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  1. currently available in Aldi at €6.99. 41 piece hand drill and bits https://www.aldi.ie/workzone-41-piece-hand-drill-set/p/800452370679402
  2. As always oozing atmosphere love the mix of cattle wagon colours grey and red oxide .
  3. Nice work GM171kk they are the earlier keg pallets they were lifted off the train and straight onto the lorry for onward's delivery to pubs
  4. Nice job on the wagon here one in Cork looks like the bottom half is in red oxide
  5. Nice picture of A19 with a covered H van which is 'fitted' for vacuum brakes I wonder had it come off a passenger train.
  6. Here is a good picture of some Vac Brake versions one with 60M.P.H Brian Flanagan photo from flickr
  7. Looks great Patrick I have three to do all you need is the transfer saying '60MPH and VAC Brake ' I find it incredible the thought that those wagons were past for 60 mph on the back of a passenger train , one can only imagine what the journey was like for the poor cattle .
  8. Here is another interesting one if you notice the open top black container to the left of the picture with the CIE broken circles on it , I think these were used for carrying scrap metal to Cork for many years used to be a regular to see some of them on the midday liner , they would be easy enough to reproduce using a kit from C rail containers and remove the top.
  9. Here is a picture from a previous thread , with the same wagons which seem to be slightly oversized so are marshalled in between a 20' container .
  10. 189 was the first loco to haul them , then over the years 201's, 071's, 121's, 141's, 181's, pairs mixed pairs and even single 121's if that was your thing , but never an A .
  11. The bogie Bulks were never hauled by the A class as they were air braked wagons the A class were never equipped for air braked trains (029 was as a trial ). Nice job on the wagons
  12. Irish cement ivory https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/precisionrailway/irish/14p887
  13. Fabulous picture by Jonathan Allen from Flickr lots of CIE containers and B&I line containers love to see C Rail do a 20' B&I container like this .
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