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  1. Prisoner has escaped from Mountjoy and Gardai are looking into the Mater .
  2. Great work , I will pick up a few of these at Blackrock in October hopefully the Sterling will still be favourable to us in €uroland
  3. Great layout as always a couple of black and tan 121's will look very at home when they arrive hopefully later this year .
  4. I remember the so called beauty board on the inside side panels but the ends and centre partitions were a very nice veneer wood .
  5. The Fertilizer mainly ran from IFI plant in Arklow to various parts of the country and on occasion from Albatross in New Ross ,Gouldings in Askeaton via Foynes and even from Goulding’s in Farranfore .
  6. They look fantastic love the joins on the end panel to replicate the plywood finish
  7. Super job topclass modeling
  8. The 071's were always present on the Rosslare Line in the late 1970's , I remember about 1979 one would work the Rosslare passenger every few months instead of the normal pair of 121's maybe something to do with driver training /familiarisation ?
  9. I think the tablet catchers were the same height on all the locos would the issue have been the height of the window , which on a 121 was much higher than the other locos , this may have made the placement and retrieval of the staff from the snatcher more difficult? So in the original postion the snatcher was sitting at three o’clock from the cab side but in the revised position was the at five o’clock from the cab side and when pull back was easier for the snatcher man to retrieve ?
  10. The RPSI's 1463 in Black and tan in Nov 1984 at Mullingar still one of my favorite liveries
  11. Simply stunning you have captured the true essence of the laminate coaches what livery are you going for
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