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  1. It is a lamp, here is another image of the other coach side on the train probably somewhere on the branch to Palace East in 1956 Ernie
  2. It doesn't help much but below is an enlargment from a Casserley negative from July 1960. Doh! This might be better, actually on my Flickr! Ernie
  3. The Branch train was an IRRS Special, the scans only identify it as Dublin - Athy Tour 1956 which clearly went a bit further . There are views at Kildare, Bagenalstown and stations on the branch as far as Palace East but none of how the train returned to Dublin. It appears as if the Loco has run round and probably took the line back to Bagenalstown etc.. Locos identified on scans as 196 and 343 ERnie
  4. Another view has come to light in the files, not quite what you wanted but it is the western end of Palace East 1956 Ernie
  5. I thought Palace East rang a bell, HC &/or RM Casserley travelled on the IRRS special on the 9 July 1960 and took medium format photos from Bagenalstown to Palace East which are in a Lot I obtained at the recent auction. They took the usual view at Palace East but as its a decent negative I have done a couple of enlargments to bring out the station building and loading bank details.
  6. Journal of the IRRS Vol 19 No 133 June 1997, 10 page article by John Langford, Wexford to Waterford in 1959. Signal diagram of Palace East and 3 photos taken in 1962 of the station. I also have a scan from the ARPT of 196 in 1956 Ernie
  7. I had mine pre-ordered on Amazon and it arrived last week. The book offers excellent coverage of the Irish railway scene from ca 1980; of particular interest to me are the wealth of views covering the freight workings. Amberley have also again improved the quality of the paper. Definitely one for your bookshelf. Ernie
  8. It was a firm called Linka, basically you cast your own parts in a mould using some powdery stuff mixed with water. This is the company who seem to have taken over from the original firm. https://www.scalecast.co.uk/linka-moulds.html#/ I experimented with the idea but adapting the bits/castings produced with a bit of scratch building. Below is one I made earlier (well some 39 years earlier!) I think I sold it many years ago. 4mm scale
  9. A link to this article. Apparently the gantry was only erected in 1995 and removed in 2009. https://www.pressreader.com/ireland/the-argus/20090128/282376920466924 Ernie
  10. Ardee Road replaced the Barrack Street yard and was built on the formation of the route from Dundalk station westwards to Clones. I don't have any photos of the yard but did manage to video 072 shunting the yard from Dundalk platform so gives some idea of the traffic handled towards the end of the freight services. 072 arrived from Belfast and after depositing the Belfast wagons added further wagons from the sidings and yard. Shunting was complicated by the need to keep bogie wagons at the front and any bubbles at the rear of the train to facilitate dropping them off at Drogheda. The next video on flickr continues the sequence. Ernie
  11. I'm O/T as usual but they appeared 2000/2001. I travelled in the set in this view which was a Sunday Football extra to Portlaoise behind 077 in June 2001 and only odd coaches were appearing then as they were re-painted. I have added the video to Flickr of this train, the video also features a somewhat ailing 208 (luckily on Mark3's so back on topic!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/49054699726/in/dateposted-public/ Ernie
  12. The structure on the left looks like the end of the Sligo coal stage
  13. Unfortunately no more Irish narrow gauge, there are approx 50 Irish " standard " gauge Trust views still to upload and I have a fair number of recently acquired HC Casserley views to put on. There again I am meeting my mate from the Trust tomorrow at Newcastle Show and he might have something new! Ernie
  14. Just realised I have a view of Capecastle taken by the late JW Armstrong and in the ARPT Archives on my flickr site. Its uploaded as a link so as not to infringe my permissions from the Trust. https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/23517901282/in/album-72157627623204943/ Ernie
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