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  1. Thanks. I didn't make it in Yesterday to have a look at one, at that price I may kit bash a Bachmann BCK into shape instead. Thanks for the info anyway.
  2. WMRC very professional as ever. Love that layout. So many detailed micro scenes crammed into such a small area.
  3. Congrats. Enjoy. B165 in that CIE Black'n'Tan livery IMHO is the iconic livery for those 1962 delivered GM locos. Some nice Cravens in there too.
  4. Thanks for photos Dave. 3173 looks good. Do you have a Price?
  5. Interesting. Will they have the proper Br Mk1 BCK window and door arrangement like RPSI 3173? Or just maroon versions of their current BSK variant of the Mk1 GSV (ie like 3185)?
  6. Super story scenes as ever. Reeks of atmosphere. Can almost imagine damp dew on the locos outside the shed and on the ground.
  7. Here's hoping one day they can get funding for electrification of some main lines, especially Cork-Dublin.
  8. Its not great but a bit of light fun.
  9. A bit naff with some daft animations such as land slides, volcanos, rocket launches, dinosaurs eating animals from passing trains, James Bond being flung from a train, etc. Episode one below, but the while series is on Youtube. Wonder if an Irish club will ever have a go in future series. Rivet counters will cringe.
  10. After seeing the pre-production sample of IRM/AS Deltic at the SDMRC show last weekend I had to order a BR green livery version. It will haul some of my maroon BR ex-LMS stock. The level of detail is simply beyond that ever seen on a British Outline model loco. https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/class-55-deltic/products/d9013-the-black-watch
  11. Ah Dave, yellow stuff, hard working but unloved best run at night in the dark so the public never have see it.
  12. Really interesting at the end of that video about 27m50s was 10mk2a's sandwiched between two modified dutch heating vans behind 074. My nostalgia memory was that trains seemed to be much longer 20-30 years ago and even more coaches in the 60s and 70s.
  13. Yes recently retro livery repainted 071 and 073 frequently haul RPSI specials, and their diesel rail tours.
  14. It can be a dilemma alright. There is a certain attraction to keeping a shiny new plastic model just as it arrived in its box, untouched and pristine. However the colours of some of the plastics while accurate when the stock was new, can look rather 'toyish' if not even a little fisher price until they get some weathering. Weathering can be very subjective, and its all a matter of personal taste, personally I like light weathering so the model doesn't look like a new Tri-ang toy from the 1980s, but rather just a little used in traffic and the original bright colours toned down just enough to create the visual impression of respectfully aged like a fine wine. An example is the fine Murphy Model mk2d super train coaches. The bright orange roof visually screams, but a light weathering transforms them, especially as models we spend more time looking down at the roofs, whereas in real life we view most rolling stock from side on and rarely see roofs. Each on to their own preferences. Consider it this way, soiling a pristine model by weathering it sort of makes it unique and perhaps even more collectable. The first few times it is scary as hell, but worth it in the end. Suggest folks buy a few cheap rolling stock items at swop meets like Stillorgan or Bray (eg €5 old BR tri-ang or lIma coach) and experiment on them before laying a finger on a €50 Murphy model coach.
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