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  1. I've finished the scenic part of the layout.
  2. This weekend's work. 10no. 60 keg cages for my IRM flats.
  3. 080 arrives at Dianghlasáil Yard with a keg train. 220 later arrives in the loop with a keg and bulk cement train. The kegs are uncoupled and shunted into the yard.
  4. Shale wagons are similar but they're airbraked. They'd have been in operation between Kilmastulla and Limerick Cement Works.
  5. So I tried to make a wire loop around the back of these rail ramps so that they can be slotted onto the lamp irons of wagons as in real life. Apparently its just not possible. It's a gigantic pain to actually get to the point where you glue the wire to the lamp and it just doesn't stick or at least is too delicate to last.
  6. 080 on a bulk cement.
  7. NIR 208 pauses with a bulk cement train.
  8. That's the one. I've had varying results but it all looks good... From a distance.
  9. Thanks very much. 12mm is way too long. I tried it and had problems with getting it to stand as the fibres are just too heavy for the cheap applicator I use. Actually Woodland Scenics grass in general is a bit too heavy but its the best looking. I've used a mix. Anything from 2mm to 7mm.
  10. Some more scenery done.
  11. The permanent way department received another road railer today. Later seen spreading stone for the new access area to the line.
  12. The liner is due to arrive at 16:37 but is often up to an hour early.
  13. A short video showing more IRM keg wagons in action.
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