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  1. Ha ha - a chap on this railway heritage page has just described the modern vehicles as "psychedelic sausages"... https://www.facebook.com/groups/britainsrailwaysremembered/permalink/2449257608623637/ I saw a white Pendolino running past out in the wild on the WCML yesterday - it really did look quite nice.
  2. The current Liberation Sites in the Republic. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1uQBJsuTiAy13ozyGxa6zw9EzrCbl4dVU&ll=52.57355874044342%2C-7.998124950000033&z=8 Showing a tendency to be in the vicinity of railway traffic..? On the Big Island, it seems to be all road traffic now - there is a small business near me with two specially fitted release trucks, though they're not 'at home' on any of the available Street View shots.
  3. Ghost train... I actually quite like it - I don't like all the swoopy, colour-fading stuff that seems trendy these days.
  4. Very little fiddly stuff. It won't last long, though - it's just a transitional phase as the operator changes over...
  5. Is that Marklin? Which set? There could be a bit of interest at this time of the year, perhaps?
  6. Is 'she' letting you go off to Hamburg with 'the lads'..? She sounds easily-led... Does she have a sister?
  7. B 46...? Do you have this unique vehicle as a corporate jet for your international jaunts? Only a three-seater, but I suppose somebody has to stay in the office..?
  8. I get a 404 error for that, but patience is a virtue much prized amongst the modelling communities.
  9. That needn't stop us - get stuck in!
  10. Invisible model railways? Much easier to get away with buying stuff for...
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