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  1. I had a galway EGV resprayed into IE tippex some years ago (Seamus graham) before I learned how to do it myself. I use Vallejo or Tamiya paints suitably thinned for airbrush use. See paint mix chart below. Weathering can help if the tan/orange mix is not 100% matched. PS: I thought Marks models have the new batch of MM mk2d EGV in stock at Greenogue in IR orange roof livery.
  2. Agree 100%. So uncomfortable, not suitable for 2-3hr intercity trips. Sponsored perhaps by Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Not great for ones back after hours. Mk3 were more comfy and quieter, as are mk4 nowadays. Tralee to Heuston direct on a 22k tram is something to be endured. The day they replace the CAF mk4 sets on the cork route is the day we stop taking the train.
  3. Yes looks like Ryanair's floated plans for standing room on future 737 Max aircraft
  4. Noel

    Murphy Models Mk2d

    Yes and the colour is correct with this batch.
  5. Kitbash from an SF resin kit some years ago. She's regularly seen pushing AEC stock around the commuter end of the layout, or hauling a two coach branch train.
  6. https://www.activeme.ie/guides/disused-railway-mullingar-to-athlone/# Hope this may offer some info PS: encouraging to see the all island strategic rail review last year recommended reopening this line and ditching the greenway. It's the most boring greenway in the country. Bog flat boring, no scenery, just mile after mile of hedge rows.
  7. What part of the country are you in Adrian?
  8. Watched this interesting video on Injection Moulding plastic process.
  9. Behold the future. Well done.
  10. Don’t love big shows, miles of tiring walking and bumping into crowds in noise filled halls. Not what I call enjoyable.
  11. At least the missing video is right way up Jonathan.
  12. Love this layout. Sublime atmosphere created. Beautiful scenes.
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