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  1. Hi everyone, Great news! We now accept one4all cards! We can now accept one4all cards both online and at shows. So, if you got one for Christmas you can now spend it on some IRM goodies! If using online, simply go to check out and enter the details like a normal credit or debit card with 'one4all' as the name on the payment card. Please also note that you cannot use it as part payment when ordering on the website. The card must have more or equal value to the item you are buying on it. We can split it at shows though! Please also note due to EU directives that max spend on traditional one4all cards online is €50. A new chip and pin card is due out in Q1 this year that raises that limit to €500. We can take any amount in person! Cheers! Fran
  2. We should have news on an arrival date before the end of the week! Cheers! Fran
  3. A Class Update! Hi everyone, We have been working hard on our A Class in the background in recent months in a quest to get it right. We can now confirm a delivery date of mid-October 2020. We apologise for this delay, but it is important to get the model right and produce the best A Class in OO gauge. Check out our website for more information: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/blogs/announcements/a-class-update-january-2020 Thanks, Fran (on behalf of IRM Team)
  4. Was very lucky to pop in yesterday to drop something off and had a quick look. The museum is very well done, as is all the displays. It's great to see the Fry collection out on view again after so many years of sitting in storage. Hopefully all the hard work will be worth it and the museum is a success. Cheers! Fran
  5. The weedspray has already been replaced by the MPV. The weedspray is currently used for brake force for the sperry train only.
  6. A mole in the matrix has confirmed that they are going to Limerick for exams 8 at a time. Once complete they get their bodies back.
  7. Going by the trucks I would say mid 80s at least.
  8. We are indeed! Yes, the filter is correct. Cheers! Fran
  9. I see Hornby are also being topical this year...
  10. IRM will be at all 4 shows
  11. That's a beauty Steven! Complete with pan too! I have three sets of them somewhere I was going to saw up one day to make a prototypical train (just needed another two sets) think I can abandon that idea now! 😀
  12. HUSH HUSH is a winner for me, as is the Coronation stock. Can see myself looking at an APT too and well, the Rocket? The force is strangely strong with that one. Overall, the best Hornby line up in years. Fair play to them.
  13. @WRENNEIRE will have the skinny on this.
  14. Thanks everyone, we seem to be in a fair few categories this year which we are most proud of! We appreciate the votes!
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