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  1. I attended via Zoom as well although my Webcam has gone the journey and enjoyed an excellent set of films. There were some fascinating scenes of the demolition Contractors working on the Clonmel-Thurles branch using what looked like one of the ex GNRI railcars D E F or G ( can anyone confirm ) with a makeshift wooden board Driving end. I have another Webcam on the way and look forward to the next Show
  2. Thanks Jim, I've got him in the records/ email as Dingle Train! I supplied some 27 images mainly JG Dewing I think. It was in June this year; now if it had been June 1980 I would have recalled this straight away! I was advised the book was to raise funds for the Cavan & Leitrim during Covid.
  3. The name of the author rings a bell and I'm not sure if he contacted me about using some of the Ernie's Railway Archive photos but I don't remember supplying any (Not that that means much) Can anyone tell me if there are any credited to Ernie's Railway Archive in it. The Cover shot is a well known John G Dewing slide which Colourail marketed for a while but the copyright was still held by Dewing and has now passed on elsewhere. I have around 150 odd C&L original negs and slides plus probably all the previously published books so may well give it a miss.
  4. The larger Puffers (89 ft long as opposed to the earlier 66 ft long) certainly traded to Northern Ireland and probably down the east coast to Dublin but probably not round Malin Head and down the west coast. They traded to the Western Isles in Scotland but went via the Crinan Canal to avoid the rougher seas around the Mull of Kintyre. The Langley kit is the smaller 66 ft version which were built to fit the locks of the Forth & Clyde Canal and around the Firth of Clyde If there was a chance of making a few bob on the side Para Handy and the Vital Spark would have taken it though!
  5. My download speed is 71 MBps so uploading will be correspondingly a bit faster than yours , the last video I uploaded to Glengarriff was 322mb for 4 mins 28 secs so my file frame (or whatever you call it) size is a bit smaller. Its still only copper wire to the house though.
  6. Does it happen every 25 years or so? here's a Graham Roose slide from 25 October 1995
  7. I had my Flu jab this morning bright and early 8am and also as a result of a BOGOF managed to have a needle in both arms (free Pneumonia offer) So I gave up work on the cattle bank fencing and cleaned the track so I could try out one or two trains. A couple of Sligo & Donegal layout locos make their appearance, not many people remember that the S&DJR acquired several ex GNRI & SLNCR locos in the 1957 closures. From the SLNC in debt settlement and from CIE , ex GNRI locos not required on the dismemberment of the company. This was to cover the expected increase in traffic to Co
  8. I just upload Glengarriff video direct from the PC to IRM, its only slightly longer than uploading a photo. I combine the clips on the 'Photos' thing on Windows 10 but don't upgrade the 'export' to high. Its 4K video to start with so massive files so you need to keep the final film length to only 3 or 4 minutes
  9. Yeh I was charged a quid, it took 10 days to arrive but I think that was because Robin Fell hadn't quite completed adding it to the Web site. There's some cracking photos in it plus fairly extensive captions. Ernie
  10. Glengarriff is looking a bit cluttered whilst I finish off the last bits of scenic work, however I felt the need to escape to the 'man cave' or should it be eyrie as its int loft so I did a bit of videoing. Didn't bother cleaning the track and there's been a bit of movement track wise over the usual Haltwhistle summer heat wave so a bit shaky. A few more photos as well. Glengarriff_18Oct2020.mp4
  11. Not about my photos etc for a change! I was talking to Robin Fell of Trotskee Travel, the source of a fair number of my negative and slide acquisitions a couple of weeks ago and he asked if I bought Irish railway books. I replied that I probably already had them all but he said that they were publishing an Irish railway book by the legendary British railway photographer Dick Riley. Apparently Dick had made a weeks trip in May 1950 in the company of noted Irish railway photographers Henry Casserley, Tom Middlemass and HS Brighty. Its a Print on Demand book and a new venture by Robin under
  12. A couple more interesting station views, Athlone M&GW station 1967 and an enlargment of Ballysodare with an its sturdily built Goods shed 1969.
  13. Today I've started on the last area to be developed, the Guinness Compound.
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