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  1. A couple of 121's and 6whl bogied coach 484A formerly 861 GS&WR 1st/3rd Brake compo now owned by RPSI from the latest batch of negatives. May 1965
  2. I have been working through another newly acquired 160 odd negs, mainly 1965 -1967. Most of them are UTA/NIR but there are also some views at Pearse & Connolly. I am trying to date a fair number of Spoil train images, they are all 20 wagon rakes but some have a brake van included . Van numbers UT2034, 2035 and possibly 2032. Apparently when the trains first started running they were 10 wagon rakes plus brake van powered by a single WT. This soon progressed to the 20 wagon top n tailed WT's but there appears to be an interim when the brake van was still included. The guard travelled on the rear loco when the brake vans disappeared (no doubt there had to be some negotiation with the Unions and crews) Does anyone know the dates of when the 20 wagon+van sets started running and when the vans were dispensed with? A couple of 'tasters'
  3. I have managed to decipher JG Dewings records and identified this view as Cullion, first station out of Derry, Victoria Road on the Strabane line taken on 24 August 1950. I Havn't seen many photos of this location.
  4. I am continuing to upload video from 2000-2006 with an instalment each day. Todays is Drogheda 22May 2003 with cement , up & down Tara's and up and down 'liners' plus a rake of bubbles detached from the Belfast-Dublin Liner and then shunted by a pair of 141's onto the Navan line. I have over 600 new images in the pipeline dating from the 1930's to 2007. A couple of 'tasters'
  5. A couple more today. An NIR railcar powered goods train leaving Belfast for either Larne or Derry with a nice selection of containers and vans. Can anyone confirm that the loop on the right was part of the unloading line for the spoil trains or was this further out. The Clonmel view (poor neg) shows a cattle train at Clonmel either awaiting the arrival of the 'cargo' or a path to somewhere else.
  6. I did some digging last night re the dates as they seemed a bit early It would appear that the negs had been collected from various times and put into re-used sleeves. There are a fair number of Strabane just after the closure of the GN route in 1965 but before the track was lifted plus a few probably 1968-9 after some vandalising. From 1968 there are a number of 27 on its 23 March jaunt from York Road to Larne, Whitehead and return plus the RPSI Trip on 4 May 1968 from Belfast with 56 to Dublin then 186 +B147 down to Wicklow and back with a number of views at stops en route; back to Dublin and then 56 on the return at Dundalk & Portadown. Finally there are a fair number of WT's on Spoil and ballast trains, CIE Diesels probably taken at the time of the WicklowTour. NIR Units etc. The Grosvenor Road stored 37 & 49 shown above are more likely to be 1968. They are all good quality views. NOT bad for nowt
  7. Your father has cracked it again; Grosvenor Road it is, I've just checked some of Mike Shannon's images and the chimney in the background confirms it. The yard also had the odd trees along the stream that flowed through it. The UG was 49 The negs are from 1965 1966 & 1967 and were in 3 sleeves but being partially sighted I didn't notice that each sleeve had a date in tiny letters in the corner. By the time I saw this it was too late and I had had them all out scattered over the table so there has been a bit of guesswork in what went in which year! This one of B185 is at Great Victoria Street with Grosvenor Road yard over the pool on the left.
  8. I was recently given 120 negatives from 1961-1967 which I am now identifying and titling up. Can anyone confirm the locations of these 3 negs of withdrawn ex GN locos and other rolling stock. I think they are possibly at York Road, Belfast as a fair number of other views on the strips are there or on the Larne line. The saddle tanks are, I believe the Courtaulds pair.
  9. They definitely made it to Limerick City so would have passed round the 'new' curve at the Junction but I havn't found any images of any actually passing through or calling at the station yet. This one Limerick City June 2001
  10. Here are 3 more views of the bridge taken at the same time. Also a view of CIE crew Sleeping Car 224A on the Baltinglass Fair Train 15 March 1959 JG Dewing. There are some other antiques in the train including at the far left a van which appears to have had its end walls removed.
  11. No offence taken, I am only partially sighted and the signal comment came in quite handy as whilst searching for a photo that showed the position and state of the signal more clearly it led to me discovering that the 470 view stated to be Clonakilty Junction was in fact at Drimoleague. Today we shall head north to the top bit of Ireland:
  12. Track maintenance improved slightly later in the 1950's and also the line that 33 and its coach is standing on was not the main running line and platforms for Bantry & Skibbereen (on the right) but rather the loop line along the island platform for Clonakilty C213 below is on a through train from Clonakilty in 1959. One other point is that the signal at the far left isn't missing its signal arm, it was situated beyond the footbridge and the arm is hidden by the bridge side footpath fence. The shot of 470 was said to be at Clonakilty Junction but it isn't. I checked for photos in WE Shepherds CBSC book and there is a broadly similar view on page 85 taken from the footbridge described as Ballineen but it also is wrong. Finally I checked the OS 25 inch map for 1903 which confirms it as at Drimoleague Keeps me busy!
  13. About the scruffiest one on my flickr but at least its the right loco! Sligo B134
  14. A couple more today contrasting the shortest (Coach wise) passenger train to the the longest (mileage wise) service
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