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  1. Thanks Fran, ideal for the layout.....could do with some HAAs for behind my 56.....hint hint....😋
  2. Back to business at Ashburton grove....the class 50 has settled in and can be seen working a MK1 set while the freight depot is busy on a daily basis....a few photos of recent operations....
  3. Mine arrived a few days ago.....one is currently en route to its new location....see Tara junction thread for updates on its progress....😋
  4. A consignment of RAWIE buffer stops arrived at the Tara junction permanent way depot from China via the UK courtesy of IRM and Accurascale here are a few photos of their arrival and one being unloaded and placed on the MPV for onward placement to a location on the main layout....
  5. Superb layout-Well done Dave Its a credit to you and your talented crew, looking forward to seeing this one...
  6. As my electrical skills are very basic I was delighted when PECO announced a motor that could be installed under their LK-55 turntable, this announcement was perfectly timed to coincide with the forthcoming MM 121 release, I purchased one at the Warley exhibition last weekend and during the course of the week I fitted it to the underside of the turntable at Tara junction, 175 was the first Locomotive to be successfully turned on the table which will now see more use when the 121s enter service at the junction. IMG_3521.MOV
  7. ttc0169

    Project 42 Update

    Reminds me of the time I worked as a train guard on liner trains to and from the West....it was a favourite quote from a signalman in Ballina cabin when enquiring about the whereabouts of the ex North wall-Ballina Asahi liner train.....😋 Looking forward to the model version, thanks Fran for the update.
  8. A selection of photos from a recent enjoyable operating session, In preparation for the forthcoming arrival of the 121s I am in the process of assembling some MK3 push pull sets for use with the locomotives, Here we see control cars 6101,6104 and 6105 and modified Mk 3 Lima coaches 6301+6303 being propelled by 220, A visitor seen passing through the junction was 8113 and seven NIR Mk2 coaches while working an auxiliary to the regular enterprise service/ IMG_3467.MOV
  9. I'm looking forward to the annual pilgrimage......
  10. Highly recommended recently released book for all modellers that enjoyed the heyday of classic diesel locomotives and liner trains of all descriptions, Very useful for recreating in model form the various types of freight trains that operated around Ireland during the late 1980s through to the 2000s, Well done to the author Colm O'Callaghan for putting together such a fantastic collection of photographic memories. https://www.amberley-books.com/current-month/irish-traction-iarnrod-eireann.html
  11. In preparation for some extra weekend freight liner operations a selection of locomotives were brought to the Lakeview servicing facility to receive fuel, oil and water, The addition of some lighting on the two pit roads now gives the opportunity for under frame and fuel tank examinations to take place, Here we see locos 203 and 177 receive attention while locos 187 and 146 await their turn, 187 will be paired up with 177 and it will then be up to the locomotive fleet controller to allocate them to a liner train.
  12. TRV EM50 is seen here arriving at Tara junction station while conducting its monthly tour of the system, it stabled in the permanent way sidings overnight.
  13. After some complaint's from depot staff regarding the lack of suitable lighting inside the garage, some new lights were installed-and an extra window cut out of the side of the building, Here we see a few photos of a re arranged depot.... Inside the garage the CIE ambulance E class bus receives attention on the jacks while two SS class buses await attention.
  14. Weekend overtime for the staff at the wheel lathe on Tara junction ,DVT's 9001 and 6104 are seen receiving attention before re-entering service on Monday morning.
  15. Night permanent work seen locomotive 175 hauling the two axle ballast hopper train around the layout dropping ballast at various locations, Meanwhile locomotive 071 arrived at the permanent way sidings to work the Sperry train but a fault arose and the locomotive was replaced by 073.
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