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  1. The CIE bus garage on Tara junction was busy this evening with various types of buses arriving and departing, A new building has recently been constructed beside the garage which houses the local area offices and staff mess rooms-a welcome addition. Here we see a few photos of the scene where we see some M class buses parked up for the night having being cleaned internally and externally and fuelled in preparation for tomorrow mornings departures to all four corners of Ireland....
  2. Superb slow speed running, you have really captured the distinctive shape of this unique locomotive, well done gentlemen, looking forward to a closer inspection at the exhibition
  3. Imagine the sound of the A class hauling eight laden ferts up the bank and through bog road level crossing shaking the foundations of the gatekeepers house in the process.....Just sayin…..
  4. Bundle just purchased....Too good to resist, I have fond memories of working with the real wagons both in shunting and unloading of the wagons, I was never any good at the latter and always preferred the shunting
  5. Completed, good luck lads..
  6. Enjoyed seeing this layout and meeting Gerry earlier today, the depot was certainly a hive of activity and noise when I was there...
  7. Lovely to meet you again Gerry as was seeing the Diesel depot which was buzzing with activity, Overall from what I experienced it was a quiet exhibition, it needs more modern image layouts and a couple of traders, Thank you to WRENNEIRE for his bargains.....I'll see you in October for more
  8. A busy Saturday afternoon on Tara junction saw retro 071 arrive with the RPSI Cravens set while working the Emerald Isle Craic express tour from Galway to Westport, 222 has arrived at platform two hauling a Mk4 set on a down Cork service, 6101+234 await the signal to proceed from platform one, 0117072 roars through the up main road with the heavily laden Tara mines ore train. 2607+2608 await passengers off the down Cork service over on platform four, this railcar normally serves platform three but was diverted at the request of the RPSI on board train manager who required the longer platform for loading of supplies.
  9. Having seen intensive use since its introduction to service CIE ballast plough van 24851 is seen here in the wheel lathe shed at Tara junction MPD having been shunted in and hauled out by the current works pilot locomotive 226, A few turns on the lathe and the van was ready to re-join its hopper train again. Here are a selection of photos of the shunting movement.....the red tail lamps were switched on while the lathe was in operation to prevent any coupling up of the pilot locomotive.
  10. In for wheel turning on the Lathe at the MPD on Tara junction is C class (201) number 225.....
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