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  1. Tommy Brady (aka Helix on E Bay) and Irish Freight Models has a 'store' page on Facebook which I have just checked and everything is shown as 'Out of Stock' Ignore the Web site address on facebook as he says this was hacked many years ago and if you click on it there is just a load of unrelated stuff - nowt to do with railways. Ernie
  2. I have some time on my hands over the next (at least) 10 days thanks to the current Pandemic as my Son-in-Law has tested positive so I and the family are 'confined to Bracks er sorry barracks' The downside's to this are that he is isolating in the loft which means I can't access the Railway room with its secret store of jelly babies and Cadburys chocolate - oh and Glengarriff and most of my railway books. Also this means that Madame can't go to work so she is knitting scarves for Africa whilst watching irritating daytime TV and keeping a beady eye on me to ensure I do not go upstairs.
  3. Lots of snow yesterday most of which has melted but the rest has frozen overnight so a couple of snowy scenes on flickr today. CDRJC No 6 at Donegal Town and A 'Woolwich' at Spencer Dock both sometime in the mid 1950's. These are part of a batch of 66 negs with no locations or dates received this week but all identified now. The photographer either had extremely poor eyesight or he just pointed the camera without looking through the viewfinder. Luckily the camera was a decent one as most of images are only part of the original neg. A further batch of 70 odd Irish negs from the early
  4. An enlargment of a Casserley Medium Format neg of L&LSR No 12 at Burtonport 24 June 1937. On close examination another loco can be seen in the shed. I thought it might be 4-8-0 No 11 which was supposed to have been withdrawn and scrapped in 1928 but its more likely one of the Barclay 4-6-0t's which had the same style square front buffer beam . Other L&LSR locos appear to have had a cut out on the buffer beam ends. It would make sense to keep a spare loco at Burtonport in case the service loco failed.
  5. I don't think I have uploaded this one but then again I might have. This is the Group shot at Sligo taken by Henry Casserley of the SLS Party which RC Riley was with in May 1950 unless HCC. found someone to take it with his camera. It would be interesting to see if anyone can identify any of the participants. I say chaps 2 of us havn't dressed correctly - no ties.
  6. Hattons also have a range of 4whl and 6 whl coaches under development, I wonder if the Hornby ones are linked to these or an entirely separate batch of mouldings/models.
  7. Sorry havn't got any of the road side but Ciarans site has a number of photos. There is a bricked up window under the vegetation on the north end http://eiretrains.com/Photo_Gallery/Railway Stations G/Gort/IrishRailwayStations.html#Gort_20080802_019_CC_JA.jpg Road side on Ciaran's site http://eiretrains.com/Photo_Gallery/Railway Stations G/Gort/IrishRailwayStations.html#Gort_20080326_013_CC_JA.jpg
  8. Is it this side you are after?
  9. I have been perusing the R N Clements photos on the IRRS Flickr site. There are some interesting photos of the ex DN&GR 0-6-0st's at Sutton awaiting scrapping on 10 May 1952. There are 3 intact locos with the first one identified as Number 6 plus 2 and 3, and one wheels & chassis only said to be No 5 The views also includes glimpses of the Hill of Howth Car shed and the locos are on a siding which was part of the former Power station complex being the 'kick-back' for the lines into the power station. The Sutton & Baldoyle running in board adjacent to the level crossing also appears
  10. Where should the wagon number go? Well I wouldn't be too bothered about it.
  11. Merry Christmas &^ a Happy New Year everyone! Here is a bumper bundle uploaded to Flickr today. Click on the photos to get the captions! Some old, some new, some maybe GNRI blue!
  12. No I don't think so, different lighting conditions produced variations in the hue. Here are a couple of views at Limerick Junc of 123 and 129 taken within minutes of each other. EDIT I'm intrigued by the white lining on the cab end of 123 with a line of dirt down the middle and a bit ropey on the edges paint wise. Its possible the cab metalwork is a bit distorted I have quite a few views of locos missing the IR or IE logo on the bonnet sides.
  13. I wasn't going to get a black n Tan 121 but thinking that in a couple of years time I will probably wish I had; thought better of it. This is the 'Insurance' shot. All locos arrived safely with only one loose coupling across the deliveries. I'm thinking that if I go the same way with the A Class I might have to rebuild Glengarriff as a Diesel depot. Well no! I prefer the countryside.
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