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  1. Suggest send to MM direct in wexford street for warranty repair/replacement.
  2. I might respray one of my 071s in B&T just for the fun of it, or better still my sole 201 model which is in that ghastly orange and yellow livery.
  3. Indeed this is going to make it difficult to solve. I spoke with ‘a man in the know’, who understands a lot more about these matters than I do. First off he tells me the Murphy Model supplied decoder is an ESU LokSound V5 DCC which means its not AC analogue not that many use that now a days. So its not AC and DC ready as previously stated, DC only. The DC settings are set at 9v so its not going to move until it gets 9v and the motor settings are set at 8v so that all may be having an impact in this slow running. My advice would be to try and find a way to use a DCC controller, o
  4. Well yes the livery the prototype was given was a mistake and a botch job not matching the existing corporate branding or existing coaching stock at the time. A failed attempt to bring the mountain to Mohammed was made with the hideous and failed galway livery on coaches. No doubt a branding consultant was paid handsomely to convince CIE at the time to go for the confused botch livery. Aside from the boring shape of the prototype that confused orange yellow and black livery is one of the reasons I didn’t particularly like the prototype until it was redeemed with its current intercity green and
  5. They have excellent warranty service direct with customers
  6. Apologies @Michael Nolan I didn't get a chance to try the loco on DC today, preoccupied with snow up here in the mountains. Will try during the week.
  7. Noel

    Gort workbench

    Chipping away slowly with this scratch built Ticket office building for Gort station. Most enjoyable and therapeutic. Lots more to be done, but these two facades were the fiddely bits, the rest is just structure and roof, gutters, windows, etc.
  8. Noel

    Gort workbench

    It's slow but enjoyable. Gort ticket office. Track side and rear car park side.
  9. Yes swings and roundabouts but overall with the thinner sides and flush glazing it seems an improvement. It’s easy to add detail like door hinges and handles before painting.
  10. A DCC decoder has very limited and basic functionality on a DC layout. Our layout was DC converted to DCC but I can switch it back to DC mode by swapping two cables. I usually do this to test run new locos and run them in. The decoder you have obviously has been DC enabled as factory default setting (ie bit 2 of CV29 is on). You won’t have any control over CVs 3 & 4 ( acceleration and deceleration), nor CV5 (max voltage=max speed). If you had access to a DCC controller or somebody else’s DCC system these could be programmed. Questions for you: if you turn on your DC controller
  11. Noel

    Gort workbench

    A little progress on Gort's 4th building the cottage sized tick office, a strange little building. Laminated embossed sheet with structural sheet behind Stone window surrounds It should blend in a bit when its all painted grey. A strange little building with an open court yard.Lots more to do but fun chipping away at it.
  12. Hi Paul. Why possibly the end of modelling? Fortunately have one of those, but not sure I understand 'end of modelling'?
  13. Well done sourcing some rare items. That's a great collection
  14. I don't know, my pair also flicker on DCC track
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