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  1. There are graphited oils out there which can cause insulation failure issues, They tend to be a darker, more opaque colour than general oils.
  2. I only just got time to start the camera up - luckily it was on the seat next to me at the time. 086 trundling back over the crossing. The power for the gates was not controlled remotely...
  3. Woodland Scenics do four grades of their Hob-E-Lube oils, ranging from the Ultra Lite, almost paraffin, to the Gear Oil, like warm Vaseline. Each with a 'hypodermic' nozzle. The tubes will last your forever.
  4. No Hail Marys will be required for your full absolution, my son.
  5. But, somehow, much more than real...
  6. I think I saw a bit of TV about Blacksod Bay - it might have been Wednesday night, after half eight - probably TG4, but the sound was off. I can't seem to go backwards in their schedule...
  7. Ah, I think you just have to take a run at it, perhaps... I wonder if they might also be concerned that a bridge might be moved sideways where there are expansion joints at the abutments or the possibility that masonry courses could be sheared at mortar planes? There's always the possibility of cumulative issues from multiple strikes passing a damage threshold eventually, maybe. Some bridges do seem to get hit almost monthly now.
  8. Nice. Checking the exif data for those images shows that they have actually been rotated through a total of 360 degrees...
  9. Distances along wiggly lines on maps were generally done with this sort of thing.
  10. A planimeter is for measuring areas. Mine is an Aristo.
  11. Technical Drawing was a specific subject in most secondary schools on the Big Island up into the 1980s. I still have all my old stuff, flexicurves, French curves, stencils, adjustable set square, trammels, Rotring pens, etc. I finally got a planimeter a few years ago - always wanted one...
  12. That has the look of a British Thornton style set - although Hellerman used to sell German-made unbranded sets of a very similar type. The clasp fastening, rather than the later 'sliding bar' catches, would imply an earlier date. Sometimes, there was a bit of gold-blocked printing in the centre of the lid lining, with some sort of identification on it, but this often wore off quickly on the satin linings, more so than the 'velvet' ones. I still have my original set, bought for thirty bob in 1971, and a few more, picked up at boot sales...
  13. You did - I thought I was going mad, too - but, it was here.
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