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  1. Noel

    Popeye's Workbench

    Sublime result. Looks like the real thing. 👍 Congrats
  2. Until yesterday I hadn't bought a paper magazine for 10 years, only bought it then because a pal of mine wrote an article in it (MBY). While looking for the specific mag I stumbled across various attractive looking model railway magazines, picked up a few and thought, no, samey, samey, dust collectors, that have little of interest for me compared to www and put them back down on the shelf. Its probably 15 years since I bought a copy of railway modeller (ie when it was white with a photo and blue lettering, before graphic designers threw away their former unique brand image). When I think of the money I wasted on hobby magazines all those years ago.
  3. First thing is see if the two locos are running smoothly and freely and if necessary lube them. You can check this by running them a few feet apart on DC without decoders. If you cannot mechanically speed match them then its extremely difficult to do it with decoder CV values later. The second thing is to use the same decoders or very similar in both locos. In your case a LokSound in 111 and what sounds like a LokPilot in 088. These two decoders have similar motor CVs and both can be auto calibrated using the LokSound/LokPilot calibration procedure. After that you can experiment with CV3, 4, and 6 values (ie assuming speed curves are not set up). Some DCC controllers have a specific speed matching procedure for consists (ie when locos and decoders are different). This allows you to match the speed curve of the secondary loco to that of the primary in a consist pair. But as Dave explained above its fairly easy to experiment with CV3,4, & 6 by setting the two locos a few feet apart and running them adjusting the CVs in one loco only until the gap remains consistent through different speeds and acceleration/decelaration modes. Have fun it may be time consuming but at least you have two identical locos to start out with (ie assuming both lubed and running freely)
  4. No EV users on here? There must be at least one Leaf driver?
  5. East meets west. Modern era Intercity meets the 1960s B&T Era.
  6. I think he might be a german exclaiming "I'm Thinking, I'm thinking"
  7. That interesting photo of mixed freight traffic formation has given me the inspiration to order a single pair of fertiliser wagons when they become available. Photos like this just go to show that not everything was made up of uniform rakes of the same wagon. A pair of ferts plus a pair of Bell 42s and six existing bubbles would make up that interesting formation. Modern era but interesting.
  8. Noel

    IRM Fert 1st Sample!

    Ah none of you grew up on a farm so if 10-10-20 doesn’t ring any bells 😎🤣
  9. Noel

    IRM Fert 1st Sample!

    . . . and so it continues. Another class and detailed model to fine scale precision. Congrats on another superb looking product. Will the bags be 10-10-20 Net Nitrate?
  10. Noel

    42ft Sample Arrives

    Hi Guys, any approx date for the liner wagons (ie 40ft container wagons and load)?
  11. Noel

    Class 121

    Oh yea sure - Evidence removed from the scene of the utterances?
  12. Noel

    Class 121

    It's a good thing this is not the 1970s or the then Archbishop of Dublin could have be writing to the moderators complaining of 'see through' anything being discussed anywhere in holy Roman Ireland. A Lexdysic might have read that 'Girls will be see through'. Shocking Kit Form??? 🤣 No wonder the response.
  13. Noel

    Class 121

    Oops - That’s just about every club in the country insulted Preproduction prototype looks well running.
  14. Noel

    Class 121

    Presume the NEM pocket access slot in the valance will be fillable like the Bachmann/MM 141/181s, especially the cab end as it is unlikely to need a model coupling at that end of the loco unless operating in pairs. Agree with others it would be fabulous if you can see through the front grills.
  15. As a matter of interest are there any full electric vehicle users on the forum? (BEV=Battery electric vehicle, as opposed to hybrids or plug-in Hybrids). Lots happening in the EV area in Ireland during 2019. As opposed to BEV=Beverage which I know has been naturally active amongst modellers.
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