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  1. In the table Des says... coaching stock as at April 1954... 56M ex MGWR, 4 wheeled parcels van; ex -mortuary van, built?, spare at Tramore.
  2. Des Coakham, Railway Bylines annual no 3, 14 page article on the W&T.
  3. The book arrived from the printers just before Warley, I have yet to see a physical copy myself! It is available from Transport Treasury ttpublishing.co.uk Thanks, Michael,
  4. pal van 1.pdf pal van 2.pdf
  5. The tender pictured with 502? was one of a pair, numbered 407 and 408, built at Inchicore with locomotives 501 & 502 in February and March 1926. They were ordered by the GS&WR but the order was completed by the GSR. They were nicknamed "Biscuit tins" as the coal was contained within a steel plate hopper, set back from the tender outside plating ( to aid sighting lines by the footplate crew ) and the tender did not have coal rails like many other tenders. Water capacity was the second largest on the GSR at 4670 gallons, coal carried was 7 tons 10 cwt, tare weight 49 tons. ( the three 800 class tenders had 5000 gallons and 8 tons of coal.) The ladder with the curved handrail top on the tender rear remains from the time that the three 500's were converted to oil firing for a brief period 1947-48
  6. This pic at Newbridge 15th June 1994 has 157 hauling a failed 015 and Park Royal coach 1944 from Limerick to Inchicore, possibly the last movement of it on IE.
  7. See also IRRS Journals no 3 and 144. Railway Gazette December 1930, first page of a series of articles including a huge fold out map.
  8. Jon, Yep, Let me know, Michael.
  9. someone has made a mistake!
  10. The thinking was that they were to be wipe clean, and were hard, therefore discouraging passengers from sitting in the diner as regular seats, but they had a glossy finish and were very uncomfortable to sit in. They got the "Ronald McDonald" nickname because of similar seating in the kids area of McDonalds! They were eventually with conventional Mk3 seats covered in fabric which became plastered with spilt food and were not at all pleasant to look at never mind risk your life by sitting on them !
  11. The latest Mark 3 dining car... 1st February 1985, note the "Ronald McDonald" plastic seats, you could'nt stay sat in them unless you had velcro on your trousers! A far cry fr
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