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  1. AEC railcars are absolutely gorgeous. Love the colour
  2. Saw a picture of 212 in vic Barry’s with just the cab left. Someone had cut the “212” out presumably because someone asked to preserve it. Always to know if it’s still around.
  3. Coming in the second runAlong with Galway livery 001 Class and these liveries which definitely existed and definetly is not photoshopped and put together by northernblue109 on flickr
  4. I knew someone would do this sooner or later question is, is this thread going to be Banter A Class variants for the next 10 days my CB&SCR A Class thinks so
  5. Perhaps you can have mine, it fell off the layout, complete write off so will happily provide spares……
  6. My vision was a broken Citroen van. With the van driver on strike I drove through Paris once, north wall to them is a small siding
  7. *breaking news* Europol raids house in Germany today after a tip off from Irish informant all they found was 200 odd cases of model trains more to follow
  8. I was thinking about that, i swear the A class was announced like 3 years ago, so for them to finnally be within touching distance of actually arriving is great. And I do prefer waiting less even if it means ye guys have to hold off on announcing it.
  9. Now that is ambitious. I can’t fathom all the work and pressure involved in that.
  10. Hard to believe it’s 2 ish weeks now till they are on our doorstep
  11. Aha, you see The dots are connecting.....
  12. Looks stunning, a real peice of quality. Love seeing the layout develop more and more
  13. Triple packs are ideal cause it has value and 3 is a good amount of coaches for most layouts
  14. To be fair I’ve seen people do wonders with the silver fox hunslets The tooling is certainly one of there better one so that will suffice............for now
  15. At least my silver fox railcar set and C class were not imeidiatly outdated before they even arrived 80 class very much jumped up a few places for a future release in the coming years
  16. Rip to those people flogging them on eBay for twice there worth those days are no more
  17. How did practically no one guess mk2s congrats guys....they look stunning and nir variety too?
  18. Can’t think of a better place to see the C class be announced
  19. Chance that AEC railcars might also be on the way, but much less likely the park royals,C class prediction im also predicting GWR rolling stock for the accurascale announcement Hi, IRM here live from whitehead railway centre Co Antrim Northern Ireland to being you our latest announcement........
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