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  1. Roof vents try Southern Pride models they also do mk2 roof hatches
  2. Super work Phillip, if your doing 4401/4402 the two details which can be added are the roof vents which were straight in line as they were ec FK corridor coaches another detail which shouts Mk2b were the black bump stops on the doors Lima omitted these but they do make the coach standout .
  3. I think the roof hatch was possibly used for access to the water storage tank for the toilets? I dont think they went out of their way to make them like MK2c's the majority of the conversions were ex MK2c FO five of them so it was a matter of using similar interior's materials wise . If your doing a 4402/4401 buffet a good place to start is a LIMA MK2b FK hile nt perfect comparied to the Bachmann Mk2's this can be picked around the place pretty cheaply and with a little effort can be made into an acceptable converson .
  4. Your correct they are difficult to model as they are unique, both 4401 and 4402 are ex Br Mk2b FKs these coaches were completely gutted and rebuilt buy IE using new and replacement parts so Thaler had bits of everything on them 4402 had roof hatches fitted similar to the later Mk2 c/d , it also had a replacement door off a mk2d with vent at the top of the door very unusual.
  5. How about a CIE GUY tractor unit or AEC Mandator in black or orange with bulk cement trailer which would go very nicely along side the Bulk Cement Wagons ?
  6. Fingers crossed Patrick!!!!!!!
  7. There is a picture taken by David Boyle in' Irish Metro-Vick Diesel's ' by Barry Carse of A42 in Green in July 1966 on a goods train from Dublin to Sligo passing MP3.
  8. flange lubricator

    flange lubricator

  9. I would be interested in one of those John .
  10. yes a couple more with different numbers would be nice
  11. Much prefer the red oxide bogies to the pie ball ones .
  12. Did the baby powder use yang Ming containres at one time too ?
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