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  1. Mixed bag today and that also means as to photo quality. Ex M&GW coach 151M 27 August 1956 at Mallow, Inchicore K1 380 ca 1948 by JG Dewing & Athlone ex M&GW station 1967.
  2. Great Northern today. Omagh 107 22Aug 1954 , 209 Dundalk 25 Aug 1954 & QG 155 at Drogheda on the same day.
  3. I have joined the bandwagon and purchased an A3r - down to 33 now. Well the Winter Fuel payment is due so here's hoping for a mild winter.
  4. Jim , you need to send a flickr request quoting your membership number to the IRRS to become a follower and they will then add you to the members who can access their flickr site.
  5. I shall change it to ca 1966, I was given a pile of negs with neg sleeves dated 1965 through to 1968 but the negs had all been taken out and re-inserted in the wrong sleeves. There are numerous other ones to go on flickr Here are views at Bray and Dundalk.
  6. No shouldn't be a problem , Santa lives in Lapland which is in Finland - part of the EU
  7. Book arrived today and is excellent, no narrow gauge Jim but 5 SLNCR Galteemore!
  8. Dublin Connolly 4 May 1968 today . B170 & WT56 which I think was on a Special from Belfast.
  9. Langley Models do 4mm painted metal ducks etc but probably not a good idea to order from UK at the moment! https://www.langleymodels.co.uk/awd1/index.php?route=product/product&path=203_206&product_id=5558
  10. GNRI today Both Ca 1955. A wintry day at Amiens Street and Armagh station
  11. I could have sworn yesterday that when I went on the Shop site there was an advert for an ITG A3r as preserved version Class A but later on it had gone. Now I havn't touched a drop of the hard stuff apart from strong tea for the last 40 years. Have I gone even softer in the head or did anyone else see it?
  12. A bit of nostalgia! October was for a few years time for the trip to usually Waterford for the Beet. A couple from the camera of Graham Roose today. Wellington Bridge. 085 on 25 October 1995 and a general view at sunset 27 October 1995.
  13. These 2 arrived today. Only A42 outstanding now as it was ordered 18 September last year and no notification yet, whereas these 2 were only ordered in July this year
  14. Wrong one Tony, I'm the one with the short fat hairy legs! Ernie
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