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  1. The coach behind 021 is 32xx BGSV converted from 1950's built stock
  2. B5 primary light blue , secondary white.
  3. While not a Park Royal this is a build of a worsley kit by Eoin Murray which is very similar
  4. The palvans were introduced in about 1964 .
  5. The spoils are suitable and are still available https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/ie-spoil-wagons/products/cie-ir-42-flat-spoil-wagons-bundle
  6. Before the men in white coats get you !
  7. Here's one of 4105 ex British Rail FO 6401 /SO 3157
  8. Well if one was offered it would be bad manners to turn them down .
  9. I would imagine it would , I do wonder if IRM would be making available the 5'3" version of the B4 & B5 as an accessory which I think would be a huge seller allowing us to convert existing stock like Mk1 GSV's , Cravens etc
  10. They probably didn’t want to be accused of teasing us especially if the IRM Mk2 is photographed coupled to a Murphy Bachmann Mk2a !! If they want a sample of a Murphy Bachmann MK2a I’m sure we could rustle one up to IRM towers for research purposes.
  11. I think as they were building the coaches they were morphing from Mk2b into Mk 2c 4112 also has two roof hatches? , The vents are what were called 'GM vents' I belive very similar to what were on the cravens , most Mk2c had Roe Vac vents . Whatever chances we have of seeing some MK2b's and Mk2c's in IE/IR livery I doubt 4112 would be one of them as it a total oddball .
  12. Here are a couple that I posted before of one of the MK2b FK buffet cars , interestingly enough 4106 Mk2c FO is still in existance at Kilmeadan and 4402 ex Mk2b FK at Moyasta.
  13. Perhaps this might wet the apatite 202 at Portarlington with the Athlone ex Heuston summer 2003 the Coach behind the loco is 4112, the second coach is a Mk2c (Ex FO) the third coach is a MK2b ex(FK),
  14. no unfortunately not im afraid
  15. Converting these coaches was simply a matter of changing seats and other internal fixings curtains etc no structural changes were necessary.
  16. perhaps this should be in a different thread not to take away or confuse it from the new Nir Mk2 thread ex BR mk2's - Questions & Answers - Irish Railway Modeller
  17. Wow missed that so the three pack of Irish rail 410x series at some point in IE/IR livery ???
  18. Have had a good look at these and wow what a coach, details like bump stops on the doors are a super detail that is a very small but important part of the MK2b look. I think these coaches will certainly be up there with the best MK2's on the market and definitely worth the money . Unfortunately for me NIR is not my scene /era so I wont be participating on this occasion , I am quitely hoping that that IRM will do some MK2c's in particular Mk2c FO which ran on IR as 4103,4104,4105,4106,4107and as NIR 903 these along with a MK2b FK which is being offered by Accurascale reconfigured would do Irish Rail 4109, 4401 & 4402 perhaps its too much wishful thinking on my part .
  19. That would be a great choice , lots of livery varations and versions snack car , passenger , brake, even ambulance.
  20. The O 'Dea pictures are available from the National Libary. Collection: O'Dea Photograph Collection (nli.ie)
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