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  1. Had an email yesterday concerning the forthcoming Dapol SE&CR Class D. This version struck me particularly the grey livery. Would the model suit some modification to fit in with an Irish prototype? https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39194/dapol-4s-027-005-oo-gauge-wainwright-d-class-secr-grey-scraped-beading-4-4-0-steam-locomotive-no-726
  2. Being in Haltwhistle (Centre of Britain) I am in the fortunate position of not being able to receive the series on TV although it appears they fit in well with most of the other crap that is inflicted upon us. I can also take satisfaction that at least the fees received paid for Sligo & Donegal Junction aka CBSC No 5.
  3. He is still listing 4 on E Bay 2 each of grey 472 & 475 but I would contact 00 Works direct to try and avoid Vat duplication etc or have them deliver to a UK address.
  4. Described in this post from Feb. The prototype was damaged in a flood a few years ago and Donegal County Council advertised on the net for tenders to re-construct it. They also posted scale drawings showing the work to be done which were roughly followed so the dimensions are fairly accurate although if the prototype had been re-built to the same standard as my handiwork thenthe Council Building Inspectors wouldn't have been very happy!
  5. Some more progress on the bridges board. After I had built the original baseboards I decided to push the bridges board back a few inches so that the radius of the curve from Five Bridges station could be increased. This has introduced a 'kink' in the back drop, now filled in, which will be hidden by trees in due course.
  6. I usually upload 2 or 3 new Irish images to ERNIE's Railway Archive on Flickr every day unless Madame has other ideas as to what I should be doing. At present there are another 1078 scanned and awaiting upload so enough to see out 2021. Everything is in albums but you can catch the daily new material by checking out the Photostream. Images I put on here are not always added to Flickr at the same time though. These 2 were added today Limerick 1960 https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/
  7. Yes, I have an Album on Flickr. This is Waterford Manor exterior. Below a Link to the Album https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157711590538817/with/48994179313/
  8. I am awaiting a Special Delivery today of 2000 negatives to identify and label up. The bad news for Irish enthusiasts is that they are all UK. The good news (for me) is that in return I can keep any I fancy. There may be some more Irish, the sender of the last batch also included Swansea & Mumbles negs so hopefully some Irish have also been miss- sorted . In the meantime 3 more Irish from the first lot. Cavan & Leitrim / CB&P coupling height differences. Ballinamore's high tec point & signal Control Centre & Waterford & Tramore's answer to luxury bus travel.
  9. Dundalk at the engine shed siding throat with the long low building of the wagon repair shop at the rear and the roof of the Boiler/erecting shops just visible at right.
  10. I think 17 is more likely the 1920's as its in that era's livery and the view of No 6 I put on earlier is definitiely 1920's when it was the regular Ballynahinch branch loco and is in original un-rebuilt condition. Another negative is of GNRI QL 114 pre 1932 when it was withdrawn. Now is this at Amiens St, can anyone confirm. LATER. I've identified it as being at Dundalk at the Loco shed sidings with the wagon repair shop behind.
  11. Thanks, the film also looks like post WW2 stock as well. Although these Cavan & Leitrim images are from 20 March 1959 the interior is still 1890's. First 2 photos Coach 5L , 2nd class in foreground, First Class the upholstered armchair. to the rear. In the background, looks like livestock judging by the evidence on the floor. 3rd photo 1L rebuilt with upholstered 2nd class!
  12. I have finished scanning and identifying another 140 odd Irish negatives mainly from 1959 but these 2 are I think from the 1920's. Belfast & County Down Railway 4-4-2T's at Belfast Queens Quay Does anyone know when the Coaling Plant was built, quite a modern piece of kit for an Irish Railway . It possibly dates from the extensive re-building of Queens Quay in the 1910's.
  13. I have been checking out the W Moguls and now realise that the earlier ones were delivered with smaller Fowler tenders so the tender behind the loco in the photo could have been for it. I can't find much out about livery changes but the only photos I have found so far with the lining on the buffer beam as in the photo are of the first 4 built in 1933. Also in the batch of negs I am now processing is this view of a rake or possibly train of cars at Cork Docks behind E414 on 26 June 1959. I think someone earlier on the Forum asked the question whether car trains ran on Irish railways. This
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