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  1. I Mean This is as far as two seconds in office lense got me. Might do something like this for with a but of Sprucening of the images for my layouts in the future or of course buy SSM signs
  2. Interesting strategy! Again can't be underestimated this announcement. Fair play to paddy murphy for re releasing some of these coaches and the 201s. One of the biggest complaints about irish modeling was ebay prices for existing models. 150 euro for 1 peice of rolling stock and 300-450 for some locos!
  3. How do you do pre-orders for something without a price yet? Also my hope is that 226 River Suir is put out in new IE livery.....alas ill just have to wait and see
  4. Yes thats true and i do think the new IE logo looks nicer on the 201s then the previous intercity decals. Great to see locos currently on the mainline being moddeled
  5. Oh f*ck....i pray for the people that bought them.....chances are theyll still try sell them for 150 even when the new ones are on sale.... Its nice that the 201s were getting are the more modern variants of each livery. As has been said there is a lack of current day irish locos for people coming into the hobby. But intercity 201s are a familiar site to even those outside the irish railway circle upon showing a picture of one to my non railway freind he calls it the "high speed train" i mean at least he has the spirit
  6. Ill look for any scraps of my communion money left over!
  7. Brilliant! Its a huge announcement considering some of us thought there were "no future plans" for MM. Im excited to see every single one of these re-hit store shelves I'm not certain but is this the first time an irish loco has been re-run?
  8. Interesting how it says that alright, hence why this is such a big shock. Considering that marks models and IRM have confirmed it which makes me beleive that this isnt the usual hoaxes you get from Facebook sometimes Besides its much easier to update a facebook page then to update a website I think
  9. I suppose the success of this run will be monitered closely as we dont get re-runs to often..... and maybe more in the future if this one goes well. there 50 years past my era and the intercity 201.... I might just get one anyway besides for the intercity, enteprise and badger liveries this is only the second run! It would make sense to see 60s coaching stock return to shelves on the eve of the A class and 121s. Shame there is nothing with a flying snail for them to pull...yet
  10. Well deserved return for intercity green 201, bridges the gap between old and new very well
  11. To be fair the lima 201 was the biggest step up in irish railway modeling. The MM 141 was also a big step up but not as big a step as the lima 201.
  12. Aye I just saw them there, good rescource for whenever i do get no.90 and maybe some more justification for great northern stock!
  13. Irelands terrier. The old lady was a staple of rocksavage works. Even though the D class diesel had arrived and she was 75 years old at that point! Delightful photo
  14. https://www.marksmodels.com/?cid=51 Wow.......surely these will be of interest to people....brand new NCC jinties, flying snail moguls and flying snail coaching stock Interesting that everyone seems to be clearing the warehouse now!
  15. I must also agree that (not biased) that the cork shots were awesome. Some of the V class shots were great too
  16. Unbelievable evening. a great time could not have asked for better thank you@leslie10646
  17. Can you join the meeting regardless of your a member or not....I'm too young to join the society as of right now?
  18. I hope he was BANNED from ebay forever for that kind of sugar honey ice tea You could buy 1 of every MM loco for that money brand new and still have plently left over
  19. Coming to a smyths Toys superstores near you!
  20. Id love if the lima 201s were still floating around for a cheap entry point into irish modeling. A bit like a hornby railroad option!
  21. Yea i think interchangable sections of some sort would be great for a potential design but if not the main (not including the single one) ones are... Standered double track like the ones on the limerick waterford line A big multiplatform one simular to the clonakilty junction one but this goes for any major station The other one is the triple track bridge. I think these are seen at Crossbarry and Tiperary town.
  22. The one thing I will add is that the come in all different shapes and sizes! Clonakilty juction had one spanning 3 platforms and 4 tracks! This one at tipperary has the stairs orientated in different directions potential designs for adding a centre section extra and being able to rotate the stairs as mentioned earlier might be beneficial (it would have to be divided into preices due to restricted printer size ect)
  23. And....with only a few small things like using spare SSM transfers to make decals, fixing the buffer ect. GSWR Number 33 is complete. As far as i know this engines last hurrah was working the Clonakilty branchline loosing the Macroom line to its closure and the Cobh line to the introduction of diesal railcars.
  24. I think i saw footage of 560 crossing the city railway with her plates on. 552 and 559 were the regulars in the later days but i think 560, 551, 553 and 557 have been on the line if not more!
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