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  1. Ah, I see what you mean now - ignore my post above...
  2. Years ago, I used to use this in a similar situation, though not for long periods - it could well be one answer. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/Scotch-Spray-Mount-Repositionable-Adhesive/?N=5002385+3294603478&rt=rud There was (probably still is) a similar looking permanent version which was easy to use by mistake!
  3. Lit with a magnifying glass..?
  4. 2810 was looking slightly lonely... Some athleticism was displayed by the returning enthusiasts. As I passed the bridge, some effort was made by the Onboard Hospitality Staff to get me to board the train. Nowhere near as much effort as the loco crew put into trying to attract these three, though... And then they were off. With a cheery wave. And then they were gone.
  5. I caught it at Ballybrophy. I was slightly late and it was slightly early, so I didn't quite manage the 'distant approach shot'.
  6. Three bridge strikes today - two in Dublin and one at Portarlington...
  7. There comes a point where a driver is promoted to the post of Controller...
  8. This theme park actually exists - I understand that you can avail of a 10% discount by pronouncing the code-word "Vehicle" 'correctly'... https://www.gardaland.it/en/
  9. The website of the unfortunately named Pen Island organisation, does make it look like a rather weird theme park. http://www.penisland.net/
  10. @Admin needs to get a good grip of this, before things get out of hand.
  11. What you end up doing will depend upon the actual situation on the site - and its history. Some thought also needs to be given to the future, whether you're going to need to dig it up regularly or not - more of an issue with roads, I suppose, rather than railways. About £250,000,000 for the one above - https://www.railwayoperators.co.uk/2017/05/presentation-norton-bridge-remodelling-and-grade-separation-6th-october-2016/ - to reduce conflicting crossovers at an existing adjacent junction.
  12. Some of the issues and remedies - https://cdn.networkrail.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Earthworks-Technical-Strategy.pdf This new embankment near me did get supplied with trees. They need to be the "right sort of trees" to reduce the leaf-fall problems... You can see the overheads for the old line , and just see its rails at the bottom on the left - the new diverging line runs across at the top, where the work is going on in the picture - any slippage has the potential to disrupt the whole lot.
  13. Not the prettiest of scenery remodelling. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-49863653
  14. @heirflick was deported from Mullingar many years ago, he may know of some that you might not have already found, when he passes by here next...
  15. Mmm - more careful perusal of that tweet would have spotted the extra letter in "IaranrodEireann" and the lack of a 'Verified' sticker. Tut, I must be more careful in future...
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