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  1. Scans attached, they are 'askew' to make them more readable. Ernie
  2. I've acquired a Provincial Bus Timetable for Summer 1956. Services to Skibbereen or Bantry were 2 per day same as the train, Skibbereen via Bandon and Clonakilty, Bantry via Bandon, Drimoleague and on to Glengarriff (that name rings a bell!). No early arrivals so no commuters etc. Between Bandon & Cork and also Macroom and Cork the service increased to 13 each way on both routes with 3 arrivals before 9am so commuters were catered for. The railways had opted out of providing for this traffic. I.m thinking of starting a "I remember when" topic in Blowing off steam, Just need to a.) do it and b.) Remember something! When I think back to the 1960's when I started out in Banking in 1966 it was completely different. Ernie
  3. I've been looking at Mike Shannon's negs this morning now held by Dave Dunn. They have suffered a bit since the 1960's but are quite interesting. I have uploaded some at Belfast Central Junction including some interesting P/Way maintenance and also a view of the SS Ballygarvey at Bangor Quay. One of Kellys coal boats there's nowt of railway infrastructure in the shot as the B&CDR didn't serve the quay. However its a scene crying out to be modeled but with a siding for coal trucks rather than the lorries. Probably one of Ballygarvey's last trips as she was scrapped in 1965. Ernie
  4. There is a copy of Bradshaws 1910 timetable in Creedon Vol 2. Even then the earliest passenger arrival in Cork was at 10.15 (from Clonakilty). First arrival from Baltimore/Bantry 10.40.
  5. I would think that as I believe CIE also ran the bus services and the railway timetable refers to 11 pages (70 to 80) of connections, that commuters and passenger traffic etc were channelled towards these as these were apparently more economical to run. It would be of interest (to me anyway) just how biased public transport was towards the road. Ernie
  6. I am all for photographers negatives, slides etc being donated or acquired by Railway Societies. However what seems to happen in a great number of cases is that such material is then (I hope) scanned ,identified, catalogued and safeguarded for future generations. All of this has to be done by volunteers, however in many cases it then goes into the vaults and remains unseen and forgotten or is only available at 'base'. It is appropriate that any material put on- line should be available only to members as this makes the Society more attractive to become a member thereby increasing membership, financial standing etc thereby possibly facilitating the production of magazines, publications etc. I started acquiring negs and slides to pursue my own interests in the knowledge that if I didn't get them they would in the vast number of cases go into a private collection and never be seen again. Plus I don't drive, not allowed to drink and I think buying used negs/slides is tax free. The work involved in scanning, identifying, cataloging (if only!) etc is the hard part, but very interesting. I have done perhaps 100,000 plus , my mate at the ARPT reckons he's done 400,000. Putting them on flickr is easy and relatively secure (one needs to put on a copyright overlay ) It also is a means of interacting in the hobby with other enthusiasts and is becoming especially more so as I become what the wife describes as housebound, senile, decrepit, embittered and cantankerous. I don't do prints , too time consuming and post extortionate, however if anyone wants the odd scan and its my 'copyright' for personal use please ask. Requests for including in books a small fee, Society etc articles publications no charge. I shall close with a photo Macmine Junction 9july1960 saloon 352 HC Casserley Ernie OOPS all this by the way is (as usual) Off Topic!
  7. Thanks , Michael Patterson - I couldn't remember his name! plus his email was not his name. I obtained my copy direct from him back in 2015. He sent me some excellent extra Bandon images but I can't put them on the net as I don't have permission. From the various photographers and reminiscences in the book he appears well connected to other Bandon enthusiasts. I especially like the Chris Gammell colour views of the Courtmacsherry line, the slides are buried in the IRRS Archives. Its a pity the IRRS don't make more use of their Photo Gallery on the Internet site. Only 77 images out of thousands in the 'vaults'. Just added this one to Flickr, Coutmacsherry branch at Ballinascarthy, HC Casserley neg Ernie
  8. I also have the WTT for 31May 1948. The service then was even worse than in the 1950's Cork to Baltimore was treated as the main line with a single connection each way to Bantry from Drimoleague. The sole passenger service was designed to bring passengers to Cork in the morning with a return service in the evening. Probably due to post war coal shortages etc My copy of the West Cork book has no binding problems. Ernie
  9. If you can find a copy of this book, privately published a few years ago 186 page hardback , plenty of text and illustrated in colour and monochrome with contributions from numerous enthusiasts and photographers. Covers the last years of the railway. I can't remember how I found out about it, inside the front cover is the name Print & Publish, St Neots, Cambs and a phone number 01480 400290 Its somewhat rare , I have never found another copy. regards Ernie
  10. June 1957 Working Timetable on my Flickr CB&SC Album ( They are not copyright the overlay was added on the whole album in error) Ernie
  11. This Casserley image might be of interest to carriage devotees! 1955-04-12 Cork Rosslare boat train HC img391 from HCC's notes 57'-6'' 12w dining car 353 D10 gaslit wdn 1968 Ernie
  12. Fertiliser wagons arrived today. Wagons are superb and run very smoothly. I removed all the loads from 1 wagon but won't be attempting the single pallets again as my eyes and arthritis are not up to it. Unfortunately I had also cremated a pan of potatoes whilst I was up in the loft for an hour +, this will no doubt be followed by a grilling + roasting tonight when someone gets in from her job. Cookery!🥵 BAH!!! Ernie
  13. When the orange bubbles came out I purchased the 2 sets E & F as a measure of support as I thought they might not sell as well as the Ivorys . Proved wrong as usual! I don't need them so if anyone wishes to re-patriate them please PM me Price £125 (sterling|) per set this should cover Paypal fees and postage. They havn't been out of the boxes. Ernie NOW DEFINITELY SOLD AND PAID FOR
  14. Cowans Sheldon Carlisle in the 1960's. The railway is the Carlisle to Newcastle line also used by the Settle & Carlisle services. Sadly as regards the Works, all that's left today is that low stone wall in the foreground, the site is now a retail park - Asda Halfords etc. Ernie
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