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  1. Received by Fert wagon's today and what can I say the word sublime comes to mind. I am wondering will at some stage in the future IRM make available the sambre et meuse Y25 bogies as an accessory?
  2. Here's another O'Dea photo of the vans under construction http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000304519
  3. Curiouser and curiouser , Des Coackhams book Irish broad guage carriages refers to the twelve coaches built by the GSR as 60'0" long and 9'0" wide which I think maybe incorrect they were not all uniform . Looking at pictures 10'0" seems too wide more likely 9'6" or 9'0"wide ? here is another picture from the O'Dea collection of the 1960 built van next to a four wheeled heating van which is 10'0" at waist . Both coaches would be either 9'0"or9'6" at cantrails the bogies vans always looked very straight or slab sided . http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000304884 in the IRRS journal no 37 vol 7 Modern CIE coaching stock by D Kennedy he mentions the vans as 61'6" long 9'0" wide and a carrying capacity of 6 tonnes.
  4. The 2549-2558 vans were a complete copy of 2548 which was a Bredin designed Van from 1935 built by the GSR for the Cork mails with the exact same dimensions 60'0 long 10'0 wide the major difference being the latter version used a triangulated underframe and commonwealth 8'0 bogies , as mentioned by Mayner above SSM models already do model 2548 as a brass kit . http://www.studio-scale-models.com/BredV.shtml Another picture of the van new with a very well turned out Guard standing beside it . http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000305119
  5. I would certainly be interested in two.
  6. The only thing of note is the original Craven fitted with battery boxes
  7. The word kink is not something one would normally associate with the O'Dea collection but I see what you mean the kink as you call it is the triangulated under frame designed by Oliver Bullied and used on most Inchicore built stock from the mid 1950's to mid 1960's.
  8. The very humble parcel van yet through the mid 1970's to late 1980's featured on many trains throughout the system even featuring as single coach with loco on the Tralee and Sligo mail trains , they were converted from 1950's built compo's and standard coaches not Laminate's, 2583 was 1613 a compo built 1951 and converted to a van in 1974 . I was hoping that Mayner might consider doing an brass overlay for these , the only difficulties would be the number of doors's which might make the cost prohibitive .
  9. That's a fabulous picture and rare too of 2560 this was withdrawn not long after this picture was taken , when you look at the dimensions of this coach a conversion from a Dapol Stainer 60' wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility to reproduce a very good model . I love the Lettering under the number 'tender no lights'.
  10. Again from the wonderful O'Dea collection parcel van 2554 brand new 'out of the box ' perhaps on trial 1960 so freshly out shopped in green. http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000304884
  11. Again from the wonderful O'Dea collection parcel van 2554 brand new 'out of the box ' perhaps on trial 1960 so freshly out shopped in green. http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000304884
  12. There was a lot, fert's , liners , baby GM's , 071's, bubbles , mk2D's and cravens at very good prices they went very quick .A case of first up best dressed.
  13. well spotted BGSV two steps upper step seems to be hung from the underframe and a lower step which looks like its fixed to the axle keep .
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