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  1. Very helpful. Thanks lads. 129 paired with an IR liveried 121 sounds good.
  2. I'm modelling the mid 90s so I'd say the IR locos would have the correct body mods for that era. But my main question really is will any of the IÉ locos have the correct marker lights for that era? I'm guessing 124 and 134 will have the latest marker lights as their main appeal is that they were late to be withdrawn but maybe 129 will have the older type.
  3. Is there any info on the differences for each loco number besides livery such as marker lights etc? It's what's stopping me from pre ordering my pair.
  4. Some more photos of 143 arriving and pushing the Ferts into the yard for unloading.
  5. She's back this morning with a laden Fert.
  6. Some more scenic work done on the layout today. Later 080 shunts a pair of container flats before 192 and 143 arrive in the loop with a bulk cement train.
  7. 220 leaving the loop with two keg wagons and some bubble cement wagons.
  8. No more purchases from IRM until they stop putting how much I've spent on the front of the parcel!... I've just been sent this photo. Dead man walking.
  9. Nice to see them in 1/1 scale every now and then. 081 on the empty steel train today.
  10. Most of the ballasting is now done. Not overly please with it but it's a start.
  11. I've just tested these two this morning. I changed the nail to a wire to give me more room (I often hit the nail with the applicator). The 2mm grass is woodland scenics like the 12mm (not overly impressed with the result but most of it seems to stand). The 5mm grass is Faller and its all standing.
  12. As above lads. The nail is always as close as possible to where I'm spreading the grass.
  13. Yes and it sparks in contact with the nail so it seems to work.
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