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  1. I,ve looked at the PRONI site but it only seems to do the six inch to the mile whereas we need the 25 inch/mile jobs. Alan Godfrey Maps have done a few bits of Belfast covering York Road and Great Victoria Street at around 16inches to the mile (reduced from the 25inch plans but I have been trying to get ones on the Queens Quay area and especially the Coal Quay plus the lines serving the shipyards. I have been identifying negatives passed to the ARPT covering these areas and also the Grosvenor Road & Mayfields yards of the GNRI. I'm still awaiting permission from the Trust to use these on Flickr its a bit tricky, because I understand the photographer has dementia and I don't want to upset anybody. ERnie
  2. The Republic that is not the North. Most annoying! Ernie
  3. I have an album on flickr covering Claremorris specifically in 2003 & 2005. https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157626841836014 At the beginning of the album there are 9 videos each approx 9minutes long covering operations at the station In may & June 2003. The 7 18th/19th june ones were very interesting as the line was being relaid west of the station and at one time 5 locos on various trains were there. Shunting of the Guinness traffic is also covered. Flickr was offline undergoing a massive software migration yesterday and is being a bit of a pain at the moment but should settle down once the backlog of selfies etc has been uploaded by the er younger generation! Ernie
  4. https://signalbox.org/overseas/ireland/claremorris.htm This interesting article has a signal box diagram of Claremorris ca 2000. Ernie
  5. Thanks HG, I for one (probably one of many!) didn't know about the Peat briquette traffic. On examining some of my negatives the lettering on the up-graded wagons is apparent. Ernie
  6. Mark 3 Push/Pull set for me! Ernie
  7. All the parts 1-7 of my May 2003 Trip are now on flickr. I returned the following month (June 2003) as in May the lines west of Claremorris were closed for relaying work during the day. This was still the case in June but this time I had found a B&B in Claremorris which meant I could video the action between trains etc. Parts of this video were originally uploaded in 3 minute segments (Tara at North Wall and shunting at Claremorris) but the flickr up-grade recently means that I can re-vamp the coverage into 9+minute segments and a lot more can be shown. The mid-day Westport from Dublin eventually managed to leave Claremorris once the P/Way trains had returned, however the Ballina connection was still a bus. The Station Manageress seeing my disappointment arranged for the Ballina set to run from Claremorris somewhat late with myself and a couple of other passengers (the rest had gone on the previously arranged coaches) First part has been uploaded https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/33977228968/in/dateposted-public/ There are 10 parts in all with a running time of some 90 minutes. The numbers/letters in the video titles are so that eventually when all the video is done the combined album https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157706536575014 should display all the videos in date order (provided I remember to edit it!) Ernie
  8. I have started uploading video for my trip in May 2003, Limerick Junc-Portarlington- Tullamore - Claremorris - Limerick - Limerick Junc - Drogheda. Seven videos in all. This is Part 1 https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/40843525793/in/dateposted-public/ Parts 2 to 4 are uploaded; 5 to 7 which are all at Drogheda to follow. A fair number of slides are also uploaded from earlier times. Ernie
  9. Parts 5 to 10 Waterford & Kildare video October 2003 are now uploaded. Part 7 starts at Waterford but then moves to Kildare https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/47702344582/in/album-72157628651873327/ with 8-11 following on (11 will be uploaded tomorrow) Ernie
  10. I noticed last night that Tommy has finally released his rebuilt 'Dutch van' got my order in! https://store1493122.ecwid.com/#!/Irish-Rail-Iarnrod-Eireann-Dutch-EGV-Van/p/74126982/category=6789991 Ernie
  11. Probably clutching at straws here but this coach on the 'Brian Boru' is numbered 47N. Would this have been an ex GNRI coach with an N added . Coaching stock is not my forte unfortunately. Ernie
  12. I was ferreting through my files and came across these 2 taken by the late Ken Groundwater which must be the pony truck derailment at Limerick. I don't think we would get away with these days with the use of a loco (it would have to an 071 class!) as a grandstand. Photos copyright of the Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust. Ernie
  13. It would be for the lot I think . Its probably a bit too far the line to be making private offers, the auctioneers will have an agreement in place and they will be wanting to make the most of their 'cut' Then again 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. One redeeming factor if that is the right word is that the Casserley negatives have had a great deal of "public exposure" over the years so it could be just a case of searching old books, magazines etc for images. I have before me an album of 600 odd mainly Irish negatives which need identifying, mainly ex NCC and GNRI taken in 1964/5. There is an index but the handwriting is (incredibly!) worse than mine and I havn't yet got permission to use them on my Archive.Fingers crossed! Also today I have tacit agreement to use another collection once the Executor has passed them on. What I really want though are some more decent IR & IE freight 1990's to 2005 in colour. OH! and to win the Lottery.🤩 Ernie
  14. I have heard that the Casserley negatives were offered to an 'organisation' for £20,000 which sum was somewhat beyond their means, but it will give some idea of their expected Auction value. ERnie
  15. 4 being re-railed at Cork April 1969 with a little help from B131 Limerick 4 + 171 April 1969 I have the late Tony Nokes slides etc from the Tour which according to his notes 4 was rescued by B167 as above but somewhere along the line B131 got in on the act. Ernie DOH! Off Topic again. Better get back on Try this Belfast Queens Quay GNRI Motor Trailer 214 4Aug59 img392
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