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  1. Some of the 121 class were operating in Supertrain livery with no MU connections notably 122,123,125, 132 & 133,there may have been more , by 1978 following the conversion of 125 all Supertrain locos would carry the full array of pipework and MU sockets at that stage .
  2. Don’t think he had any interest in trains , he was allegedly a bit of a BR Class 50 when it came to the old cocaine.
  3. As far as i remember about £30 I ordered and paid for the complete kit and they contacted me too say they had no more bogies so I asked them to supply the body only which they did and organised a refund for the difference , I looked at the IFM one but thought the buffers were too high so I got the DC kits one instead .
  4. B135 is an EMD 2 stoke diesel it will burn it anyway
  5. Is that one of the later 1960 built 3148-3152 heating vans with the inward opening doors with a 1909 series laminate brake and a (1964 built) Craven with battery boxes fairly new and possibly a Buffet car and full first too .
  6. Great job Noel , you don’t need boilers on these as they were removed during the conversion to EGV .
  7. I got one recently from DC kits but it was just the body I think that’s all he had left , I got the bogies from silverfox and made the chassis myself.
  8. In the 1980’s for long periods they were paired numerically this then became whatever was available.
  9. Yes , there are a couple more I’m sure , the snatchers are not perfectly correct on the B121 and B135 , however these are minor niggles a lot of these can be corrected easily enough and do not take away from the fact that these are an absolutely superb model , none of the other models 141 , 181 071 and 201 had so many modifications / variations on the original locos as the 121 class no handrail / handrail, std centre window/small centre window , MU socket / no MU socket, vent on side skirts / no vents on side skirts , door vents / no door vents , blanked out cab windows, roof aerials , then
  10. If the stock is runing low hopefully they will put up a post to that effect call it a "spoiler alert "!!!!
  11. All of the 121 class would have received Catwalk handrails in the early 1970’s , fitting them for MU(Multiple Unit) working would take longer B121 being first (1973) , B134 second (1974/75) B131 was fitted for MU in late 1975 so the model is spot on , B125 was not fitted for MU working while in Black and Tan , it was the last 121 fitted with MU equipment in 1978 and by that stage it was in Supertrain livery so again the model is spot on . While on the subject of handrails the 141, 181, and 071 class came built with EMD catwalk handrails , the catwalk handrails on the 121 were made in
  12. Simply stunning locos , that's not the murphy's plate that the EMD makers plate
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