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  1. Here is another said to be at Limerick Whitsun 1960 although if it was Whitsun then Spring was incredibly late that year as other photos so annotated show trees etc completely devoid of any leaves. I think the bogie coach number is 962 possibly ex WL&W can anyone identify it. Also what does the M stand for
  2. I'm working through a bunch of newly acquired negs; can anyone identify this location taken ca 1957-60
  3. A view of Limerick on 14 May 1988 with in the distance 184 on a Special. There are close up views of the loco also added to Flickr today.
  4. JW Armstrong views today from the Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust. Dublin Heuston and Inchicore shed ca 1950
  5. Two from September 1978. 021 at Limerick Junction, the first coach looks interesting (possibly!) A pair of 121's at Rosslare Harbour.
  6. GNRI Derry shed today. HC Casserley views on 19 April 1948. 25 and 140 coaling.
  7. Two more from the late JW Armstrong courtesy of the Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust. Both ca 1950 Enniskillen 88 heading north. D17 98 at Inchicore running shed
  8. Limerick 241 on probably the Foynes mixed 12 July 1955 Awaiting the trip to the scrapyard D14 62 Ashtown Halt 23October 1960
  9. I hate TV advertising and invariably hit the 'mute' button as soon as they commence, these days adverts seem to be on for more time than the actual programme, notwithstanding that the programmes arn't worth watching any way. Even the dog agrees with me!
  10. Hi Jim , you can still call me ERNIE on Sunday although my first name Colin is technically my 'Sunday name'
  11. Yes Andy you are correct. Checked my files whilst grabbing my tea. This one isn't uploaded yet. The signal gives the location away, when the Derry line was open it had another arm at the top of the post This is Railcar 14 0n 2 July 1959.
  12. County Donegal Railways today: Photographer recorded this as Donegal Town but I'm not so sure Railcar 18 , 1July 1959 This is though 24 August 1954
  13. We have as far as I can remember only one steam special through Haltwhistle this year! Guess what, apparently a problem with the AWS equipment. 47237 towing 60103 24 July.
  14. Looking at the photos I put on then the line off to the left on them is just a siding as the map shows the Branch as leaving the GNRI line in the down direction ie behind the photographer.
  15. Cork & Dublin feature in todays offerings: Cork C212 arriving 12 Sept 1960 Dublin Connolly, Railcar 906 ca May 1965
  16. A couple from Omagh GNRI today. 122 on the 11.15am Omagh to Derry 26 June 1952 123 on ECS ex Enniskillen 19 May 1950
  17. Some views of ex M&GWR stations in 1967 some 30 years after closure. I hope the photographers identification notes were correct. Clifden Achill Ballynahinch
  18. A couple today from Aldergrove on the former GNRI Antrim branch ca 1955 I think.
  19. A bit of a contrast for todays photos, First the 'ancient'; Ex T&D 3T at Drumshanbo with the daily mixed 20 March 1959 I was surprised to see looking at Google street view that the Water Tower, Goods store and I think also the station building still exist with a bypass road built between the goods store and the tower which appear to be well maintained. Then we move to the 'modern' (for 22August 1953) for a somewhat cleaner well pristine even 802 on the 3.40pm (SO) Dublin-Cork.
  20. A couple from Dublin, Heuston circa 1965 today. B161 + B164 and E403 shunting.
  21. Does this help? The photographer took a photo of the train in Avoca station as well. EDIT OOPS, Sorry JHB I thought you were referring to the photo of A6 I had put on the Archive Thread morning Doh! Can this one be bumped across ?
  22. Yes its Dromod probably June 1957, I am sorting out a Collection of mainly UK negs but there are some 100+ Irish and my fee is that I keep those.
  23. I've had a few A Class arrive this week including A51 which has already lost a windscreen wiper. XXXXX small parts!
  24. A return to my Collection today. Added to Flickr is 397 at Mallow on the 6.15pm Cork - Rosslare Harbour, 20 June 1953 In the pipeline I am processing another 100 plus negatives, mainly Cavan & Leitrim and West Clare but there are some 'standard' gauge views including this one of A6 approaching Avoca ca 1960. My Flickr total views are approaching 46 million, if I got 1p a shot that would be £460,000 - I could have probably just about commissioned an 00 scale C Class for that. Unfortunately I rather think that if viewers had to pay 1p , total income would probably have been £460.
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