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  1. Some 141/121 ends for comparison. Sods Law says I can't find a direct side on shot for comparison but the model looks fine EDITED Sods Law also states that you will find a side on shot just after you have posted! . I will add this one also as it is roughly the same aspect as the model photo and conveys the same impression re the heights.
  2. Super Train above Black per Murphy or Black and Tan per CIE
  3. Yes it went to Dundalk Barrack Street. Several views in my GNRI album https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157626756740602/with/5736727396/ of the special at Ardee, Dromin and Dundalk
  4. Wills scenecraft SS57 Varigirder. I think I used 2 packs, they also do a kit for the brick piers, I would have preferred stone but I don't think they do one.
  5. This is another JG Dewing negative taken in 1960 at (I think) Thurles . Van A 15 which appears to be still lettered for the Great Southern & Western! Someone has cleaned round the letters. It doesn't look like a re-lettering .
  6. Weathering on the bubbles was done by my son Alan who also built them a few years before the IRM models appeared. Dapol Prestwin chassis plus 3D printed bodies he designed. Weathering was mainly acrylics but with other materials added including tooth paste which developed an interesting greenish mould over the years. I tend to use oil based, water and acrylics paints applied at the same time as the 3 tend to separate out and create interesting patterns etc. A bit of progress on the embankment and Mart site yesterday.
  7. Easons were a well known company who had a large number of kiosks on railway stations including one at Stranorlar, this looks like the kiosk. They were basically newsagents selling papers and magazines as can be seen from the titles on the invoice and I doubt that they sold railway books as such but probably had a selection of tourist oriented guides etc. Ernie
  8. Four more recently acquired negs. Cork 406 5 March 1949 looking quite smart!
  9. Its on 00 Works web site now https://ooworks.co.uk/ Ernie
  10. Well here in Haltwhistle Centre of Britain, netty, bog or toilet rolls are still like gold dust. Our Sainsburys and Co-op have been decimated by Townies from Newcastle driving here and buying everything. The locals are talking of putting up the barricades and self -isolating the whole town! Ernie
  11. One of my offspring gave me this for my birthday some years ago. Now do I flog it, do I use it or do I do the puzzles during the coming 3 months of self isolation first and hope I can solve each puzzle before I need the next sheet?
  12. I received the attached email today from 00 Works. GSR ex CBSC 472 was a 0-6-0st scrapped in 1940 so a bit of an odd prototype to select but very similar to the LSWR 0330 saddle tank also mentioned. This was essentially a Beyer Peacock standard design. The advert wasn't attached Ernie
  13. Britain from Above covers the Republic and other countries as well https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en Ernie
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