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  1. Flickr up-date. The Dundalk video's were uploaded a few days ago and various slide scans have also been added. I have added most of the various Class 121 images into a new album - https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157677789896957 The images are also still in the various original albums but by bunging them altogether it is easier to compare liveries etc. Finally seeing as Limerick Junction is finally being rebuilt with platforms on both the main running lines and therefore even less interesting I have added a video from 5 October 2000 when the South Cabin was switched out and the points etc locked during rebuilding/maintenance. This made for even more interesting train routeing with what looked like only the north end crossover and point to the platform 1 loop being hand worked to pass the trains through. Happy days! https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/47650631551/in/dateposted-public/ Ernie
  2. I remember reading in the IRRS Journal that the odd cement train to Waterford was diverted via the DSER and Rosslare Strand whilst the line via Carlow was unavailable due to engineering works. No doubt when I am looking up something else the relevant Journal report will turn up. ERnie PS. Diverted via DSER Rosslare Strand during the commissioning of the Cherryville-Waterford CTC and also for the re-decking Of Thomastown viaduct 14 to 22 September 2004, 1 train each way weekdays. Info from the IRRS Journal No 156, Feb 2005
  3. Great that's the photo which clinches it. I have taken the slide out of its mount as (as usual) some of the interesting bits are hidden, although nothing to help us there. Check out the stonework patterns on the bridge parapet and the wall along the road. A perfect match! Ernie
  4. B130 is at Attymon,; found a photo to check it out. Don't think its Athenry for B121 though the houses in the distance are bungalows on Google Earth and most photos show a pipe running just above the bridge arch.
  5. The slide is marked B121 but I am not sure; blow up attached . I thought about Attymon for B130 but havn't found a photo yet to confirm it. Also looking for photos of Ballycullane and also Duncormick to try and pin down a couple of the other unidentifed slides. I have also managed to do a bit of modelling on Glengarriff as Mrs B is 'baby sitting' in Didcot - due back tomorrow unfortunately er sorry I meant YIPPEE. Hope she's baby sitting again next year(or the year after!) when the 4 x 121 I have ordered arrive Ernie
  6. Geof Poulter of Contikits. Trading for nearly 40 years, the web site only has a fraction of what he has. Lots of ready to run , new and secondhand. http://www.contikits.com/ ERnie P>S> looks like he has his stand at York Model Railway Show this (Easter) weekend. If anyone is going say hello to Geof and Allison from me (They might then give you a special discount but on reflection will more likely add something on!)
  7. I notice Ian Hunter / Junction Box from Haltwhistle is attending the Show with his trade stand. I sold him a lot of built Irish Freight Models stock a couple of months ago, bagged cements, bogie flats, Tara's amongst others which he should have with him. ERnie
  8. Todays video offering is Dundalk October 2002 PART 1 . 072 arrives from Belfast to collect further wagons before departing for Drogheda and North Wall. The video illustrates the way the train was made up with bogie wagons at the front and 4 wheelers at the rear with the MT bubbles right at the back to facilitate detaching them at Drogheda. Part 2 will probably be added tomorrow. (unless Mrs B has other ideas!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/32634624087/in/dateposted-public/ Ernie
  9. I think you've cracked it! Here is a snip of an aerial shot in the Britain from the Air copyright collection . The Gas holders are in the right place as is the house and chimney and also the elevator tower. The photo is from the 1930's I think so a lot of the other buildings could have been demolished. Also a snip from a photo in Railways of West Cork "Reflections & Reminiscences" copyright I think David Lawrence Good work boys, thanks! ERnie
  10. I don't think its Albert Quay or Rocksavage. THere was a Gas Works but on the carriage slide those are running lines well polished in front of the rake. Here's Albert Quay after closure to passengers, (probably also goods) the station itself has been converted to a Warehouse Ernie
  11. East of Dublin Pearse has been suggested on Flickr and I am working on that theory but havn't come up with any other photographic evidence yet. There were Gas holders there of 2 different types similar to the ones in the photo ( One in the photo is empty but you can see the metal gantry supports). I think the slide dates from the 1950's before the massive re-development of the area. On the old 25" maps around about Grand Canal Dock there appears to be a long siding running through 3 separate buildings which were probably carriage sheds back in DSER days and the coaches could be standing on that siding. Ernie
  12. A couple more Irish Videos; the first from October 2000 taken at Drogheda featuring 169/182 on Gypsum, 072 arrives from Belfast & Dundalk with a Liner and leaves 10 bubbles before continuing. After a 4 car 2709 headed Railcar set arrives and departs for Connolly, 165 picks up the bubbles and takes them back to Platin. Finally 080 departs on loaded Tara's. The second is again at Limerick Junction October 2002 featuring 229 exchanging a bulk cement wagon for a repaired one and 203 on a down Cork liner. https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/40591716703/in/album-72157706536575014/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/33651285588/in/album-72157706536575014/ Weather in Drogheda was terrible but at least the footbridge had (still has) a roof, I had previously video'd the Liner at Dundalk; 072 arrived from Belfast with 3 Container flats and 6 bubbles and after protracted shunting add 4 further container flats, 2 Guinness 4w wagons and 4 more bubbles. I plan to add the Dundalk footage in the future. regards ERnie
  13. The facility for unloading at Mallow used the same system (Water canons) which is still used in Switzerland. I have uploaded a video of the unloading operation at Aarberg; one of 2 Swiss Beet processing facilities which are still in use today. https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/46824251314/in/dateposted-public/ The Swiss not being in the EEC and therefore not subject to their decisions ,didn't have to decimate their Sugar Beet industry some 14 years ago and the industry still produces around a million tons of beets the majority of which is railed to the plants for processing. In addition the waste material or Zaf is often railed back for fertiliser and the refined sugar forwarded by rail. Beet wagons are just the standard bogie EAOS open which outside the Beet season can be used for a multitude of different loads. Ernie Somewhat off TOPIC, apologies!
  14. You are right for 143+186, I have located a view of 128 at the north end of the station which has the same white washed stone walls but the clincher is the row of concrete fence posts on the left which appear in both views. One slight problem with the horse theory is that the loco in the photo is a 0-6-0 whereas 171 is a 4-4-0. The date is the slide processing date and therefore only a rough guide. It could also be at possibly Tipperary or the same station as B159 although the horse view loading bank appears to have squared dressed stone. Thanks for your efforts! Ernie PS I think B159 is at Tipperary, the loading bank also has a mixture of stone dressing styles so will now try to tie in 'Dobbin' or was it Paddy! PPS Yes the horse is also at Tipperary, steam loco is 186, special from Limerick to Clonmel and return 28September1974. Green building on B159 and the corrugated one are still there on Google. The other slight clue is that the slides are consecutively numbered er doh!
  15. I think B148 is at Ballina (4th one down) Just digging out some evidence! CONFIRMED. 1 down 7 to go Ernie
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