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  1. Re the marker lights... Maybe someone will make a brass kit so that the correct square marker lights could be overlayed onto the ones on the model?
  2. Used condition in the box. Couldn't see any faults.
  3. 184 sold for €175 last night.
  4. Some permanent way work happening on the line tonight. A driver arrives in the yard before starting 080.
  5. I'm hoping to finish off my MIR Guinness pallets this weekend. They are the older 60 keg version. Looking at photos it looks like they were painted a shade of blue when new (probably for Guinness branding). Can anyone advise on what colour I should paint them?
  6. Ballyconnell Road is the layout that got me thinking about a circular layout. And the Faller Road System too.
  7. 192 rests next to an Audi Quattro. For the new layout I think I will go with something similar to the below. This layout is 4ft in diameter and it is N scale. My layout would be 6ft and OO gauge so roughly proportional.
  8. Some more scenery added to the layout. 192 shunting kegs.
  9. I've bought the IÉ ballast pack and just wondering how the plough vans work? Do the lights and switches function without a decoder or do you need a decoder to have the lights on?
  10. Studio Scale Models sell both types as a brass kit.
  11. I'm thinking of an end to end layout with a traverser based on somewhere like Barrack Street or a part of North Wall/Holyhead Yards. Or I could just add a traverser to this layout and make some changes to the layout to improve it. I'm going to do a lot more thinking before I decide on anything.
  12. I just took delivery of my last pack of cement bubbles when this announcement came. And sure I had to order a bundle.
  13. The photos below show what the outer radius curve would look like. That's true. But I'd also want to view from outside. I think a removal backscene like Everard Junction is the way to go on that one.
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