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  1. My wish list.....no pressure lads........ 1- Asahi two axle coal & oil flat wagons and twenty foot coal and oil containers, 2- Ammonia bogie and barrier wagons 3-Bogie bulk cement wagons 4- Bogie 62' timber wagons 5- Two axle timber wagons 6-Two axle MX type Guinness wagons
  2. With thanks to Baseboard Dave for supplying the yard lights,they replaced a tower light that has now been moved to the bus depot.
  3. Unloading of the Guinness empty keg pallets begins at the Lakeview freight yard.
  4. Locomotive 126 has arrived on a local service at Tara junction and is uncoupled,it then operated to the turntable where it is turned ready to work the evening
  5. Just need to find the right programme to put the diagram onto.....
  6. If the said coupling broke between the Cravens and the EGV then the locomotive could be used to shunt the coach quickly to a siding, Mk2 coaches had buckeye couplers while Cravens had screw couplings
  7. No-Mk2s normally operated in fixed formations on a diagram that started and finished in Dublin Connolly or Heuston stations, On rare occasions if a fault occurred with a Mk2-then the coach would be locked off with passengers moved to another coach-with the offending coach being shunted next to the locomotive when returning to Dublin.
  8. When the Ballina branch Cravens and GSVs needed to be swapped out for exams the replacement coaches would be taken from the Friday’s only service, When Mk2ds replaced the Cravens on the Fridays only service it was normal practice to attach the replacement coach between the locomotive and Mk2d EGV on the outward journey and again after shunting took place in Ballina the coach or GSV would be attached between the locomotive and first coach, On a few occasions I witnessed a Cravers coach ‘tagged’ onto the rear of the Mk2s,this technically wasn’t allowed due to the screw shackle being u
  9. Not as yet Stephen.... it is something I must do at some stage
  10. Both upper and lower levels are connected by a single track-no room for a helix/
  11. Thanks Graham, The main layout is 16ft x 12ft and the lower level is 12ft x 14ft.
  12. Friday 01/01/21 Riverside permanent way depot, With the gates to the depot closed for the holidays ,a skeleton staff were on duty earlier to shunt some locomotives around the yard, 082,074,161 and 183 were all started up and checked out by the resident fitter before being shutdown again.
  13. As the last of the CIE road freight trucks arrive back at the Lakeview freight yard-its time to close the gates to the compound and wish everyone a happy new year
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