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  1. I have one of those on Richie's recommendation and it works a treat, I use the medium sized cup. Bartsharp are keen on price and good on spare parts. Worth giving Alison a call.
  2. Yes agree, I was playing trains the other evening shunting with B141 and B121 across Peco insulfrog points at a crawl and was so impressed at the continuity with only 4 axles, not a jerk nor hesitation, just smoothly methodically progressed at constant speed over the point work section. (Patrick said) MIR A class? 😱 Looking forward to the IRM A class in due course. 👍
  3. Noel


    Great Result
  4. Interesting. Most of the sound files (ie prime movers) are already available for EMD 645 and 567 engines on ESU's public web site, LokProgrammer might still be an option for those with an adventurous streak and prepared for the steep learning curve. Folks like Graham have already done their own 141 and 181 projects.
  5. Yea the reason for that is only the ESU chips commissioned by MM will actually fit in the restricted space within the 121 body shell. Off the shelf ESU decoders apparently will not physically fit. This is in part caused by squeezing in all the gubbins MM designed into the 121 bodyshell, especially the see through grills, flywheels, PCB and speaker, etc. MM has managed to squeeze an awful lot into a limited space, so no room for a big lump of a 21pin decoder. The sound files will in time be published on the ESU library, so anybody who likes to roll their own with a LokProgrammer should still be able to do so as long as its with the MM commissioned compact ESU decoders.
  6. These are excellent affordable air brushes (formerly VEDA now made for Bartsharp themselves). https://bartsharpairbrush.co.uk/product/bartsharp-airbrush-130/ You don't really need or want a large cup, it can be more of a nuisance. Its easy to top up the cup during spray sessions (eg spraying two coach bodies at the same time, or weathering track work). Avoid airbrushes with paint bottles, a complete PITA. PS: Don't forget a compressor. One with a decent reservoir so the motor should be off most of the time while your spraying. These ones also have a moisture trap. https://bartsharpairbrush.co.uk/product/bartsharp-airbrush-compressor-kit-tc80t-130-airbrush/
  7. Fleebay tip, make only one bid at the max you are prepared to pay but bid only 10-15 seconds before bidding closes. Ideally last 5 seconds if you can type fast enough. That's when most auctions are won. You don't want to leave enough time for last minute red mist when somebody manually outbids you. But make sure you are already logged in otherwise your bid might not make it before bidding ends. Check sellers 'feedback rating' is 100%, and read description and view photos thoroughly before bidding. Also watch out for expensive postage especially to Ireland. Some UK sellers grossly over charge for postage to Ireland (ie some think anywhere off the island of GB is the third world, foreign and across distant oceans where people don't speak proper ). High postage to Ireland can sometimes be offset by using addressPal €3.75 on top of internal UK postage costs, and you can collect from your local post office. Good luck.
  8. Noel

    Brake vans

    Sublime result David. Especially like the subtle way you achieved the faded former GSWR lettering.
  9. I've a load of provincial wagon kits in the build queue, so hopefully will be able to video a rake of PW only wagons underway once they are completed.
  10. Cheers. Wait till I video a rake of double beet wagons on the move.
  11. Yip agree, the RTR from Silverfox, which I also have will look great running with a craven or two.
  12. There were over 14,000 2 axle goods wagon at the peak of CIE goods traffic on Irelands rail network. These loose coupled largely unbaraked wagons, rapidly disappeared from the mid 1970s when replaced by containerisation, pallet loads, uniform bulk loads such as cement, gypsum, fertiliser, beet, etc. The golden era of mixed wagon formations carrying goods to every major town in Ireland has fabulous model layout operating potential, marshalling, shunting, etc. Some stills at the beginning of the clip of recent workbench projects.
  13. Seller has form for his high prices. Not most peoples favourite livery.
  14. Comandeered as a Covid Hospital train? Seriously that looks mighty.
  15. Photo no 50 is nearly as good as a scene from Tara junction
  16. Two more thin coats of paint today. The GSV is a different shade (more red) as it will be tippex IR livery running with Bachmann/MM mk2 non aircon coaches (ie with the opening windows). Mk3 will be super train. The fun will begin in 24/48hrs time when the masking begins. A reasonable number of coats of the paint are needed to cover the dark grey primer otherwise it darkens the shade of orange/tan too much as a background colour. Perhaps a white primer might be better for orange livery coaches and save on paint. The one thing about this hobby is you never stop learning, especially the stuff you don't know that you didn't know. Its great fun
  17. Invested in a more effective breathing mask. It doesn't get in the way of the head gear optivisor I also wear. I only airbrush acrylics, but you can't be too careful with ones lungs.
  18. €170 inc postage from Hatton's may be more in line with folks expectations. I pre-ordered from them. Let's wait and see what happens.
  19. Limerick Junction station is at a nowhere location, not even in Limerick city. Nobody lives there, there is no town, no industury, and it's only been half a station anyway most of its history as if eaten by piraña fish until last year when it became a proper main line station with a platform on each side of the main lines. Symmetry and common sense finally prevailed instead of that utterly daft scissors and the old time table. 20 years ago one used to change by leaving the comfort and silence of City Gold mk3 coaches to board the cold rusty rattle can Bangladesh express shuttle to Limerick.
  20. Ouch! €200 may not go down too well in a post CV19 world in recession.
  21. Marks Models suggested models may not arrive until July due to CV-19 shipping.
  22. There be painting going on. A bit of an orange parade. Parallel projects can mean overlap efficiencies. Provincial Wagons CIE 20ft container, Later generation Dutch GSV suitable for running with Mk2 coaches and a BR Mk3 respray to supertrain. For fun half thinking of doing one side of the mk3 in supertrain livery and the other side in IR intercity tippex. Vallejo mix of Yellow and Red 35:1 ratio. The mk3 is a little deeper, added a tweak more red.
  23. What a mega sublime scene. 👍 (I'll avert my eyes from the alien invader)
  24. Still don't understand the logic behind that weird livery. Surely it should be a NIR, an enterprise or an intercity livery
  25. Yes indeed, some are selling in UK at those prices. A few sold for €140 a few weeks ago which seemed a good deal. The market may be ripe for a rerun in a year or two given the amount of quality IRM rolling stock now in circulation.
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