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  1. Here you go, Noel. A really good one popped up on Facebook yesterday in one of the groups. I'd tag you but you have me blocked over there, but check out past and present anyway. Cheers! Fran
  2. Hi everyone, The Tara run has just hit 15% sold since launch yesterday. Thank you very much to everyone who has ordered so far, they seem to be extremely popular! Cheers! Fran
  3. Northcord Enviro 400C Dublin Bus Update! Hi everyone, The Northcord Enviro 400C in Dublin Bus livery has arrived in the UK and the first batch of our allocation is on the way to our Dublin warehouse. We expect to begin sending these models out to customers later next week. Keep an eye out for postage tracking information via email! We have also received fresh stocks of your Oxford diecast favourites, with some brand new models we have not stocked previously, with more on the way too! A couple of our City Swift double deckers have been found in the warehouse and our stock of Asia
  4. Not on this run, but perhaps on a future run (if such a concept doesnt cause too much frustration!)
  5. If you care to read the announcement again @Michael Nolan you will see that there are other announcements due in the coming weeks. What an odd statement to make.
  6. IRM Sings The Blues - Original Taras! (and Newer Livery too) We haven't had an IRM announcement for a little while as we work to get the A Classes over the line. Now our Metrovicks are getting close to completion, we can focus on other projects. So, we have a couple of excellent new announcements coming up over the next while. The first of which is a perfect companion to our A Class and something that's been in high demand since we sold out of them a couple of years ago; the Tara Mines wagons are back, and this time in their most iconic livery of blue with Tara branding!
  7. Hi everyone, 054 is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who ordered! A39r not too far behind! Cheers! Fran
  8. Apparently we have never provided one single update since we launched them, as per a couple of correspondence recently received elsewhere...
  9. Happy Monday everyone! More A Class progress. As you can see the main body printing is now complete. Detail part painting is now underway and then it's the final assembly of body to chassis, then testing and packing in the coming weeks! We had to a large amount of work correcting the initial artwork on these when we first got decorated samples, but the hard work paid off. Order yours right here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive Cheers! Fran
  10. Hi everyone, Time for a score update! As you can see, a couple have joined the "endangered species" list and are close to selling out. Overall sales have been increasing steadily ahead of delivery. Thank you to everyone who has placed an order with us so far and for your patience too! Don't miss out on those about to sell out. Order right here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive Cheers! Fran
  11. Hi everyone, We're running low on ballast bundle deals, with only a few IE bundles left in stock. Some of the CIE packs are also short on numbers. Order yours before they go! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/ballast-hoppers/products/iarnrod-eireann-ie-ballast-bundle-deal Cheers! Fran
  12. Thanks Jason. The paint isnt the worst in the world, but far from the best and we couldnt sell them as anything other than that, but as you say they're fine for plonking on the layout! Many thanks for the order!
  13. Need to show them how it's done, George! Have you had a go at a 121 with the weathering stick yet?
  14. Hi everyone, Just a further update; A39r and 054 are now at less than 10% remaining. So, if you are thinking of ordering them now would be the time to act! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive Cheers! Fran
  15. Hi everyone, There has been some silence on this project and I must admit that's down to IRM, and not Robert, so apologies to both Robert and all of you who are interested in this footbridge for that. We were so impressed with Robert's design and attention to detail that we approached him with a view to mass produce his footbridge design rather than do a small run 3D print, which he has very graciously agreed to. So, this will be a new scenic accessory from IRM! What's more, we are working on a modular concept for the bridge, allowing for various spans and orientations, giving
  16. Warbonnet

    IRM is Hiring!

    Hi everyone, We're Hiring! Want to work with a growing and ambitious company in the scale model manufacturing sphere? We are looking for an experienced Product Manager and Graphics Engineer to join our expanding team. Based in Dublin, or remotely in the UK (or indeed anywhere across the globe!) you will be joining an enthusiastic bunch who are passionate about model railways. Got the skills? Then check out the job specs and send us on your CVs! https://accurascale.co.uk/pages/careers (please refer any questions about the role to the email
  17. Hi everyone, Well in 24 hours we have sold 50% of this stock already! Many thanks for everyone who ordered. It looks like you guys like a bargain when one comes along. Orders still coming in, so don't miss out! Order yours and some of our other diecast vehicle stock here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/vehicles Cheers! Fran
  18. Just that we shouldnt be making vehicles JB, but I wont go any further into it than that. Mistakes were made as they say, and hopefully they learnt from it too. What vans did P&T have in the 60s? Befords, Commers, Thames? Them new fangled Transits? I like the overall green livery, but the orange and white that came in the 70s with the revised logo was fantastic too!
  19. Indeed @iarnrod, we were taken aback and a bit surprised and disappointed to be honest, but that's life. A robust rebuttal was forthcoming and indeed what was instructed does break competition laws. However, we just rather put it behind us and move on, and hopefully the other party does that too! Some great suggestions from both yourself and @Mayner. I have a fondness for anything with an engine, so some of these will appeal. It's just assessing commercial viability, covering different eras etc. Cheers! Fran
  20. Correct Tony. We felt the "warts and all" pics were necessary to set expectations. They're really not that bad but we dont want to dress them up as something perfect either. Cheers! Fran
  21. Also remember folks, free postage over €50 to Ireland. So, if you order both, and say throw an Oxford diecast van into the basket, you're basically getting the van for about a euro. Excellent value!
  22. Hi everyone, Following our recent commissions with Britbus we were informed by the factory that they had produced a batch of the 1/76 scale (OO) MCW Metrorider mini buses in Dublin Bus Localink Green and cream livery from the late 1980s/early 1990s. These have sat unsold in the Britbus warehouse due to a rather poor paint finish. We have done a deal with them to offer them to you at half their retail value. These are sold as seen, factory second models, so please do not expect our usual high standards! However, they do pass the 2ft test and are perfect for layout population, s
  23. Hi Noel, Do you mean Leyland or AEC rear platform buses? The only Dennis badged bus I can recall was a small fleet of Trident low floor buses from 2003. It is something we could look into in time, perhaps in 2022. Cheers! Fran
  24. Hi @DJ Dangerous, Interesting list! The Oxford commission idea is a good one but we're more keen to see if there's any merit in doing our own tooling. For those Oxford vehicles you pitched above it would be best to lobby Oxford direct as they are proactive in making Irish outline vehicles as we have seen in the past. Cheers! Fran
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