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  1. Yes the handrails will have to be removed on the FK's(IE did fit handrails to the snack cars 4401 & 4402)
  2. Try independent motor factors for the Holts or Simoniz brands
  3. Dont forget the nettle tea ! IRM doing wonders for our BMI and helping us shed the extra covid pounds .
  4. Never judge a model by the colour of the box , we have waited so long for RTR models like this I somehow dont think people will be too worried about the box colour to be honest .
  5. I believe 044 051 205 183 & 187 but not too sure how long they carried them. Excellent picture of 183 & 187 on the IRRS Flickr site in Cork both ex works sporting black roofs.
  6. Any good motor factor should have it
  7. 019 never ran in that livery so don’t know how popular it would be. Personally I would love to see Class leader 001 in supertrain livery with highlighted front numbers and black roof panels as appeared in those publicity pictures certainly would be a seller for me . 018 looks great
  8. I didn't mean Mk2 D and Cravens were compatable . When larege rakes of Mk2ds eight plus set were made up two mk2d EGVs were used , when large sets of cravens were used eight nine or ten cravens two GSV's were used one at each end .
  9. I dont think they were compatable .The train was coupled together except for the electrical systems they were two seperate systems . A similer thing would happen with a eight piece plus Mk2D sets were used two EGVs would be used , also when more than eight cravens were used in a set two GSV's would be used one at each end an the electrical systemd split in the centre .
  10. Presume there will be alternate notch controllers for the respective A (10 notch ) and Ar ( 8 notch ) ?
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