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  1. Two are used for transporting the Donelli relaying gantries-and are fitted for both air and vacuum duel brake working-now there is a challenge for you Richie...hint hint..no pressure....😋
  2. Next up is the iconic Tara mines bogie wagon, After developing a brake problem which caused wheel flats the Tara wagon was worked at slow speed to the wheel lathe shop for attention ....
  3. Fantastic looking bogie wagon, well done yet again gentlemen, really looking forward to these wagons Here is a photo of a recently refurbished 42' bogie wagon 30183...
  4. I wish...….
  5. With the ever increasing locomotive fleet and the forthcoming models of the 121 and 001 class locomotives the new wheel lathe was installed over the weekend at the MPD on Tara junction, Here we see locomotive 0117072 become the first locomotive to use the facility, The CME observes proceedings as they prepare to move 072 onto the lathe, Here are a few photos of the operation.
  6. With thanks to GSI345 for commissioning another fantastic CIE model, Here we see the two new arrivals being welcomed by the depot supervisor and staff of the Tara junction bus garage, After being given a once over by the fitters they were soon put to use by the fleet controller....
  7. A better one here......
  8. Some more lighting has been added to the West end depot at Tara junction station. Thank you to Baseboard Dave for supplying the tower lights which have really transferred the night time operation of various parts of the layout. The pilot driver has moved 2601+2602 from the station to No1 fuelling point road while the cleaners refresh the interior, while that is happening the driver places locomotives 220 and 221 at numbers 2 and 3 roads for fuelling and later moves them into the shed for the fitters to examine and attend to any defects which may be noted in the log books,
  9. Excellent work Enda, always nice to see the tail lamps completing the rear of the liner-and even better when they are working.
  10. I bought the fantastic newly released Bachmann class 90-(90 005) in Intercity livery-while on a recent visit to the UK, Its a superb model, with the retractable buffers to the raising and lowering feature of the pantograph and different light setting.
  11. Some new lights have been added to the MPD and staff mess room at Tara junction. Locomotives receiving attention were 166 on the lifting jacks minus bogies and a fuel tank while 201 C class locomotive is having its brake blocks replaced.
  12. Maybe three years jhb, our mutual friend formally of Connolly shed and valeting plant will fill us in on his next outing on the RPSI..... Here is a photograph of mine I found of one of the IR logo Cravens in a derailed state outside Claremorris on 24/06/1989 while part of a Knock special from Balbriggan to Claremorris.
  13. From my notes, Cravens coaches 1511,1516,1522,1544 and 1557 received the large IR logos on the sides.
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