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  2. Reeling in the years-mid 1980s to be precise...a black and white image of 152+132 running around the BELL liner at the Lakeview freight yard.
  3. Forward facing cameras are being fitted to a few locomotives....
  4. No-a good friend who is a master model maker converted it, Its an N gauge model.
  5. Riverside is on the lower level with everything else up top.... Yes anything is possible....I’ll put the wheels in motion....
  6. Sunday night at the Tara junction MPD We see retro liveried locomotives 071 & 073 undergo fuelling and servicing
  7. Yes-it’s operating the Supabus route from Leeds to Dublin.....
  8. With the increase in the container business at the Lakeview freight yard, an investment has been made in an additional reach-stacker which arrived at the freight yard earlier, After unloading it was immediately put to work alongside the existing reach stacker.... Thank you to gentleman Ray of Die-cast models 4u shop in Galway for supplying the model-along with many others, Well worth a visit-when lockdown is lifted
  9. Friday afternoon shunting at the factory sidings on Ashburton grove..
  10. Friday morning freight departures are ready to roll at the Lakeview freight yard ..
  11. Around late 1988/89 the logos would have been applied and probably removed when repainted in 1994 prior to the introduction of the plug and socket IE logo in 1994.
  12. Seen here crossing the Moy bridge on the Ballina branch a few days ago
  13. And put to work on the streets of Tara junction.....
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