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  1. I attach a very grainy B&W photo of the saloon interior of dining car 547, taken at GVS in January 1976
  2. And here are a few images from that day.. no 4 worked LE from Whitehead to Magheramorne, shunted a bit and brought wagons to York Road and then brought genny van from body work repairs at York Road round to Central Service Depot Via Antrim (run round). Finally returned light engine later that evening to Whitehead. Pictures taken at Magheramorne, Ballyclare no 3 crossing, Kilmakee (loco inspector Frank Dunlop) and Crumlin station.
  3. some more CIE Mk2 pics... And for reasons of balance..... a few Executive NIR Mk2's...
  4. Some pictures taken in Inchicore on the same date as those on page 84 of the Railway Rambler book
  5. Drawings for "Locomotives of the Great Southern & Western Railway".... This statement is to clear up misunderstandings that have arisen about drawings published in the book "Locomotives of the GS&WR" by Clements, McMahon & O'Rourke. Research for the "Locomotives of the GSR" by Clements & McMahon (Colourpoint Books 2008) uncovered locomotive and tender drawings for almost all the 5'3" gauge types operated by the Great Southern Railways, a number of which had not been previously published. Size limitations prevented their inclusion in that work but a separate volume was planned to include all those drawings. Work on that project was abandoned following failure to elect publisher support. The main intention behind the recent and the 2008 publication had been to place historic information in the public domain and it was frustrating that many informative drawings seemed destined to remain hidden. Then the up-graded twice-yearly periodical New Irish Lines offered an ideal means of distribution. Data sheets for every locomotive type had already been prepared and Alan O'Rourke as Editor readily agreed to their circulation free of charge with issues of NIL. The main constraint was weight related mailing costs which meant release of the drawings in stages. The collection covers the following railways: GS&WR, MGWR, CB&SCR, WL&WR, GSR (i.e. 1924-1944), CIE. There are also some narrow gauge locomotives but for copyright reasons, a separate data sheet records those publications in which appropriate line drawings may be found. All drawings are from secondary sources. They provide varying levels of detail and the accuracy of some should be treated with caution - particularly GSR diagrams. Nevertheless, those that are little more than outline sketches at least provide a general indication of proportions. Locomotives of the GS&WR has been criticised for the absence of end drawings and plans. Readers are assured that if information had been found during the preceding 16 years of research, it would have certainly been included. Some general arrangement drawings were found but size, age and condition made them unsuitable. One exception was a full set of plans for the GS&WR type A tender but requests of the drawings custodians for permission to reproduce went unanswered. Signed by the authors, Jeremy Clements, Michael McMahon & Alan O'Rourke.
  6. Des Coakham had a nice 12 page article in Backtrack May 2004, I attach a couple of pages...
  7. And here is a picture of number 30 at York Road with fillers before the paint job!, picture dated 27th June 1961
  8. seagoebox


  9. I know it is not in colour, but still has nice detail. From the Dublin Penny Journal.
  10. CIE converted around 93 steam engines to burn oil, Athlone driver Val Horan wrote a good article in the IRRS Journal, Vol 15, no 96, February 1995, pages 337 to 351 and 383 to 385
  11. Book Depository will not be stocking it, it is only available direct from the publisher
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