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  1. Does anyone in Ireland stock Railmatch Paints?
  2. I put a strip of cork under one side of the track. I've had a lot of issues with it even still. My four wheeled stock keep derailing.
  3. Some shots of trains running on the layout.
  4. Yes I had an 071 that didn't suit my era so I bought spare body parts for 112 and 113. The model still isn't finished. It needs nameplates and jumper cables.
  5. Also worth mentioning is that 112 wore the original livery into 1993 and possibly beyond.
  6. Most NIR Enterprises I've seen have been 111/201 + 9-11 mk2s including a genny at both ends. Although I did see a photo last night of a 201 + DVT + 6 mk2s + genny.
  7. Not mine . Delighted to have coaches to run behind MM 208. I've only ever seen a generator coach at either end of the Enterprise whilst hauled by a 201.
  8. When was the DVT used? I know they were used with Hunslets but were they used with 111s and 201s during the 90s?
  9. My money is on oil tankers if its wagon, park royals if its a coach and a kettle if its a loco.
  10. I've managed to sort the alignment issue for the time being fowever I am having issues where the cant in the track changes slightly as it means one corner of a wagon lifts off the rails and derails the train. A real pain!
  11. Are the liner schedules changing?
  12. I wouldn't blame rails. I ordered 4 121s from an Irish shop and 3 of 4 had broken detail. The one that came undamaged I broke detail off myself recently...
  13. I've used these to solve the alignment issue. Not sure what to do with the points on the left.
  14. First train running on the layout.
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