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  1. As evening time descends on the locomotive stabling point at Tara junction-the floodlights come on to light up the area, as are the red lights on the rear of the locomotives, I wonder will the locomotive fleet controller allow 088 work the oil tank transfer ? 156+183 work a pallet cement train past the locomotive stabling point.
  2. Just like the real thing......
  3. Oh yes Popeye-superb weathering.....
  4. New machinery has arrived at the permanent way sidings-but a bit later than expected as the compound has been closed for the night, the lads will have to find a bed for the night and come back tomorrow morning for the opening time 08:00.....😋
  5. The 22:40 Marino point-Shelton abbey ammonia train arrives at Tara junction behind locomotive 086 for a crew change.
  6. So far so good-nice one Jason. Lots of potential there
  7. Hi Jason, Yes its one from Dave's range-highly recommended
  8. Bank holiday Sunday sees little activity at the freight yard sidings with 156+183 coupled to a pallet cement train while 080 works light engine to the MPD, Over at the locomotive shed a variety of locos in various livery's can be seen,inside the shed are 161 and 080, while outside are 143,152,185,001,192+160 234 is seen at the rear of the Mk3 push/pull set providing a shuttle service to and from Connolly station with control car 6101 leading.
  9. Thanks Fran, looks fantastic....
  10. Fantastic looking wagon gents-any chance of placing a 20' tank in the centre of the wagon just for comparison please? Or two tanks to replicate the empty tank return working-for present day modelling? See attached photos.
  11. Superb looking 001,Its going to be a fantastic end of year for 001s and 121s well done gents
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