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  1. Yes DC, Jim does have plans for books on other lines-e.g the south and south west and east and south east in due course-and yes all covering the same time period. if you like the 1970s to the early to mid 2000s then this one is I deal for you. And 97 more colour photos between the front and rear covers….!!!
  2. Hi all, There is a new book on irish railways about to be published by my good friend Jim Edgar, It is the first in a series of books on Irish railways covering the period from the early 1970s to the mid 2000s, The cost is £11.50 with £4.00 P&P and can be purchased directly from his website at www.markle.co.uk, Also the RPSI have some for sale on their website, I would highly recommend the book as a valuable resource for modellers of that iconic period,with some rare photos of long gone locations,locomotives and traffic.
  3. Thank you LC.....if you look closely you can see the passengers queuing in the aisles for the Cravens bar car 1508, its thirsty work on these football specials.......
  4. All Ireland final day 2021 produced extra activity at Tara junction with special trains from Mayo and one from Belfast , 124+134 work the 07:00 Westport-Dublin Connolly special consisting of 10 Mk2 a/b coaches. NIR 208 working 08:30 Belfast-Dublin Connolly 7 piece Mk2 set 132+152 working the 07:15 Ballina-Dublin Connolly 10 piece Mk2d set 190+184 working the 08:00 Westport-Dublin Connolly with 9 Cravens and 2 BR GSVs, 201 arrives at the platform with the regular 08:05 Dublin Heuston-Westport 8 Mk3 set, 6101+130 leads a push pull Mk3 set forming a Claremorris-Dublin Connolly special. 085 has charge of the 5 piece Mk3 Executive train which had the Mayo team on board. 127+133 were the standby locomotives and were ticking over on the turntable road.
  5. From a good friend who worked on Mk3 coaches back in the day-and knew them inside and out… Re colour of bogie springs on MK 3 carriages. The springs on delivery on the first batch were failing in service, BREL admitted some were faulty but not all . The new batch were coloured yellow on carriages and blue on the heavier bogie on the generating Van's. So on carriages in service some were yellow and black.
  6. It sure was….keep watching….specials galore will be uploaded later on…
  7. Friday night freight under the lights at Tara junction station. Locomotives 161+121 work a heavy laden bogie fertiliser through Tara junction. 127+133 wait a crew change while hauling the ammonia train from Shelton abbey to Marino point, 187 has arrived at the platform with the branch train.
  8. Having received attention at the MPD, class 20-20 132 is available for traffic
  9. Good choice,well done to all at IRM, I like the close couplings and interior lights function I will support this venture.
  10. Its a quieter time for the Coke facility in Ballina.
  11. Is that a distant A class headlight I see approaching the Russian frontier,........
  12. Unloading of some used track panels has been taking place this afternoon at the Riverside permanent way depot, Locomotive 074 is being used to shunt the wagons into position for unloading by the machines.
  13. Good idea,the wife would have a fit if she’s sees a large crate of A class locomotives arrive….softly softly will do nicely
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