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  1. That's an incredible snow machine, looks like something from a bond movie, with bond trapped in front of it but as usual makes a ridiculously improbable escape for being shredded. Think a bond baddie ended up on another type of snow machine in one of the Roger moore editions.
  2. Noel

    Guinness Keg Wagons

    Just my tuppance. Personally I prefer the idea of ordering from stock and paying for it just a few days before delivery. It gives a nice degree of certainty, and avoids the issue of delays which seem part of the specialist hobby supply business. Budgeting seems more the buyers responsibility. The guys have been very good at giving out timely information and news, so planning even with the odd delay should be possible. The gift cards is a good option, but not sure from Fran's answer above of there are any restrictions on use (e.g: if a card had say €500 on it, would it be possible to use €200 of the credit on one order and the balance on another order?, or is it one for one?) @Warbonnet Anyway these keg wagons look the business, saw one in the flesh last year at the SDMRC show, seriously impressed, even though a little out of my era, but just too dam good not to collect a few as they were a quintessential part of the Irish seen for decades.
  3. That looks so amazing I can hear the sound of sea gulls. Sublime, reeks of atmosphere and realism.
  4. They look superb. Really nice job.
  5. Some more progress. 3 done, 3 more to do. Then some 5 open plank wagons of the flying snail era. This hobby is near perfect for spending time at the work bench, before cabin fever sets in during this CV-19 crisis. These stand me about €10 each and doing them was inspired by scenes from @jhb171achill's book 'Rails into the West'. Will have to get the finger out on Gort as that is what these wagons are for.
  6. Noel

    Class 121

    Chill Dave. I apologise if I inadvertently caused any offence on mere discussion about liveries. I have never heard of any railway expert or rail enthusiast refer to CIE black livery, might just be me or my ignorance. I don't understand why you have taken such offence. Good evening.
  7. Noel

    Class 121

    I refer the matter to senior council the oracle on such matters @jhb171achill. Labels on boxes don't necessarily reflect what the prototype liveries were. This is a source of perennial confusion for some modellers. Speaking with PM personally he himself uses the terms "Supertrain livery" and "Black'n'Tan". In the wider context of CV19 going on outside in the real world, lets just call them coloured locos. 😁
  8. Noel

    Class 121

    Who mentioned Murphy? The B&W pic you posted was of an early 1960s GM 121 in the classic CIE "Black'n'tan" livery. Admittedly the tan was only on the solebar and front of cab. Supertrain livery was all over orange with a black band, which eventually morphed into IR and then IE liveries with the white tippex stripes added to what had been a Supertrain livery. CIE black livery was only used on a small number of early Sulzers, C class and A class often with the yellow panel on the cab front. @jhb171achill has posted many fine pieces on livery history. Comprendee kind sir? PS: Dave @WRENNEIRE Just for added clarity here is a Black'n'Tan livery 121 like the one in the B&W Photo you posted.
  9. Noel

    Class 121

    Yes that concurs Thanks
  10. Noel

    Class 121

    Dave do you know if it will have any of the advanced driving features that ESU released a few years ago with their new "Full Throttle" on board software. Such as coasting, braking, throttle hold (F5), short and long distant horns, these enable much more realistic driving. Especially the coasting and throttle hold feature that allow a switch to manual control of notching, simulating heavy trains starting off, trains coasting into stations, notch up when brakes applied, etc.
  11. Noel

    Class 121

    "There will be 5 liveries. CIE grey, CIE black, CIE black/tan, IR & IE." I presume that was a typo as no mention of super-train livery, and so far I had not heard of a CIE black livery on a 121. @WRENNEIRE?
  12. Noel

    Class 121

    WheelTappers did a 121 sound project for me using the 645E prime mover. I understand the 121s ended up being re-engined with the same motors as the 181s.
  13. All I know is the Ballinamore bridge on the Shannon-Erne waterway is one of the lowest on the waterway and some boats only have 1" headroom clearance requiring it to be walked through by hands under the bridge roof rather than by power.
  14. There is indeed a preservation movement at Dromod right beside the railway station. They also have about 1/2 mile of narrow gauge track. Very eclectic collection of vehicles and strange things collected in their yard. Everything from yellow submarines, to loco parts, to old trucks and buses and their narrow gauge rolling stock. They have the cab of a 121 loco. The guy who runs it is the spitting image of Norman Wisdom. Well worth a visit.
  15. We will probably see an increase in the no of 'reported' cases here in Ireland over next few days due to the increased testing regime, but as so many as of yet untested folks may have this with mild symptoms, the new testing regime is now picking them up, it may paint a more pessimistic picture in terms of the trend than what is actually happening. Stay safe folks and take care. Lots of plastic card, paints and wiring to catch up on. Now may be an opportune time to weather that stock that's been on the long finger since the world was normal.
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