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  1. I've seen a lot of photos of ERF ECs in IÉ's Road liner colours. Although I don't think they had any with the Olympic cab.
  2. gm171 kk

    gm171 kk

  3. A friend of mine has footage of the push pulls regularly operating on the Waterford line in 1994 hauled by BGMs. Then operated in push pull when the 201s arrived.
  4. Does anyone have any info on the A classes that ran preserved in the late 90s? A3 seems to have been knocking about in black and tan for a few years in Inchicore (not sure if it did a mainline run) and A39 did a few railtours on the network in CIE silver?
  5. So I got the airbrush out for the first time and weathered the track. No where near a perfect result and it started a load of extra work to tidy up ballast but it was a learning experience.
  6. Right with you there. I'm a bit freight heavy so I'll say an Arrow, Mk3 and Mk3 Push Pull also.
  7. My money is on oil wagons. Also hoping for pallet cements, 4w flats, Ammonia etc. etc. etc.
  8. Are there any plans for the release of a Dutch livery or more triple grey liveries in the future?
  9. I bought some Kadees to see how they look and perform. Fairly happy with them. Only issue is I need to remove the Coupling hooks from my locos which isn't ideal as I like to have them fully detailed. The Kadees I am using at 18s. Are these too close? Can anyone advise?
  10. I got mine yesterday. Thanks Dave.
  11. Selling this model of Irish Rail 071 class no. 082 in silver and black railfreight livery. The model suits 2007 to around 2015 and would be right at home pulling IRM weedspray, spoil, ballast, Tara and cement wagons as well as any IÉ era coaching stock. The model has been used although the box and seperately fitted detail are virtually perfect. I am selling as the model does not suit my era and I would like to replace it with one that does. If anyone wants to swap Murphy 078 or an IR baby GM for this model please PM me. Otherwise I will be posting it on ebay in the coming days.
  12. I have also detailed a wagon from each rake. This involved adding tail lamps from Glenderg models, instanter couplings from Accurascale and removing the function Coupling. I also added the anti theft barrier to one of the container wagons.
  13. I'll get some Modelu figures eventually but until then...
  14. 129 is on the branch service tonight.
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