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  1. You'll have to work that out with him I would say.
  2. Owen O'Neill (who some might have seen work from on Facebook) is printing 22' flat wagons for myself for surplus IRM kegs. Just said I'd get him some interest. The below photos are test prints. He is removing the incorrect detail on the sides on the wagon. Perfect for 20' containers, Esso barrier wagons, keg wagons, 90s era spoil wagons, acrylonitrile, Foynes oil and coal wagons and so on.
  3. Anyone know what the correct formation is for a 9 coach enterprise train and a rake with a driving car?
  4. I was wondering why Hattons were shifting so many of the older 141s the past week...
  5. They did paint one 121 in an adaptation of the Tippex livery with a bit of the snot green near the cab. Presumably to match the DVT.
  6. Would anyone have a working drawing for IÉ 22' wagon?
  7. I might give these a try. They'd look a lot better on locos than anything else on the market. I wonder would IRM produce a coupling similar to this in the future only a bit more prototypical? Similar to the non functional couplings and shackles they produce but also utilising magnets so they function as couplings.
  8. Okay so all the parts were sitting in ipa since November. I took the makings of one truck cab out, the one with the most paint removed (not saying much), washed it in washing up liquid in warm water, dried it off an Nd started painting. Put two light coats of primer on. Three light coats of gloss white. Made a balls of painting door handles so it got a 4th coat of white. Tried to paint the door handles again... The paint started coming off on the corners as I held it. The cab was diecast with a plastic roof glued to it so removing the paint and starting again would be a nightmare. So it's across the road now in the neighbours field. Any ideas why this happened. I mustve painted about 7 diecast trucks with aerosol cans and this always happens. I used Tamiya aerosols this time as I wanted to be sure it worked. But before I used halfords car paint. I'm done with it either way as I must've wasted €1000 painting diecast with nothing but I pile of ruined models to show for it.
  9. Not a steam man but these photos are very appealing. Surely it makes more sense to produce a model of something that is still running today. Like 461, 171, 85, 186 etc.
  10. I don't think Hattons is the place to go to get pre owned Irish stuff at the original RRP anymore...
  11. Just wondering is there an updated ETA on the Mk2s? Will it be this side of Xmas?
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