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  1. B121 was the first of the class to be converted for multiple working B134 was the second , suspect this is the up Waterford on a Sunday morning .
  2. I stand corrected, that means the whole class received this modification then .
  3. No the reverser would be in the direction of travel but the notch controller 1-8 would be pushed away from the driver unlike the other GM notch 1-8 towards the driver nice footage here at 22.00 mins of 121 notching up
  4. The 121 were sometimes a source of confusion for younger or more inexperienced drivers when trying to switch on the head lights the switch marked “front headlight “ refereed to the bonnet end “rear headlight “ referred to the cab end as in the US the front of the locomotive is the bonnet end .
  5. Working 121 class bonnet first did happen occasionally but there had to be a second man present during such workings .
  6. One thing to bear in mind is by IE days the majority of the compos and firsts were de classified as standards . Great footage here (at 08.15) of an up Sligo made up of 3 standards 2 compos (de classified) 1 first (de classified) 1 diner and 1 compo very typical mix . Interestingly enough the ex first is maybe 5104 with black window surrounds and 5215 also with black window surrounds no silver both these coaches were rebuilt by BREL in 1987/88 following a incident at Newry in 1985 .
  7. Looks good Noel difficult around the doors , I think the reverse masking method works great when it’s a single white line at the top on the Black and Tan livery which is thicker than the white line on the IR / IE livery I imagine it would be very challenging and increases the risk of small bits of the paint coming off with the masking tape .
  8. The would have survived on the beet campaign up until late 1970’s
  9. The day after they get the money and approval for that they will remove the rail link. If it was a realistic proposition the rail would go all the way to the quayside so you could unload straight from the ship onto the train. The prospect of rail traffic would be doomed from the get go , its only included to boost the plans green credentials and nothing else .
  10. Park Royals would be a good option , as there were plenty of liveries , sliver , green, black and tan and dual white stripe and a number of variants mainline , suburban , with guards van , snack car and ambulance coach .
  11. My 4x 20'container packs arrived great job , roll on the 10' uniloads ......................?
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