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  1. Seeing the A class sample's on the display cabinet was a treat. With updates galore on IRM/Accurascale. 10 days until all our A class locos are ready to be shipped supposedly!
  2. When i think of interesting station layouts, i always think of killarney, the IR logo station layout!
  3. C226 ITG special edition, all funds going towards the restoration of C226's long restoration project And one for B113 And G601!
  4. If ive learned anything its that buying irish models brand new is a really sound investment
  5. I noticr the wasp design on the roof, i see these the odd time. Were they a short design experiment?
  6. I pre-ordered A30 a few days ago, granted ids say there is a good few of them still around for a while
  7. Well done to all involved! A fantastic achievement for Robert and something that all modellers including some doing English layouts would enjoy. I'll order one for Kinsale junction!
  8. Thats the one. I think the bantry layout thread has one or two of these built from scratch
  9. Some of the grain wagons on thr CBSC were painted in a very nice red for the wood, black for the metal bits and a white lining around the wheels. Granted these were a bit different to what this wagon is, but it was a very spectacular livery. Thats all i can remember from memory!
  10. Would go for 350 euro on ebay for being vintage
  11. They are southern bogey coaches of some description or another. Another thing in the works to make flying snail coaches out of them eventually Eventually there will be. Although i enjoy the idea of one of these being painted like this for an IRRS special!
  12. Meanwhile on the rudimentary Clonakilty junction layout, my west cork freind hass finally finished no.34s decals and front buffer beam along with safter valves ect. I must compliment the job he did of it
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