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  1. This L&LSR trespass sign was still in situ at Letterkenny 27 June 1968. The company was still running bus services then . Is that the paint scheme in use during the railway era.
  2. Correction Britain from Above https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/XAW027080
  3. Thanks for confirmation of where I thought it was
  4. My Brake Van according to the Tracking has now reached Qatar so hopefully depending on the customs at Heathrow it should be arriving here soon. At least it will be acclimatised to the weather, it was 32 Centigrade in the loft yesterday slightly more than the 30 degrees in Qatar er oh that was in the middle of the night though.
  5. Negatives etc continue to be added to the collection. I quite like this John G Dewing image of an Up express at Cork. I had an email yesterday from Alan Godfrey Maps who do reprints of the old 25" to the Mile Maps reduced to approx 15" to the mile. They have released 2 of Enniskillen for 1936. https://www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk/fm2209.htm The east one covers the GNRI and SLNC station.
  6. There is a photo on page 74 of Pattersons revised book published by Colourpoint looking from the outside of the cab on No 12 and the details all fit. I can't find anything on the maps of a possible definite location. Definitely no 12 or 11. The mountain faintly visible looks like Errigal.
  7. Its a tender engine (no evidence of side tanks) with a Belpaire firebox and a large smokebox wrapper which would fit in with Lough Swilly 4-8-0 No 12 somewhere on the Burtonport extension. That could be a ballast siding off to the left. Will see if its on any of the old 25" maps but coverage of the Burtonport line was patchy. I think I have seen a photo somewhere in one of the books on the Swilly of a photo with the same aspect of No 12 derelict outside Letterkenny shed.
  8. Mine works fine although its not done much running. It has the large washers behind the wheels, I don't know why the frames are set so close thus requiring the washer 'spacers'.
  9. The scenery in the Tweed Valley near the Border with England is remarkably similar to that on the Sligo & Donegal! Some of the names are also identical.
  10. Scenics at north end of the line at the Drowes River Bridge are now more or less finished. 127 + 192 posing for a few shots at 5 am this morning. Its getting to hot in the loft to do much for the next couple of months plus SWMBO is now on holiday for 6 weeks so not much will be happening although I am advised that a new locomotive is arriving today which will have to have its portrait taken. It is A ooops sorry a NER J27 one of my favourite locos! £94 from Oxford Rail.
  11. Fertiliser extras ran on Four Masters today. The second train was video'd from by the river with the rumble of the waters as they flowed over the weir beneath the bridge. Actually we had a sudden heavy downpour which hammered off the loft roof as I filmed. Magic! 1949011290_2021-07-11DrowesRiverBridgeFertiliserextras.mp4
  12. 1 Brakevan purchased, looking forward to receiving it in due course.
  13. I don't think my photo is the location, it is just another one of the general area, however I reckon the crane being used to load the bell photo is the same crane that is in the background of mine.
  14. I have this one on my Flickr "Ernies Railway Archive" This is the north end of the long quayside shed with the curved roof. 23 August 1954
  15. I would go for here just north of the City Goods Depots. Its another enlargment of a Britain from the Air photo
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