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  1. Can you still get Brut Class 33..?
  2. "Fog in the Channel - continent cut off"..?
  3. I just entered the name of the town - and it's placed me between the 'main pub' and the chipper, That seems handy enough. My 'place of residence', in the legal sense, is on the Big Island, but I've been there less than half the time over the last three years.
  4. I ventured out beyond the 5km today - up the bog road to survey Bridge 194. This would imply that there are three other structures between here and bridge 190 above. One of them, 193, presumably, is this nuclear-bomb-proof culvert next-door. I can see what looks like one other, non-public, structure via google maps, about half-way between 190 and 194. The 'girder' of 194 is an interesting structure - a corrugated plate, formed from z-pieces, rivetted to joining plates.
  5. Broithe


  6. Mmmm... Would that include an NIR layout? Or even IoW? Or do they, perhaps, mean the physical location of the actual layout?
  7. http://www.waterfordmuseum.ie/exhibit/web/DisplayImage/K0qfsMMKxRJps/1/Manor_Street_Railway_Station_Waterford_City.html;jsessionid=F97116E9EA89A5324353A6620110FB0A
  8. What? Surely you have this on repeat in the car. Interestingly (perhaps), just before I started at Stafford Poly, Wizzard played there, supported by, of all unlikely people, Bob Marley and the Wailers...
  9. This is a good start? https://anticsonline.uk/Product/EFE-24107-Bedford-TK-Dropside-Crosville-NMB--176_N105208329
  10. Would it be feasible/worthwhile/desirable to cut out a small amount of the backboard and place some sort of 'concave bush' there - or something similar?
  11. A brief survey of the station, during the warm bit of the afternoon, revealed that the phone cabinet has been updated. Some details of the roof slates. I'm not sure I would advertise a lift as being 'non-stop'.
  12. Is that mascara you're wearing? Or a black eye..?
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