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  1. Agree. Results may be swayed by advertising spend with the mag rather than exclusively merit.
  2. Looks incredible guys. One would almost like to buy such an unpainted pre-production model as a collectors item. It looks fabulous. You guys might set up a sort of IRM history museum display case in HQ with all the various pre-production samples on display.
  3. Fabuously constructed video sequence blending models and full size. Excellent piece of modelling, filming and editing.
  4. Hi Fran, apologies I'm a little confused, just to clarify so any existing pre-orders may not include a speaker, is that correct, or have I misunderstood the above? Thanks. Noel
  5. Noel

    Class 121

    Sounds great. 1xGrey + 1xB&T + a pair nose2nose in IR would do very nicely. Really looking forward to these locos. No doubt the A will also be exceptional but the distinctive shape of these iconic GMs really wets the appetite.
  6. Noel

    Class 121

    Thank you for the heads up. Sounds great. It'll be well worth the wait. Dave do you know what the livery release plan is? (eg grey + IE/IR first, then B&T and ST a few months later, etc?) Well yes double heading is what these locos were born to do. Happy days 2019 is going to be an expensive if not an explosion of new Irish locos. You think CIE locos and all the GMs fill the memories. Is it true the windscreen wipers work? 😎
  7. Mixed feelings. On the one hand a railway line closed for 34 years could attract significant summer tourist traffic using a rail car, on the other hand as a greenway it could bring many 000s of tourists into the area and many millions as has proven the case in Westport and Dungarvan. But how many of these greenways do we need? Some are scenic and attract numbers, others are through boring midland bogland devoid of attractive scenery. One suspects a Cork to Youghal line might be successful extending the Cork commuter belt from Middleton to Youghal and also generate summer tourism traffic to young especially with the longer shoulder end of the seasons. I’ve cycled both of the two principal greenways and a few boring ones in the middle of nowhere connected to nowhere of interest. On balance having a rail connection to Cork for all year round commuters as well as seasonal tourist traffic would be my leaning if the numbers stack up.
  8. That looks so good, you’d almost want to have one in that pre-production finish and colour with the brass buffers as a collectors item.
  9. Wow. An idea, a dream was born only 6 years ago and now look what you guys have managed to produce. Looks truly stunning and better looks a stunningly precise runner. Love the low speed clips. Well done guys, what a journey.
  10. Sublime as ever Gerry. Love looking at the photos as this developed. Your attention to detail and micro scenes works really well.
  11. Interesting. They will need to acquire some quality precision built and nicely finished GM locos to run on it. It just wouldn't have the same impact if it had the usual blue or green BR locos on it.
  12. Looks fabulous Gerry. Reeks of Atmosphere
  13. Noel

    W J Owens

    Wow Snap, 🤙 also bought my first SLR there a Nikon FG which I still have, don't remember the exact date but it was about 1983. A decade earlier, also used to buy and paint 1/32 airfix soldiers and play all manner of war games with them with school pals. We had all manner of playing systems sometimes involving marbles, flicking match sticks, elastic band catapults, etc, battle fields all over the floor using socks and jumpers for terrain and trenches. An era before LCD screens when kids were outdoors, chimed trees and made stuff with their hands using any scrap materials available.
  14. Noel

    W J Owens

    W J Owens 41 Main Street Bray, Sadly closed about 15 years ago due to Willie's retirement, but it its heyday was a mecca for photographers and modellers alike. Bray lost its soul when this famous family business closed its doors. Did quite a line in Tri-ang Hornby, Hornby and Lima in its day, but it was Ireland no 1 model shop for RC model aircraft. RC modellers made pilgrimages there from all over the country. Bought my first airfix there in about 1968 and my last RC Petrol 60cc Zenoa motor there also. Also a good source for dark room chemicals, papers, film and equipment. A true hobby shop. I remember the WW2 sounding air raid siren Bray fire station used to use to call volunteers to the station in the era before bleepers and cell phones. I remember Mr Owens Snr, and in the latter years Willie and his brother in law Sean manning the counters. Such model shops were treasures of the past. Photo from Bray Heritage FB site. https://www.independent.ie/regionals/braypeople/news/wj-owens-shuts-doors-one-last-time-27613330.html
  15. Noel

    IRM Fert 1st Sample!

    They look superb. Will have to buy a pair for the collection. Being post the CIE 1974 modernisation programme still old enough to run on a 60/70s layout 🤙
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