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  1. The MGR train has been increased in size by adding two loaded HAA hoppers The driver of the 08 has a busy evening ahead shunting wagons at the factory sidings.
  2. AH 1 makes its debut on the high street at Tara junction.
  3. Operating to the suburban rail timetable of 1995/1996 we see 121 class locomotives working Mk3 push pull trains and the Arrow railcar 2601+2602 working a Kildare local service IR 130 arrives at Tara junction with a six piece Mk3 push pull set with control car 6101 at the rear. IE 129 propels another push pull set away from the platform with control car 6104 leading.
  4. The Class 50 prepares to be coupled to the inspection saloon having previously worked a freight train to the factory sidings. Meanwhile-2x20s have charge of a summer Sunday special to the seaside.
  5. No 224, No its usual six yearly general overhaul.
  6. This was the “last” IWT liner to operate to Ballina-yesterday Good to hear its resuming next week Having been out of traffic for over a year locomotive 232 is seen here arriving into Ballina freight yard yesterday afternoon.
  7. Passengers on board the refurbished Park Royal coach enjoy the comfort and bright surroundings prior to departure of the branch set.
  8. From CIE to IR.... A mixture of livery’s during the transition era in the late 1980s into the 1990s.
  9. A CIE themed evening on Tara junction. Working hard are 161+121 as they work a Shelton abbey to Ballina laden fertiliser 132+156 work a Waterford-Northwall BELL liner 126+135 work a Northwall-Waterford BELL liner consisting of some 30’ BELL containers.
  10. Another productive weekend at Maam cross station when the volunteers installed a ground frame which was connected to the points leading to the platform, the ground frame is fully interlocked with the points and can only be released by the insertion of an ETS staff, well done to all concerned. The photos show the first train to operate over the interlocked points.
  11. Great news for railfreight in Mayo and Waterford 073 is seen here arriving into Ballina freight yard
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