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  1. For those who are interested the IRRS Flickr has been updated with more pictures the latest additions from the Tom Dowling Collection as has been said before access to these collection's is worth the Membership alone . Thanks to Ciaran Cooney for taking his unpaid time to scan and upload all of these fabulous pictures .Irish Railway Record Society | Flickr
  2. The IRRS Flickr site is an invaluable resource for the railway modeller with many unseen pictures of rolling stock available to inspire anyone modelling the Irish Scene .
  3. This is one with flying snail from the O’Dea collection https://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000304367
  4. There is always some in Hattons second hand and the price is not too bad . https://www.hattons.co.uk/1526097/dapol_4p_010_011_po14_rtr_60ft_stanier_corridor_composite_in_br_carmine_cream_pre_owned_good_box/stockdetail
  5. 184 requires extensive work front tube plate and possibly a cylinder block .
  6. I think some may have had their buffers replaced as they years went by with the more modern buffers as they came in for repairs and overhaul in the works the addition to the newer slightly larger buffers the couplings also changed from three link to instantor type .
  7. This is a great addition to the range and utilising the same underframe the possibility of a ready to run H van could be a future addition. I wonder if a beet load or scrap metal load could be available as an accessory only asking for a friend.
  8. I think I mentioned it before about having a countdown timer to a countdown timer.
  9. Very sad May Fred rest in peace .
  10. I’m westcork railway and so is my wife !
  11. They are very nice models virtually the same as the GNR covered vans which CIE inherited following the dissolution of the GNR they also have the same Morton brake rigging.
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