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  1. I think the 071s were very unlucky to not get this livery Black and tan was easy to maintain and certainly one of if not thee best livery ever by CIE
  2. Some interesting, some cursed!, although i always wanted to see black and tan on an 071 or green on the 141s
  3. At least you have the satisfaction of "I made that" and if your friends thought they were production samples they must have been someway decent. I'm sure the people who got the lima 201s around 2010 don't have the same satisfaction
  4. You could build something as obscure as a CMDR inspection car if such a thing ever existed and an RTR version will be out the within the week!
  5. The list doesn't stop there, SLNCR 0-6-4t, MGWR J18, ex DSER 461, the U2's...and plenty more steam locos that could be candidates for being the first irish RTR exclusive tooling steam loco, althougg really it should be Maebh or Merlin, they simply are the Irish equivilent to flying Scotsman The grey was pretty bland, but i do like the jet black colour with yellow decals they repainted the likes of 201, 90 and 464 for the IRRS excursions, crisp and simple.
  6. Thanks for the info, the good thing is ive years to build it up...because unless i win the lotto it will take a while to build it up! The colour of the roof of through aec railcar is like the colour the wagons should be! Anyway there are two of us young lads out in this neck of the woods building cbcsr collections if not more, hence my reasoning for either go 1960s or 2000s might be the direction IRM, MM or any of our other fantastic manufacturers should head. I know the demand is high for the 70s-90s era hence why everything is sold out! (Anything general motors will be 200 euro second hand w
  7. The Bachmann DMU set set from a few years ago would have been a good example of that, but im unsure if we will very see an irish train set for a long while. Its very hard to get into the hobby with the prices and a train set...well it would have to be 150-180 euro to get people my age into it. Even so i don't see too many 20 year old getting into modeling, 40 seems to be when people start when theh get nastalgic about the trains they used to take. Our generation can barely remember when the odd train was orange! Granted while i love my old stuff, 201 with maybe 2 mark fours and a
  8. Or the hattons 3 wheeler if that feeling in my gut comes true!
  9. I'm 17 and I'd gladly buy 70 year old park royals, us youngsters love new stuff but we like the old stuff too! Although to be fair i see the point...201 in IE livery could have done with mark 4s and the proper DVT. I think the ICR amd DMUs can be purchased off chris dier so at least that is an option. But you can't just walk into marks models to get one
  10. Looks great, grey 121 owners will be pleased with Any RTR "flying snail" stock
  11. They were quite numerous werent they, you would see the dirty silver ones. I think silver fox make some version but a fully detailed propperly tooled one would be a must for the era Seeing that hattons have released a 2nd wave of their genisis coaches, I would hope on a 3rd wave or 4th in 2021 or early 2022 may yield an irish livery...well maybe..
  12. I would think that in terms of rolling stock, keep supplying stuff for late CIE, IR and IE (stuff that suits whats already on the market) for new locomotives I'm on through side of Early CIE stuff like AEC railcars, C class, number 800 maebh and then after that starting to make new tooling for models already abailble (071 and 141 are starting to get higher in demand...and price!)
  13. I think if your going to get those early cie coaches in, AEC railcars may As well be released alongside them (GNRI versions included) along with green and black n tan
  14. CBPR tanks also a shout, the isle of man modelers would be pleased to see the CDR railcars...
  15. I think we are well overdue for number 800 maebh to be made in a pre-assemled form. There has been kits before but the only off the shelf irish steam locos have been the mogul and the flying snail pocket rocket. And even those were re-skins....what I'm saying is that when it happens it will be a landmark in irish modeling like the lima 201s and MM 141s Granted we are few years away from that but its when rather then if I would think.
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