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  1. I think it might be a bit more frequent than that - I seem to remember a photo with a submarine 'shopped' into it just a few years ago. I was thinking that it would make a nice diorama for someone who doesn't like wiring or making 21mm track. Here.
  2. My understanding of how it works is that the magnet induces magnetism in the (presumably soft iron) parts of the couplers. The couplers will both be of the same pole, as their magnetism is induced from the same source, and, thus, they will repel each other. They can each only swing to one side - and, as they are necessarily facing each other, this means that they will swing in opposite directions, away from each other, thus uncoupling.
  3. Mmm, an interesting destination in a Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. Apparently, Ballymun gets other references, too - if you want to make a rather specialist kids' layout, beyond the inevitable Thomas one...
  4. A friend went to Albania in the early 1980s, during the Enver Hoxha times. A bit like going to North Korea now, but even more cut off from 'us'.
  5. A bit of extra time to stay eating and build up my strength is OK by me. It can wait until Lent, as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Rolling it to the kerb side can increase the excitement potential for pedestrians and cyclists. A separately-mounted beam requires substantial support, to avoid that coming down and adding to the danger. There's usually no simple, cheap and complete solution. There are often competing "owners", who may have different perceptions of the problem to them. In the one on the A51 above, it might have been 'better' to drop the road surface a few inches and forget about it, but that was a Highways issue and Network Rail 'owned' the problem.
  7. They've done this one - https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.879697,-2.1106227,3a,63.4y,290.68h,90.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suEiVvGFkOFfE3HugUaRFLA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 - near me a few years ago. It's only just 'under height', but it's out-of-town and so the speeds will be higher. I don't think it's been hit yet. With a skew bridge in this direction, though, you've also got the (slight?) possibility of rolling the impacting vehicle onto the opposing traffic. Using the bridge abutments is cheaper I suppose, though, than building new remote supports for a separately located sacrifici
  8. Right, they arrived today - two hours after I did - perfect timing! The timing is good in another way, too - I note that my genuine Lisduff ballast has nearly disappeared in the last ten weeks - I'll be making a mix in the morning for a test run. Others have commented on the healthy weight of the box and it certainly is a 'solid' product - it was odd, though, that the green box on its own felt slightly heavier than when the whole lot was in the brown outer box. Guessing the weight of a held object can be very subjective.
  9. I got stuck at the Alexandra Road lights this morning - I was turning left, but it all stayed red whilst this went on, so I took the opportunity to get these rather poor pictures. I did try to count the wagons, but I nearly fell asleep - there were lots...
  10. Automatic, nosing in a bit fast, hit the throttle instead of the brake... ... then kept pressing the 'brake' harder... At a guess.
  11. The term 'railcar' can confuse some people.
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