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  1. Looking fantastic Eammon, best of luck with it
  2. You could always do the 071 tour to Sligo on Friday 10th May-with a stopover at Dromod of approximately 90 minutes to visit the Cavan & Leitrim railway on the way down and a fast spin back to Dublin...
  3. Thanks Dave for your continuing and informative updates
  4. Thanks Rich. Its much appreciated. I am in the fortunate position to have an insight into the workings of the real railway and try to mirror them in the miniature world of Tara junction.
  5. Here you go.....Castlerea, Claremorris and Ballina
  6. 071 to do the Claremorris-Ballina-Westport-Claremorris leg of the tour, 075+082 will be stabled on the Ballinrobe siding nearest the station in Claremorris while 209 is allocated to work the North wall-Ballina IWT liner at it will be stabled on the lake siding which is directly behind the Ballinrobe siding.
  7. With less than 24 hours to go until the RPSIs West awake rail tour we see a test run of 075+082 together with the Cravens set of coaches, 071 was used to shunt release the coaches to allow the 2x071s return back to the MPD. Here are a selection of photos and videos of the operation...…
  8. 175 hauls the heavy ballast hopper train through the station.
  9. With an intensive couple of weeks ahead for ballasting both sets of ballast trains are now a regular sight on Tara junction, Here we see 071 arrive from the south with a fully loaded HOBS set containing 300 tonnes of stone, while across the platform 175 is also coupled to the two axle hopper train which has roughly the same tonnage of stone available, Johnny the ballast guard keeps an eye out on proceedings in the rear plough van 24853. Also seen is the rare sight of the Mk3 push/pull set stabled in the bay platform having been pushed in there by 234,it is covering for one of the 2600 railcars which is undergoing some maintenance to one of its engines.
  10. Locomotive 175 awaits the signal to enter the permanent way possession to discharge ballast from the two axle ballast hopper train which is now complete with the superb plough vans-well done gentlemen for taking the time and effort to bring us the fantastic models..
  11. Looking great gents,Thank you for the valuable updates..
  12. And the motive power was nice too....
  13. Here's one I done earlier...…..😋
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