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  1. Lads-Any chance of fast tracking a Super train liveried 001 class for Christmas...it would be perfect for hauling these new additions to the range.......just sayin.......
  2. Bank holiday Monday freight action. According to the 1981 CIE working timetable there was an 11:35 liner departure from Belfast Adelaide freight depot to Northwall, Here we see the BELL freight liner unusually being hauled by Metro Vick locomotive 226 pass through Tara junction station making good progress.
  3. It’s a quiet bank holiday weekend at the Lakeview freight depot
  4. Shop local and support Irish business's, Model rail base boards in Edenderry. https://www.modelrailbaseboards.com/home
  5. Great news -an order has been placed for a selection of wagons ,luckily I have spare plough vans which will come in handy.
  6. When B134 developed low power problems,it and B188 were sent to the MPD for attention on the load bank... Here we see B134 being tested at the load bank-such a wonderful sound from its 645 engine... 085 passes through hauling the Northwall-Waterford BELL liner.
  7. The Asahi liner departed North-wall at 19:00 M-F and operated to a strict timetable to Ballina arriving there at 00:30-the operating instructions are a very interesting read, The wagons were maintained at the wagon shop in North wall.
  8. And would be useful for existing containers and keg loads too.......
  9. Without any shadow of a doubt.......superb
  10. Asahi twenty foot tanks please??? I’ll take fourteen..
  11. Good question...they seemed to float into place....
  12. The RPSI operated a private charter using their set of Cravens to and from Galway last week,locomotive 080 provided the power-here we see the train pass through Tara junction while returning to Heuston, I was fortunate to be able to work the real train...and the model one.... 085 passes in the opposite direction working the Northwall-Waterford BELL liner.
  13. Revel Matt yellow no’15 and Steve from Railtec transfers has the appropriate IR and IE decals for the forklifts....
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