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  1. Delighted to see Kieran's fabulous layout being featured in the iconic Railway modeller- it is well deserved for the time and effort that he has put in over the last few years, he is a gentleman and I have always looked forward to meeting him at the various exhibitions to catch up, Looking forward to purchasing the magazine.
  2. Volume 11- February 1973 -No 60 contains the relevant details and a piece on the introduction of the Mk2ds to traffic.
  3. Superb looking model- love the interior cab console details, well done to all concerned..
  4. A busy afternoon ahead for the 08 shunter at the factory sidings as a lengthy freight arrives on the loop behind the 2x20s.
  5. A drone shot of the busy Lakeview rail freight yard as retro liveried locomotive 071 arrives from the MPD to work the bogie spoil train to North wall,
  6. Regular updates are given on this page along with various Facebook Irish railways pages, We are also fortunate to have two members who contribute to and have contacts with some of the leading UK railway magazines, with one magazine in particular doing an article during the early days of the project. A well known Irish radio & TV personality recently paid a visit to the site and was impressed with what he has seen so far and will give the project a mention on his return to the airwaves next month.
  7. They are well worth it.....and are ideal for the 1990s/2000 era on Irish rail...
  8. As they say ''Rome wasn't built in a day'',thanks for the kind donation Kevin, Jim is fortunate in that he has a reliable volunteer base from various backgrounds including railway operations, engineers,accountants,fitters etc who are all keen and driven to see this come to fruition
  9. Forklifts LV1 & LV2 are busy at the Lakeview railfreight yard....
  10. The unique one of its kind MDS 25 school bus gets a run out of the depot after receiving attention in the garage......
  11. A bundle of joy arrived at Tara junction.....thank you IRM......
  12. Another bundle of joy arrived last week, and another big congratulations are in order to the lads at IRM. A selection of photographs taken earlier at a busy Lakeview rail freight yard sees retro liveried locomotive 071 arrive from the MPD after refueling to work the bogie spoil train consisting of spent ballast from the recently extended freight yard and some life expired concrete sleepers, The fourth photo shows the interior of the cement/fertilizer store which has been fitted with interior lighting-it has really added to the scene, Forklifts LV1 and LV2 are busy loading cement and Guinness kegs while the bulk cement bubbles are unloaded, Pictures speak louder than words.....enjoy....
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