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  1. "Item Location" may not always be trustworthy on eBay, either. I recently bought a couple of Dremel chucks that they wouldn't send to anywhere outside GB and, being under house arrest 4.9km from Ballybrophy*, I got the seller to send them to a friend on the Big Island, as I'm in no real rush. I'll admit that I was suspicious that the stated location being Manchester just might have been untrue, but at that time, the £15 allowance still applied, so, even if my suspicions were correct, my agent would not be hit for an extra payment. When they arrived, they most certainly hadn't been po
  2. Obviously, the live-steam turf-burner will have been bumped up the list by the news that Bord na Mona are not going to be holding stocks of the necessary material for the required microsods for much longer.
  3. This could be handy as 'evidence', for when you run out of blue while painting the back scene...
  4. A little-known fact is that the meatballs served in IKEA cafés are actually made from customers who failed to find their way to the exit.
  5. I remember a game show where people were invited to update old proverbs. "As mad as a... ...phone-in caller."
  6. It seems to me that points are the issue - flexi-track wouldn't be hugely difficult, really 'simply' a matter of producing a suitable sleeper base and threading rail into it, much as Peco already do. Of course, people would want wooden and concrete sleepers.
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