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  2. got the ballast bundle delivered today, lovely looking yokes. Box and contents all good, many thanks to the IRM people.
  3. lads, i just got this e-mail, are IRM using An Post to deliver the ballast bundles. Its a bit ambiguous, it says it could not be delivery on the 08.12.2020 but the scheduled delivery time is between the 9th and the 12th. It looks for a credit card payment of €1.00, before I do this I just want to make sure its legit, never seen this before. The e-mail address is came from is 'An Post <consumerline@comreg.ie>'
  4. Georgeconna, isnt that why people really read the death notices
  5. has anybody received their ballast bundle yet, the ones with the ballast wagons and the ploughs?
  6. controller, like yourself, im leaving adjusting CV's as a last resort. I have run my loco's for roughly about six hours (not continuously!!). One still runs faster than the other. irishthump, many thanks for the link for the Elite programming. Do you know is it possible to read the various CV first to see what settings are, so if they are different on each loco/decoder, one could be adjusted to match the other.
  7. Controller, I have a similar problem (posted under 'Double Header'), i dont have sound decoders and lights are ok (ish). My issue is the different speeds, some of the replies I got suggested running the loco's in which im currently doing (however xmas will get in the way). I have a Hornby Elite controller and im not sure how to, or if I can, access and manipulate CV's.
  8. thanks for all the replies and advice. Im going to take the easy option and 'let them run in for a while', any thoughts on how long this should take? my layout is temporary and unfortunately it has to be dismantled to get at the attic storage where the xmas decorations are!!! so it maybe a while before I get back to this. Some of the above questions will probably be asked again
  9. irishthump, many thanks for the reply. Leaving one loco as is and the changing the other makes sense. I'm using a Hornby Elite, i've never tried to alter any CV's so im a little hesitant. The decoders are the lok-pilot (got them with the locos), so I presume the CV numbers you mentioned above still apply. If anybody knows or has advice on how to read/write CV's using a Hornby Elite, it would be much appreciated.
  10. DJ, I managed to do that, there is instructions in the elite manual that describes how to change a direction of a loco (which must change a CV setting). The problem is the different speeds of each loco in the double header
  11. hopefully someone can help with this. I very recently got two 121's, over the moon with them. I first ran them DC for a run in all good, with both on the same track, one was quicker than the other. I installed the decoders (lok non -sound), got them running DCC, all good. I then set up a double header (or consist, im using a Hornby Elite). One still runs quicker than the other. I presume there is an adjustment to a CV required, im not well aquanted with adjusting CV's, any help would be much appriciated.
  12. Got these beauties from Marks Models yesterday......oh my giddy aunt. ill spend this evening figuring out how to get a consist working.
  13. After I purchase some 121's and replenish funds, I want to try get some Irish Rail autoballasters. Im leaning towards getting the bachmann version and getting them resprayed. What are the best to get that are most IR prototypical? does anybody have any guidance on who would do respraying? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  14. speaking of liveries, is it possible to see what the Murphy Models 121 liveries will be? if possible are there any pre-production pictures, not the CAD models.
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