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  1. The bar Coupling that comes with the Ferts. Nice and close but the kinematic couplings allow to much movement
  2. I'm wondering if they'll work with the swivel type couplings that MM and IRM used for Bogie rolling stock.
  3. Excellent models. Love the addition of the close couplings.
  4. Some more inspiration... https://images.app.goo.gl/druUdrLzHy4493EE7
  5. Already regretting not ordering the pack of 8... I only ordered 4.
  6. Is this the show that used to be held in Clontarf?
  7. So I've fitted two LaisDCC 21 pin 4 function decoders into each of my two 141/181 locos. I am using the NCE Power Cab for control. My main issue is with lights. Function 0 turns on/off all lights including headlights and front and rear marker lights. These change direction with the direction of the loco. I would be perfectly happy with this if it wasn't for the fact that I want to double head these locos. Is it possible to assign heads, front lights and rear lights to seperate functions (I'm coming across a lot of talk of CVs whatever they are)? My other issue is when I want to run each loco seperately outside of a consist/double header. Is it possible to do this? My final issue is acceleration rates. I've set acceleration rates before but that method isn't working now.
  8. It's not going to be cheap now...
  9. Is there any update on an arrival date for the Ferts?
  10. gm171 kk

    Project 42 Update

    The Kilkenny/Waterford to Heuston liner used to carry Budweiser from Kilkenny and Bulmers from Waterford. It probably carried Guinness kegs to those locations also.
  11. gm171 kk

    Project 42 Update

    I think the IRM keg pallets were in traffic from about 95/96/97 on 47' and 22' skeletal wagons. The last few years of keg liners saw the 42' wagons in use too. I'm modelling the mid 90s and hoping to preorder a pack of the keg wagons when the time comes.
  12. gm171 kk

    Project 42 Update

    This is what a refurbished 42' flat looked like in 95. Most had the Y33 bogies like the IRM wagon.
  13. gm171 kk

    Project 42 Update

    Will the keg wagons come with these? Will they also have the brown bogies?
  14. Great deal... I just took advantage of it.
  15. Has anyone come across any Black Friday deals?
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