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  1. Des Coakham had a nice 12 page article in Backtrack May 2004, I attach a couple of pages...
  2. And here is a picture of number 30 at York Road with fillers before the paint job!, picture dated 27th June 1961
  3. seagoebox


  4. I know it is not in colour, but still has nice detail. From the Dublin Penny Journal.
  5. CIE converted around 93 steam engines to burn oil, Athlone driver Val Horan wrote a good article in the IRRS Journal, Vol 15, no 96, February 1995, pages 337 to 351 and 383 to 385
  6. Book Depository will not be stocking it, it is only available direct from the publisher
  7. 10 page report plus 2 diagrams...
  8. I remember a story about the wooden loo seat with its brass hinges in the Executive bog getting nicked! All joking aside, the first class business on the 08.00 ex Central and the return 18.20 ex Connolly held up remarkably well throughout the "troubles" despite the best efforts of those who regularly phoned in bomb scares. I wonder how many times the executive coach was booked though, It was an "Enterprising" approach by some in NIR who were trying to develop and maintain business through difficult times.
  9. sometime back geraghtyg was looking for a pic of the executive saloon, here goes, taken at Belfast Central on 5th July 1989
  10. Irish railfans News January 1961 Vol 7, no 1, page 13 states.. " Some of the vehicles destined for Belfast Transport Museum have been seen en-route at Portadown. Loco no 2 Blanche replaced loco no 1 Alice, but the list in our October 1960 issue is otherwise unchanged." The IRRS Journal Vol 6, no 28, Spring 1961 page 51/52 was even more vague saying just that "no 2 went to the Belfast Transport Museum"
  11. Yes, 104 had loaded in Poyntzpass earlier that day, discharged ballast at Killeen near the top of the bank, and ran empty wrong road to Dundalk to run round before returning the wagons to the Pass, and loco. LE to Portadown. In those days the only cross-overs were at Poyntzpass and Dundalk. Michael
  12. Cross-Border visits by the NIR MV's were rare, this pic of 104 is from March 1994
  13. seagoebox


    NIR 106/ CIE 227 not looking so good at Cahirciveen in June 1998
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