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  1. Kieran made his own. A prolific builder https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/93496-kirleys-workbench/&do=findComment&comment=3950935
  2. Yes some history. I remember well a PM advising me you had a friend who might be making some high quality A class locos. And then it all started with the humble ballast wagon, would it work, could an Irish startup company with no track record in IMP produce a model, how long would it take, would the quality be there, would Irish modellers help fund pre-orders for a model to be delivered perhaps in 18 months or two years time? Well the answers proved, yes, yes and yes. Please don't forget us now that you've conquered the UK before you take on the USA market. Looking forward to the next five yea
  3. Fabulous. The curved back scenes and lighting are so professional. I just love this layout, has always been my favourite on here. Very tidy.
  4. I've had so much fun driving these locos with DCC sound. I purchased MM ESU LokSound decoders and also ESU LokSound decoders from one of the specialist sound decoder suppliers. Both sound good, but the MM decoder seems a little basic, lacking ESU's new 'Full Throttle' driving functions and seems to have no independent DCC operation of the head lamps separately from the running lights. Quite good but just not as sophisticated nor comprehensive as the specialist sound projects. The WheelTappers project in the video below seems more advanced making full use of the new LokSound V5 'Full Thro
  5. Noel

    Class 121

    Spoiler alert - DCC sound symphony video. Had so much fun playing with these ESU LokSound V5 running on wonderful MM 121 locos. DCC sound really adds to the prototypical operation of these superb models. Can't wait for the Black'n'Tan livery due very soon. No connection with WheelTappers just a very happy customer for some years. Great service. Cost seems about the same an MMs own decoders, but just more comprehensive functions and some truly wonderful prototypical driving features due to the FULL TROTTLE feature of LokSound V5 decoders which includes: PowerDrive, Light, Medium and Heavy Trai
  6. Looking forward to all the new Irish model releases over the next 5 years
  7. Would love some of the 1970s cream and navy buses, or even some of the flying snail green 1960s double deckers with the open rear step platform
  8. NPHET are now deeply concerned about a potential outbreak of yellow fever.
  9. Noel

    Class 121

    Some 1960s CIE passenger and goods movements behind Murphy Models 121 class locos B135 and B134. ESU LokSound v5 by WheelTappers DCC sound EMD 645 on B134 + EMD 567 on B135. Prototypical driving with light, medium, heavy trains simulating acceleration, coasting and prototypical braking distances. Full range of light functions including train mode, shunting mode, and parking mode with Dual mode for double header consists with a pair of 121s (ie nose2nose running lights remain off at coupled end).
  10. Understand. Think of the loco as a VHS player, the chip is just whatever movie you want to play in it (ie choice of sound and driving characteristics). Personally I think current DCC is technically totally antiquated, there have been incremental improvements but is still not that much different from Hornby's Zero 1 in the late 1970s. DCC is 1970s electronics that has had all manner of clever gubbins taped onto it. But in this day and age things like the need for a programming track, loco addresses, CVs are a bit like asking a modern web developer to design a new web site for a business using
  11. Just pop the cover off the 121 bonnet and plug in the 21pin LokSound decoder and off you go, no tuning or adjustments needed. Some folk may wish to adjust the overall volume but that's easily done by writing a value to CV63 on the test track.
  12. I still run a brake van behind some of my model fitted stock. A goods train without a guards van at the end seems like an unfinished sentence. Something is just missing. Some of the early fitted beet trains and container trains had brake vans tagged on the end of the formation. I know not for what purpose, but it just looks proper.
  13. Inside I'm often still a 10yo boy in awe and wonder at the magical world of trains.
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