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  1. 018 only 3 left , A15 only 1 left, both on the endangered species list too.
  2. There are many books published over the years with a plethora of middle of the road pictures of steam in Ireland they are great because of the rarity of the content with the odd gem in amongst the pictures , this book contains gems of the highest calibure on every page so if you think its too expensive then don't buy it , but if you do buy it you won't be disappointed.
  3. Received my first A class today dispatched yesterday and received from An Post this morning . The loco is simply stunning worth the wait of 3 years .
  4. I have just received a copy of this book and its a super publication worth the price the reproduction of the black and white images is suberb.
  5. No time for that you got to prep some A class for service on Tara Juction first!
  6. Any pics of it in the flesh or are your hands shaking too much to take a photo !
  7. The difference in delivery could be down to hours 24 maybe 48 after waiting 3 years you have to get things into perspective we could be pedantic but is it not worth it considering we have patiently waited this long . Too dispatch the orders in the way you suggest might involve re picking the orders and may inadvertently delay the deliveries overall .
  8. Well it will be an internet Auction too
  9. Interesting auction of memorabilia and vintage models Purcell Auctioneers | Auctions | Exceptional Collection of Irish Railwayana and Model Railway Collectab...
  10. If you fancy re numbering an A class here's a great tutorial on how to re number a loco ,
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