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  1. 087 accelerates away from a signal check hauling the heavy laden fertiliser train through Tara junction station-a lucky catch while I was waiting for my train home
  2. ttc0169

    Class 121

    Update from Murphy Models March 2020 Update for Class 121 loco Whilst no delivery date has been received yet, work is proceeding apace on the loco. The rate of assembly is dependent on how fast the workforce in China returns to work and gets back up to speed. The disruption to the air freight situation also has to be factored in. There will be 5 liveries. CIE grey, CIE black, CIE black/tan, IR & IE. There are over 24 variables applied as appropriate to each model. To enable prototype correct lighting arrangements there are 6 switches which are easy to access. A sugar cube speaker is fitted as standard. To fit DCC chips, access is very convenient. There will be no need to remove the body for any normal operation reason. Minimum curve radius will be 2. From the getgo, modellers made it clear that see-thru grilles were "de rigueur". We have achieved this iconic aspect with careful design and some clever engineering. There will be many small and delicate add-on parts supplied with the loco, therefore careful handling will be essential. Please ALWAYS use the internal wrap to remove AND replace the loco in its box. Damage caused as a result of rough/careless handling or body removal cannot be covered by warranty. 121 Loco DCC DCC Sound Chips In parallel with the production of the 121 we have commissioned DCC and DCC sound chips. As space is at a premium the PCB and DCC were custom designed in conjunction with each other. N.B. we cannot guarantee that chips other than those specifically designed by Murphy Models will operate in a satisfactory manner. The Murphy Models DCC chip will have the normally accepted functions. The DCC sound chip will come in two versions viz. EMD 8-567CR and EMD 8-654E. A sugar cube speaker is fitted as standard. Catalogue nos. DCC MM0006. DCC sound (567) MM0066. DCC sound (654) MM0077. Thanks for the update...
  3. Delighted to hear the good news, I have fond memories of working the real Guinness liners in days gone by, the rattle of the empty kegs in their cages when shunting them over the hand points in Claremorris freight yard and the placing of the laden wagons for unloading was a great experience to have done, Of course I was (and still am) partial to the odd pint of the black stuff too......
  4. I recently finished scratch building a model of the Linmag rail milling machine, I used a non motorised tamper and a tipping truck as the base models to work on, The real machine travels around the country working at night on the rail network but can normally be found parked up at stations or yards during the day, Here are a few photos of the model version as it arrives at the Lakeview freight yard to access the network via the concrete hard standing area, Later on after some checks are made we see the vehicle pass through Tara junction station prior to starting work-and after the up main line was done the vehicle worked to the permanent way siding to stable for the day.
  5. One of the longest passenger trains to operate on Ashburton grove was hauled with ease by 50 043,it was made up of a variety of coaches including two TPOs tagged on the back.
  6. A few photos of the ballasting operation involving road/rail machinery and the two axle ballast hopper train.....
  7. Phase two of the installation of a new crossover at the west end of Tara junction was completed last weekend with final ballasting and tamping being completed last night, Here we see a video of tamper 751 packing the crossover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZohBKsflNaM
  8. Some weekend engineering work is currently taking place on Tara junction involving some road rail and other machinery, Retro 073 arrived at the worksite earlier hauling the Donelli relaying gantries which were put to work removing some track panels, The area is been cleared to facilitate the installation of a new crossover...…. here are a selection photos from todays operation.
  9. Friday evening freight sees a pallet cement train arrive behind 190+184 at the Lakeview freight yard and is in the process of being shunted to the siding for unloading to begin. The yard pilot locomotive 181 prepares to shunt the BELL and B&I bogie liner train into position for departure/
  10. 087 passes through Tara junction hauling the laden fertiliser...... Yes- Maximum load for laden fertiliser trains.....and for the IRM A/001 class with a growling sound chip fitted for added effect
  11. The view of 181 passing on the laden fertliser from the drivers cab of 161SA...….
  12. The factory siding Class 08 shunter developed a fault earlier and was driven to the up siding to await fitters attention, Meanwhile super shunter in the form of the class 20 has temporarily replaced the 08 at the factory sidings.
  13. The 10:30 Foynes to Ballina ten wagon heavy fertiliser liner passes through Tara junction station hauled by locomotive 181
  14. Thanks Robert, sense does prevail from time to time at the junction..
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