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  1. Ulster Model Railway Club-UMRC Annual Exhibition 2018.Lisburn Station Become Silburn Station @ Ulster Model Railway Annual Exhibition 2018.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/157204341591981/?ti=cl This Link Works Fine IRM Members....
  3. I Bought Set off Ebay a Few Months Bck.Compressor + Tank,Air Hose & 2 Airbrushed Set.I Think Startin up The Project off Sprayin my own Models & It Starting 2 Cost More Than What I Thought It Would.4 Set of Lifecolours Panits of 6,Thinner, Cleaners.Satey Items 2 Get Nxt.😔😕😅😄😁b-4 I Start Mt Sprayin.
  4. I would in Interested in 3173 Maroon GAV 2 run with my Set.Is there any plans of 3173 Maroon GVS.So I Cn Make 1 Frm a Old coach.
  5. Cheers & Thanks 4 the True info of the Blue/Cream Craven Noel.
  6. Murphy Models did Produce theses Coaches 4 RSPI .There the Same as Murphy Models Craven Orang/Black Coaches Man.
  7. Far i hear Murphy Models made them 4 the RPSI production....Wreeneire
  8. That Murphy Models 4 u Divecontroller.........................There Not 2 Bad Did u Watch the 1st Vidoe @ the top of the Page that Lot of wobble the cream and blue to my eye especially the First coach.........
  9. Murphy Models Class 071/111,Class 201 & Bachmann/Murphy Models Class 141/181.... Please Subscrible 2 My Channel:Rails_of_Belfast. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrmtvHTm4RHcUnDQCxMOOA?view_as=subscriber
  10. Short Video clip of RPSI Craven coach Blue/Cream Set.... Please Subscrible 2 My Channel:Rails_of_Belfast. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrmtvHTm4RHcUnDQCxMOOA?view_as=subscriber
  11. Hello jhb171achill i would b interested in both Irish Railway Books if there still 4 Sale.
  12. That the Make i am lookin 4 .Would u hav any links 2 who might sell them Broithe
  13. Good Mornnin Group Members.Would Any Members Of The Group Hav Any Weathering Powder Sets 4 Sale r Send me a link were i cn get them. Pleases Let Me Know.Very Interested In Buyin.
  14. Hello & Welcome 2 my IRM Page.Feel Free 2 Click on my Picture's

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