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  1. Track Safety Coordinator..?
  2. We'll need to check that weekly...
  3. With only a very small amount of rearrangement along the back, at the wall, you would have the space for a reasonably substantial swear jar, which would help in reducing the financial shock of future projects.
  4. Some of the gates do manage to keep their heads down. And some get extended - twice. Three times, if you count the additional side gate. We're not going to keep everything, and sometimes people just aren't interested in some things to any great extent. There were many magnificent things in the past, typewriters, mechanical calculators, even VRCs, that aren't of much interest to 'modern people', beyond the transient curio value. As long as a representative selection survives, that is probably enough.
  5. Was the Killarney motor museum the Lucey one? That was originally in Port Laoise whilst he was still practicing as a vet, before retiring and moving off south west. I called there once, in the hope of having a look round, but he was on holiday and the housekeeper thought I didn't look trustworthy enough to be let in. Understandable. really... It's not all black and white on the 'old stuff' front. I realised, during the lockdown, whilst I was trying to cycle every road as the radius went up, just how many roadside pumps were left. I initially expected there to be about a dozen, but I'm heading for three figures now. In the same size area in England, I know of four. There is a similar higher Irish survival rate for things like wrought-iron field gates, milk stands, lime kilns, etc. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1IgMK3uJ3xIxafN0Y9ScYVvMhA5ZF7nvO&usp=sharing https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzK7xj
  6. Any dusky pics need to be of maidens.
  7. Not dazzle, per se, but this is an interesting approach. This is Tirpitz, pretending to be a block of flats. It's towards the end of the fitting out, in Wilhelmshaven, 1940.
  8. I was under pressure to 'do something' for this Valentine's Day scam last Wednesday, so I decided to make a proper go of it. I booked us a quiet table for two. I expected to be complimented on my thoughtfulness. However, it all turned into a total disaster. Apparently, I was supposed to know that she doesn't like snooker.
  9. Other ghost trains may be available. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20150723-why-britain-has-secret-ghost-trains
  10. Go to your first post here - click the three dots in the top right corner - click 'edit' - edit the title text to suit - click 'submit'.
  11. As you started this thread, you are able to edit the title, if you want to. Something like "A possibly fictional steam engine and its place in the socio-economic history of railways in Ireland"...?
  12. Some US ships still carried dazzle camouflage in WW2. The ship in the picture, along with 23 others, was built in sections in the Rocky Mountains, then transported 1,000 miles to the coast for final assembly.
  13. For the sake of completeness, this is Mountrath & Castletown/Kilbricken - https://www.google.com/maps/@52.9634348,-7.4660293,102m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu - not so easy to see from the Street View, but still fairly complete. Catching a glimpse of it fleetingly as you go past can have you thinking you've passed Ballybrophy.
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