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  1. If using certain publications, be sure to take the staples out.
  2. It is bizarre - I suspect there must be rumours of a cholera epidemic coming next... I know people who work in supermarkets, they say a delivery is gone in ten to fifteen minutes...
  3. Broithe


    Have you considered opening a health spa, offering alternative treatments?
  4. Broithe


    Tinfoil is a close replacement, and not in short supply - yet.
  5. Broithe

    Class 121

    The internet suggests that I could be back here in half an hour with a new microwave oven for £39. I bought one in 1983 for £180, the internet suggests that is equivalent to £522 today. To be fair, it is still working, just, though it is getting very slow now. I would always suggest getting an old-fashioned type, "with knobs on" - more reliable and quicker to use.
  6. Accurascale's next wagon?
  7. Bargain. There was a single roll with a Buy It Now of £1,000 on yesterday, but it's gone now....
  8. Would the rails (and sleepers?) be a little bit on the large side for 00?
  9. Ah, his elbow should be safe enough. 1,500 volts divided by 76 is just under 20 volts...
  10. It's a historical relic - explained here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EM_gauge
  11. Mmm, apparently, he had chills, and they were multiplying - it sounds like it was probably just a straightforward 'flu.
  12. Broithe


    Very little to report from today's inspection. The footbridge lighting has been renovated. It was wet and windy, it being a day in 2020 with a vowel in it... It was noted there there were a few cars parking in the 'ballast yard', possibly semi-officially, but parking is becoming a real issue there now, I would have been hard put to find a place to leave the car for more than the few minutes that I was there.
  13. Obviously, your account has been hacked.
  14. Insist on using a scale rule.
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