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    I live in Germany, in the very south on the Swiss border. I have a wife and 2 almost grown-up children. A house with garden.
    I have been modelling almost all my life. The railway is a recent addition.

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  1. hi Thanks, but scale OO is to small, I need G scale. HI thanks, that looks good, mayby i found more. Andreas
  2. Hello together - I have searched and found nothing. For my small Irish village I am looking for some cars. They should be small and vintage cars, maybe a small bus. Preferably right-hand drive of course. Is there anything like that? Thanks in advance Andreas
  3. Hi all, you asked for more info, here is a summary of the build of my Slieve Callan. I have already published this information in the G Scale Central Forum. Here is my latest project. I would like to build a locomotive to go with my "West Clare Railway". I have chosen the only surviving locomotive as a prototype. It will not be a scale replica. As with me, I just want the picture to be right. I have found several pictures of the "Slieve Callan" in the internet. The motor is old and comes from the "LGB Spreewald Lok 2074", but it is unused. The loco is built in a scale of 1:22,5, but the proportions are adapted to the drive. The boiler is a piece of tube, the rest is made of 2mm polystyrene. Some complicated parts I have 3D printed. I run this loco with battery and radio. All the current collectors have been removed from the engine. The power supply is 4 Li-Io cells. I have installed the batteries in the water boxes. The receiver and speed controller are from Fosworks. I have set the speed controller to power curve 3, so the locomotive is slower (approx. 40 Km/h max). The Loco weighs a total of 2.5 kg. I paint it in dark green (RAL 6005 Mosgreen). I made the lines with thin adhesive tape. OK I think I have collected the most important information, now pictures - and if you want to know something: ask... The beginning....
  4. Hello together, I would like to introduce you to my railway. Is there an introduction thread here? I haven't found it. So briefly about me. I come from Germany, in the very south on the Swiss border. Married, 2 grown-up children, house, cars, .... Click I inherited a garden railway the year before last. I'm building my own little (Irish) world from it. Here are a few pictures of the construction so far. I still have hardly any original wagons and locomotives. I have built the Slieve Callan of the West Clare Railway and an Irish fantasy locomotive. And some freight wagons. Some of the inherited houses I have rebuilt in an Irish style - at least that's what I think. I am not rebuilding an original situation. I am building a model railway to play with and to recreate the atmosphere. this Now a few pictures and Videos . This was a very short introduction - ask if you want to know more. Now the last important building is ready. The pub. The building was created from Pola's "Hofladen" house. Of course it didn't look Irish ... So I rebuilt it. I removed the sloping framework. The filling of the frame is all done with tile glue. Removed the wall with the yard gate and built the wall with the door there. Built a new front for the pup out of styrofoam and plastic waste. The roof of course again with slate shingles and two big chimneys. The frame painted black, the pub striking red. The name of the pub is a tribute to my daughter's horse. She has an Irish Sporthorse called "King of Tullaghan" CLICK (at the bottom of the page)
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