is taking the discussion on the wagons themselves off topic, so lets keep it to the spoil wagons please. Cheers! Fran
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