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  1. Razor saw and hot wire cutter makes working with this stuff easier
  2. After my question earlier asking about how Tara ore wagons are unloaded I spotted this little gem unloading typical BR 20ton mineral wagons. It seems O gauge so scaled well in operation.
  3. Noel

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    How are the Tara wagons unloaded, do they drop their load through wagon floor hoppers into conveyor bunkers under the track, or are the wagons picked up and tipped over into a storage pit or belt?
  4. The messy bit has started
  5. Noel

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Scary thing is during the suspension a risk they discover it might cost less to transport by road point to point than by rail. Didn't something like this happen to cement traffic after a rail strike many years ago?
  6. If your interest is in British outline, USA or continental, great for N, but as regards Irish stock, my only observation is that effectively there is no Irish Rail nor CIE RTR stock available in N gauge, so you would have to convert, kit bash, build your own stock using BR RTR donors possibly with the aid of some of the 3D bodies available (shapeways) that might fit on Graham Farish loco chassis. Not inexpensive and not an easy path.
  7. Hats off. First class job done with patience, care and precision. Result. Very crisp, sharper than a nuns starched habit. Excellent.
  8. Hi Stephen, any photos of the blue versions in traffic (ie weathered)?
  9. Good to hear. Still holding out hope for CIE era laminates, some 2 axle vans and open wagons somewhere in the future.
  10. Great pic of a classic Irish train scene.
  11. Yummie. I'll send a 141 light engine straight away to collect some of those. Gorgeous and great to see this golden era of Irish railways finally catered for in terms of RTR wagons.
  12. Signal box diagram for the virtual signal box lever frame set. Points are in red, signals in purple. Will add a few manual ground signals on for fun too (ie track side levers).
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