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  1. Anyine got photos of the irish pullmans? Ive only seen 2. One in an arial shot of cork in the 30s and one in a siding left abandoned. They were in a green livery that looked interesting. They would certainly be something enough people would be interested in
  2. I would but i find the polls to be too precise and end up being to vague and not great data to be honest. If anyone has any steam loco they would like to see in this fashion. The can put it in here. Scale isint going to be as much of an issue as people think in this case.
  3. Did you not see.....one of these went for 400 on an ebay bid.....bonkers
  4. The short boogie carridges were the only other notable thing and they were widrawn in the late 50s. Some of the things like the baldwin tanks and the saddle tanks were deffinetly not favoured by the GSR. Bandon tanks were just a great design which helped them earn there keep and venture to DSER sections Or have lough erne and 464 doublehead filling up with coal and water every second station!
  5. Maybe something for the volunteers at Maam cross to think of for the long long term!
  6. Ehhh, No.90 counts for something for me with her infamous stint on the CBCSR Just the kind of advice i was looking for. Ids say the only 3 canditates for RTR steam locos are maebh, merlin and a j15 (again thanks to 00 works) from any major modeling company. 00 works have made the U class which i think had sufficient enough numbers sold. Really these things come down to is if there Is a chassis or not
  7. So......i know this has been done to death before. But say you had the choice to make a silverfox style steam loco plastic kit with donor chassis ect. Which loco would you choose for such treatment. Maebh, merlin, no4, A bandon tank....or maybe something more obscure.....coaches from the era are also a loud to be suggested You never know this might be handy information to somone
  8. Must say I'm impressed with the turnout for the map. People from every corner of the country and abroad. Makes ya wonder what percentage of the A's get shipped abroad
  9. Hence why we called it the transitional phase. Between 1945 and 1963 there were so many different liveries, often mixing together. That picture of macmine junction with GREEN, B&T and gnri blue coaches.
  10. The line was supposed to extend a small branchline kf 150km to glasgow.....unfortunatly due to all the contractors drinking the bushmills distillery out, this branch never came......
  11. We will all be watching it, at least somone will be able to speak the facts!
  12. Despite me having virtually no interest in that era. I must admit that livery is smartest of the "orange" era and the IR logo is one of the best railway logos ever used on this island if not thee best. But of course, ill bias to the flying snail
  13. Keep yer 071s locked up safe!!!
  14. Maybe. But i feel like transitional period is perfect for the 1945-63 era as at the start we were almost all steam locos and by the end we were almost all deisal locos. So many liveries changes in that era too
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