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  1. If it was the 1960s they would be rightly prosecuted and somewhat 'roughed up' while in custody. Moments of insanity. At a bare minimum they should be sentanced to do 200 hours of community service, and given criminal records. They deserve to be named and shamed in public gaze for all in their community to see what thugs they are.
  2. Darwin. There are still some apes amongst society.
  3. Noel

    The Ultimate

    The ultimate? 800 class kettle v AEC 2600 set
  4. Me too. As a child many a time I was popped into one of those coaches on trains to the west, sometimes with an Airfix kit to complete before the end of the trip, relatives waiting to collect me at the station. Fond memories and great comfort but a child could sit on a tree stump and find that comfortable. Older backs need comfy seats, which is why I now dislike the 22k seats. The mk3s were so much better, and the CAF Mk4s not bad. Anyway love Patricks layout. A grey 121 would look out of this world on it.
  5. Stunning scene from one of my my favourite layouts on here. I’ve fallen off my perch in awe.
  6. Indeed. Now I need to source, convert, kit-bash or assemble some six wheel flying snail green coaches to go with her (aka John Wayne the Quiet Man opening scene @ Ballyglunen Railway Station, or 'Castletown' as it was names in the movie).
  7. OO-Works J15 video clip with LokSound Irish Steam sound project by http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk (ie Neil = Wiggy on RMweb). I sent my J15 over to Neil @ WheeltappersDCCsounds to get his J15 sound project installed plus a pair of head lamps. She sounds great. Looking forward to running here back at home next week. Some nice extra sound functions on this project simulating a rake of loose coupled wagons starting off with cascading coupling snatches as the slack is taken up down a rake of wagons, and the reciporical cascading buffer clashing on stoping as each wagon closes the gap behind the braking loco. In time I will add some finishing details, number and gently weather the loco.
  8. Some fabulous layout photo scenes. Little siddington looks amazing and has come on a long way since the scenic elements have been added. Excellent photos BTW.
  9. Tony, you are talented. Superb looking result.
  10. It would be nice to see 800 maedb back in steam instead of static display in a museum. Probably impossible as no where she could run with her weight restrictions on the Irish Rail network.
  11. Yes just spotted this NIR 111,112 and 113 set as a job lot for any NIR fans who missed out on these three locos. NIR not my area of interest but I guess despite the price this rare set may be snapped up by a collector soon enough.
  12. No sure 'keen' best describes their sentiments perhaps more reluctantly prepared to pay a premium price to get something that has become quite rare and difficult to buy (until there is a re-run in the future). Yes the successful bidder bought it with only 5 seconds to go on the auction. There seems to be three types on eBay: modellers, collectors and speculators.
  13. Use of extreme profanity like "I*R" on this forum could get both of us banned! 😨There's 22,000 good reasons trains have engines at the front and carriages, couplings and buffers!
  14. I remember having to sit on a coach at one end of the train because the coach rake was split in Mullingar and if you weren't seated in the correct coach you ended up somewhere like sligo rather than Galway after they split the train into two one heading for Galway via old Moate Athlone link, the other heading to Sligo via Dromod/Carrick. I remember the coaches were green the first few times and after that B&T.
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